Fantasy Football Running Back Draft Strategy: Lower Tier RB

For Strategy on your draft day for 2018, we’ll get you an early start to your fantasy football running back strategy. This will dive into the lower tier RBs, hoping that some of these runners/receivers will give you the best chance to rotate running back while solidifying positions that have more variance from week to week such as WR, with 3 spots to normally fill at the position.

Here is a quick, early tier ranking of RB’s for 2018 to start with, not including the draft status of the rookies, but rather the overall ability and talent, along with readiness to work with a pro system at RB at the next level. This is obviously because this article is written before the draft.

One more thing: This list is built on upside for PPR or Point Per Reception scoring. This way you can potentially land a #1 running back or 2 in the first round.

  1. Todd Gurley
  2. David Johnson
  3. Alvin Kamara
  4. LeVeon Bell
  5. Ezekiel Elliot
  6. Saquon Barkley
  7. Leonard Fournette
  8. Kareem Hunt
  9. Melvin Gordon
  10. Devante Freeman
  11. Mark Ingram
  12. Jordan Howard
  13. Dalvin Cook
  14. Ronald Jones II
  15. Joe Mixon
  16. LeSean McCoy
  17. Christian McCaffrey
  18. Carlos Hyde
  19. Sony Michel
  20. Darrius Guice

This is clearly not the best list to actually draft by for a regular draft in which you might be looking for consistent, proven fantasy studs.

The reason a lot of rookies are included, is so that you can begin to see that while you don’t want to overvalue them in early rounds based upon their ADP or average draft position, you can think about some of these guys being steals in the late rounds. When you look at guys that have positive attributes such as Sony Michel and/or Ronald Jones, they have great breakaway speed and enough maturity to be a factor in the NFL from day one. Also Guice and Cook may not be very far behind Saquon Barkley when it comes to production at this level. So watch out!

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Fantasy Football running back draft strategy
Fantasy Football running back draft strategy

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The RB Draft Strategy Final Breakdown.

  1. Think about using guys with high upside that may even split backfield carries, making them under owned and under valued such as last years Saints the year prior’s Falcons. Which team may have a 2 RB duo to compare this year. We will have to wait on the NFL draft results to give us a better idea.
  2.  Manage the best high upside matchups on a week to week basis, waiting for a rookie or 2nd year player to break out. Check out Gurley’s 3rd year results as the 2nd year was a flop based on nothing but the coaching scheme.
  3. Draft as many of these RB’s as you can. After all when drafting WR’s and TE’s high, you won’t need all the depth that you would when you go against the grain, and not worry about drafting a RB until the 3rd round. This is where you could look at starting to pick up Joe Mixon, a 2nd year player with a high floor, or a veteran like Lesean McCoy, who a lot of people will overlook because of age.
  4. In the worst case scenario you will balancing backs staring a different set of RB’s every week. In the best scenario, if you hit on one guy, you will have a superstar such as Gurley in the making.



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