Fantasy Football Prep 2018 WFF Predictions

Here is your Wealthy Fantasy Football Expert Fantasy Football predictions for the upcoming 2018 season.

What will I be predicting here????

Predicting things that very well have a chance to happen.

Am I recommending you follow every rankings referenced in thelink to my rankings at the bottom? know because it depends more on your draft and how it goes during the season long draft you have entered.

UPDATE: 8/16 @ 7:11am

Go to for week 2 pre-season notes, the best rundown I have found so far. Also download the playerline app to keep updates going throughout the day.

You can take a chance on one of the players such as the one I will get into and leave the rest of the picks to the conventional picks that every fantasy football analyst out there will continue to predict such as Todd Gurley # 1 followed by Bell…

Every year there are certainly unpredictable things that WILL HAPPEN.

The only thing you can do is hope for the best, since no one saw Gurley coming in as #1 last year, so here it goes. Nothing to lose mentality.

Bold Predictions

The Leading Rusher in the NFL and best fantasy football RB will be Dalvin Cook. 

Cook has proven reports from camp from the media showing him to be a much improved back from last year. And last year he was very good in limited reps. Since many of these type of predictions are never easy, I will go with Cook as my #1 option at the RB position if he falls to me. Its very difficult to repeat as a 1200 yard and 400 yard receiving year = 1600 yards from scrimmage, let alone repeat as the league leading rusher. Kareem Hunt is not likely to finish again with this crown, as Cook’s opportunity is better. The hype coming out of camp is that his knee is better than it was before the injury.. If that’s medically possible than great! I will buy in for now. A running team backed by a great defense. They are hungry to get him running as the main 3 down starter. He was on pace for nearly 2000 yards from scrimmage before the ACL tear according to

The 2018 Pre-Season MVP will be…… 

Update as of 8/15/18: Well, I did allow one week to pass to decide this one, to get a bit better feel. While the pre-season has nothing to do with the regular season results, and it can be very boring, I will give these high performers of the pre-season a ride to Wins!

Demarcus Robinson WR KC, and Byron Marshall, RB Wash.

The Best Stack of the season will be:

That honor will go to Carson Wentz and Zack Ertz. Seriously, how have we reached the day when the QB/TE is a better stack then a QB/WR stack? This is the year of the RB and TE, taking pressure off QB’s to be the stuff teams are made of, and looking for alternative routes to playing the high octane, downfield passing models developed by QB’s like the 83′ draft class, Brett Favre, Brady, Manning, and Brees. These type of quarterbacks are aged, and/or not in play anymore. So we will see these other positions pick up, if all goes according to recent theory.

For my up to date Fantasy football Weekly PPR rankings, see my Draft Board Page.

That will do it for today, I may add more to these Bold Predictions in the coming days.

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