Fantasy Football PPR Sleepers: WR

Last post, I highlighted Fantasy Football PPR Sleepers at RB. This post will show who to expect to be the highest upside sleepers at WR.

Fantasy Football WR Sleepers

Here is the list of the ADP according to fantasy football ppr sleepers at WR








So after the initial 2 rounds, I consider anyone drafted in the 3rd round or later, to be considered a sleeper. If you click on the Overall tab if going there, you will see that the last WR taken the in 2nd round from 3 sources of overall draft is Amari Cooper.

These sleeper listings were updated as of 8/1/17 and you may want to go ahead and get updated sleepers daily in any sport @

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  1. Allen Robinson Jax

Being the #1 sleeper on this list seems unreal as the WR was once with the elite of WR’s 2 seasons ago. He might need to get back that production.

2. Brandon Cooks Pat

A lot of these next guys are not really in offenses that should put up a lot of points due to the QB not being that solid, but here is Cooks and Brady!

3. Alshon Jeffrey Eagles

Jeffrey seems to have what he needs to effectively settle down, learning this offense, and creating space for himself in a crowded WR/TE core.

4. Keenan Allen LOC

Here, you can also see Allen being a #1 Receiver in a good offense, in a tough division though, remember with very good defenses he’s playing.

5. Sammy Watkins Bills

Her’s another sleeper that some will try and count on starting as early as the 3rd round in 12 team leagues. Don’t bet money on his health.

6. Terrelle Pryor Redskins

Pryor has a real opportunity to solidify the #1 receiver spot here on a team that’s quarterback can put up very productive numbers as has been shown that past two seasons. There are a lot worse situations he could have chose

7. Devante Adams GB

Adams was actually in the top 10 in PPR scoring last year. Why can’t he do it again? Look for this sleeper to pick up good amounts of yards, as long as Green Bay does not run into any slumps with Rogers this year.

8. DeAndre Hopkins Hous.

He should be higher on this list, but I have him right with the pack of excellent starting #1 caliber players here, its just that it will be difficult for him to reach top 5 WR status like he did back on 2015 in this offense.

9. DeMaryius Thomas Den.

Another case here of an offense that may not finish in the top 20 offenses all season. similiar to Hopkins, Thomas takes a back seat on fantasy priority draft lists, so you could get a very nice players about 3rd round.

10. Julian Edelman NE

It seems he has steadily improved over the years, baring injury, and has been able to make leaps in his fantasy production, but his upside will not get any higher then last year, so 4th round for him is fine.

11. Doug Baldwin Sea.

I’m not sure how many people really want to draft him where he is going, in the 3rd round. I feel like there were some plays and circumstances, that limit his upside, so this is a fine spot for him.

12. Jarvis Landry Mia.

Staying in the 4th round, I don’t see Landry losing any production from last season being a solid #2 or #3 fantasy option. Try to get him in this round IF you are stacking WRs to finish out your 3rd.

13. Martavis Bryant Pitt.

The ultimate current definition of sleeper. A deeper type of sleeper, but he has shown to be like a #1 wideout, although he never will be.

14. Emannual Sanders Den.

The other Denver guy not getting good results from the offense.

15. Stefon Diggs Minn.

This is a guy who could fall back or go forward in production. Either way, who really knows, but he has the slot WR skillset to succeed at this level in fantasy as a #3 option on your roster.

16. Corey Coleman Cleve.

I am a lot higher than most people per the ADP list but I believe he’s the best option for the Browns in an offense that needs production besides the TE, and Gordon is never coming back. He’s the #1 guy.

17. Tyreek Hill KC

A lot of experts are not taking him as worthy of his current 4th round ADP, but Hill is the kind of sleeper that, now that J. Maklin is gone, he is the #1 option for Smith, and if Smith gets replaced at some point, lookout.

18. Michael Crabtree LV

Crabtree has been considered by one list I saw, to be higher than Cooper in fantasy. While i don’t think this will happen I see Crabtree providing a lot of veteran, consistent value still.

19. Jamison Crowder Wash.

He has upside, young, and can work his way maybe into other roles than slot, but as J. Doctson is supposed to emerge along with Pryor, he remains a sleeper in fantasy PPR but a good value option.

20. Kelvin Benjamin or Larry Fitgerald

Well, i made another spot for both of these guys with similiar body types, one still having upside, and the other, holding onto what he has with age.

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