Fantasy Football Lineup Strategy 2019: Gameflow Insurance

When getting on your horse of fantasy football player selections in your drafts to start, you will want to continue to consider gameflow. I will explain how you can gain insurance for your fantasy football lineups after explaining gameflow.

What is Gameflow?

Game flow is a scenario or scenarios of the real game of football that is based on the decided course of action guided by events that manifest

Fantasy Football Lineup Strategy 2019
Here is your insurance strategy on your fantasy football season.

themselves through coaches and players as an extension of those coaches.

Even though analytics have been unwelcoming results at times, it seems its to become more of a factor in coaching decisions. While the winning way of the patriots may not change for example, they are always looking for tricks or ways to cheat the systems or rules that are in place. There is nothing new about the Raiders slipping in some stick em for their equipment. Not good for cosmetic gameplay though.

What does this have to do with fantasy football? Well, we will always do well to analyze how the game strategy or game flow might be changing. Coaches know that fresh legs account for half their running back workload. There is also another factor we can consider.

50% Balls in Play

The %50 ball in play, or in the air is a factor of the game that more coaches seem to be willing to take a risk on. Ryan Fitzpatrick was interviewed at the end of his heroic run of beating winning teams early in the year as saying  “we take a chance on a %50 %50 ball and take those shots as sometimes it works and sometimes it dosen’t,” however, that coach is no longer in his position. We want to have as low of risk tolerance without losing much upside as possible. So here is your own high insurance policy.

Insurance policy strategy number # 1: spend up on quarterback.

What you want to do no matter what type of format you are playing in is to take little risk at the QB position. I know its common to wait until late to draft a quarterback however, spending up for one of the higher salaried quarterbacks. This gives you a solid floor of points as the quarterbacks are usually the highest scoring position, similar to the pitcher in baseball or the goalie in hockey, the importance of the quarterback is a safe evaluation. This will provide you with the baseline of floor points and the upside of a high scoring buy to make up for any lack potentially for any zeros you might score. Ok, so once you have that quarterback, what else can you spend up on?

Running Back

Running back is another position with high floor and ceiling. They touch the ball more than the quarterback perhaps in the 2nd half of a game with the right game flow, as mentioned above. With a 7+ point lead, a team can lean toward the running game. Remember, a good running game is a result from a good offense, not the cause. A poor team is not constructed to be able to run the ball when coming from behind. That’s just not how losing teams do it. So, is there any last way of providing your fantasy team insurance?

Well, if your using high enough draft picks or salary on these positions, you are in good position. If you have lower risk tolerance, you may want to next turn to the defense. Good team defenses in a good matchup with a high chance of getting turnovers and touchdowns will be the trick. As for your receivers, you will not have a whole lot of capital left unless you find some steals. Here is where you want to go high upside. Give yourself shots at touchdowns with receivers and your 2nd running back. Allow risk at these positions with the higher upside payoff instead of the 3 previous positions mentioned.

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If you follow these strategies in football as well as other sports, you will have long term success per the correlations. Insurance and gameflow correlate each week as you give yourself the best chance for a win, instead of fizzling out.

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4 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Lineup Strategy 2019: Gameflow Insurance”

  1. Hello, 

    I am a huge fantasy football nerd.  All of my friends from college play every year in a league of 12 guys.  Here is my strategy and I consistently finish in the top half of my league year in and year out.

    Step one is to draft 3 RB’s in the first 4 rounds.  Does not matter which rounds the RB’s are drafted in.  The other pick in the first 4 picks is to pick a stud WR.

    That has been the basis of my winning teams.  I don’t mind playing the wr carousel or the TE one either.  I do like to draft a QB rather high because I don’t like playing that game of who is my QB this week on the waiver wire.

    What is your drafting technique?

    1. I like that strategy Chris, as we all know as well that drafting the perfect player is important. However, not everyone can draft the best players so we are taking these insurance policies to in sure that we had the best chance of staying in the top half of the lead. Thank you!

  2. I had not heard of using the game flow insurance approach for fantasy football but after reading through your post it makes perfect sense. It is better to lock in some of the higher-rated players at the key positions that will get you points week in and week out so you can then risk more with some other players and positions.

    The two suggestions, quarterback and running back are really important positions to fill with high-quality players that you know are going to have more touches and impacts on games. The rest of the positions are all important, of course, but these two are crucial. 

    Looking at the defensive side is also an important factor in how much success you are likely to have. Good defenses can win championships for a team, even with a mediocre offense. We have seen that quite a few times over the years and my favorite team (Vikings) focuses much of their resources on a solid defense. 

    Thanks for the tips and advice, I am getting my plan of attack together for the upcoming season already, I can’t wait to see the new year kick-off (pun intended). I will also be checking some of your other posts here, you know what you are talking about!

    1. Thanks a lot Dave for training in I appreciate that you are real and true fantasy football player. Your insights as well give good feedback to the population here

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