Fantasy Football Guide: What is a Waiver and How Does the Wire Work?

On today’s fantasy football guide, when working on building your fantasy football team throughout the season after your draft, you may want to head quickly to the waiver wire after week one is completed.

To obtain the best players, using their potential, perhaps by following the guides I have on this fantasy football site, or by using your own modified systematic approach, you can be successful on the waiver wire.

To begin with, here are the mainstream rules:

Waiver Wire Basic Rules

To get the best players coming off of any finished week, there is usually a time table set up by the league owner. Many owners go for the standard 3 am finish time for making claims. This is many times decided upon per the league rules more or less reward based. In other words, the player with the worst record or points gets to take the player(s) of their choice before the others in order of priority

Who gets the claim for a Waiver?

From my experience the most popular way to decide in determining who will get a super stud player in the potential making, or a 1 hit wonder in the nfl is to give the player the team owner (hopefully not you) who has had the

Fantasy Football Guide: Waiver Wire

least amount of success so far. This would be based on overall record of wins and losses. When 3 owners are tied, for example for the same 0-1 record to begin with, going for the same player, then the team owner with the fewest amount of points scored during week 1 should obtain the player.

shown above is how you get to league setting in yahoo fantasy football. Click on the picture to check your yahoo league setting now. 

No Waivers?

What if you have the league setting that says “No Waivers?”

Well, you have an advantage if you are quick to pick up players. If you are not due to in experience or hesitation, you will not gain the best players, excluding yourself from a rolling, any time first come, pick up system.

This is where it is critical to know who is actually on waivers and who is not, along  with picking the desired player up before the games even end!

This does take out the possibility of someone being up at 3 am for whatever reason, if the league rules are set at such a default time, and abusing the advantage.

How To Find Good/Great Waiver Wire Adds

You may want to look at my Fantasy Football Trade Value Evaluation Rankings to help before and/or during the season for making good player evaluations from the waiver wire because usually you will have to drop someone of some value, if not injured beyond being able to return during the 2018 season. Also if you want to get straight to the source of much of my week to week evaluation, given the #1 Low Cost Tool that Professional Fantasy Footballers use, look at the Youtube Video on the Site to Find out more on how it works, as there is a ton of insider information built into the system that works for the Pros

Depending on how deep your league is, you may have to go deeper into the list, as I will build it out deeper in upcoming articles.

I hope you enjoy your fantasy football season using the waiver wire effectively in 2018.

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Guide: What is a Waiver and How Does the Wire Work?”

  1. I think the waiver wire can come in really handy and at times can make a key difference either in building your team in the early season or, especially, due to unforeseen circumstances like injury later on. So, it’s good to be thinking along these terms! It’s also interesting to think about how to leverage this if a person does happen to be in a league with no waivers . I’ve never been in such a league, but I’m wondering how many of them are like that.

    1. Yes, I am in one just like that, where I play every year. It makes it difficult, although the first year I never realized it was set up like that. So be sure to check your settings of course.

  2. I am a huge football fan (Eagles!!!) I lived in Philly for a few years although I am no longer even near Philadelphia I will always be a die-hard fan. I still can not understand fantasy football. I just can’t get the jargon straight. I think I understand what a waiver is now but still confused on how a wire works. If I am starting out what should be my best strategy? Obviously I’m going to want the best players but my chances of getting them are slim. Great explanation of jargon I understand a little more than I did.

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