Fantasy Football Draft Helper for Early 2019

These Are Methods to help you in your fantasy football draft  as a helper guide for 2019.

When drafting in fantasy football one of the earlier and important things to focus on is the NFL Draft. Your fantasy football draft’s owners will have tough decisions to make when drafting rookies.

Since 2nd year players and beyond have track records to mainly work on, we know their overall ADP (average draft position) and where they should be drafted according to things like my updated fantasy football rankings in my top menu and experts on many sites throughout the industry.

There are also many ways to practice drafting such as on Yahoo and gives a a best ball way or way to draft right now, once your ready to do so.

Be the Scout

To draft in an optimal way you want to be an NFL scout. What I did last year was write a recap, after the NFL draft to give a good feel for what to expect for the upcoming fantasy football and things related. There is of course, lots of preparation that goes into it from the previous years of college film to the scouting combine to the college combine to the actual draft and mini camp along with training camp. These are all used in evaluating the rookies.

Recap from Last years Article post draft

Here’s an article I did after the 2018 draft with outlooks on each team and the fantasy impact brought on each team. I must say it was pretty accurate as to the short and long term impact.

How do you get all the information studied from the nfl combine ago to training camp? After all, we do have an advantage there in at least watching the pre-season as well when we are evaluating for our fantasy football drafts if we draft late enough.

NFL Draft Prep

For the closest thing there is to a one stop shop for everything nfl draft related visit

Fantasy Football Draft Helper for Early 2019

The draftnetwork does have some video breakdown on their site of a few players, I hope they add more to the library as the draft season progresses. Otherwise always look to youtube for more draft analysts or highlights.

More Draft Tools

Interested in drafting simulation style for your favorite nfl team?

Try the Mock Draft Simulator for 2019

This provides an interesting app for your smartphone to tinker with for your upcoming nfl fantasy drafts.

You can also test out the fantasyfootbalcalculator for mock drafts, ADP, rankings and other tools.

Any Questions on finding or using any nfl draft helpers?

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Draft Helper for Early 2019”

  1. The DraftNetwork is an awesome resource!! Thanks for sharing. It has been a number of years since I played fantasy football, but I think Mahomes has got to be the #1 guy off the board in most fantasy drafts next year. With all of these defensive studs coming out in the draft this year, I wonder if the league can continue this upswing of high-powered, record-setting offenses. 

    1. Hey Tucker, I believe it can but who really knows for sure. The balance of offense, defense, and positions in general depend on the stars coming up in the nfl draft. Mahoney should be the #1 QB

  2. I appreciate the unique insight in this article. I hope I will find the tips listed  here in this article useful in my fantasy football draft and will help me to get a head on on my fellow players. I am particularly interested in the Mock Draft Simulator and would like to know more about it. Great job.

    1. Thanks for the words to anticipate the coming of the mock draft simiulator. I hope its what I expect it to be as well. 

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