Fantasy Baseball Beginners Guide 101: How to get started in MLB DFS on Opening day.

Update for 3/14/20.

With the MLB season being postponed and/or cancelled, it gives us more time to prepare for the season. What I do anticipate is the the season to pick up in approximately 1-2 months from now as my own opinion.

The most important aspect of the game of fantasy baseball to begin with is bankroll management. I spend time here in this article focusing on this one aspect of the fantasy baseball DFS conundrum that it is before I move on to the basics of understanding as there are a lot of them before I move on in future articles.

However you manage your bankroll, specifically for the MLB DFS game, understand one important fact and use it as well as embrace it.

There is more risk in DFS baseball then any other DFS sport. It is more volatile then anything else out there. You can lose all of your money very consistently if you take the wrong approach. Likely you will make some wrong moves starting out from the beginning if you have not played much in the sport. Perhaps you have played other DFS sports or have only played in season long fantasy baseball leagues. In order to minimize your risk, keep your expenditures as low as possible for a season until you learn the game better. If you understand baseball from experience, you are at a much better advantage then someone who not familiar at all with the sport. Inside our DFSCoachTalk podcast and discord team of experts, you receive year-round coaching on your lineups and who to play. You may increase your tournament and cash lineups accordingly. If not jumping on our podcasts with recommended plays for the slate you will have a tough time. This is because naturally a team of experts with years of experience would be much better then someone new doing it on your own right?

What’s better? To start out with a big bankroll and lose it all? Or to start with a very small bankroll and increase it over the time of the season as you get better at the craft? Its your choice, however as National and American league players starting out of the gate on opening day will be hot or cold, lasting for weeks into the season, the wrong moves on your DFS rosters can wipe out all of your cash! So while I would recommend Cash games balanced with tournaments as a fine thing for other sports of choice, the need to keep initial bankroll spending very small in the beginnings of your DFS run is critical to your success in learning. I started out for a season with free lineups only. Eventually I build it into $10 just playing quarter games as that was all I was able to manage for the whole 2016 season. However, the learning experience in playing in these tournaments was invaluable into my evolving into a better player as the time along with the money not being spent was well worth it. This I know, because I lost more contests then I ever won at the MLB DFS game that initial season of playing. This is the best way to focus in and get started on opening day and for your following seasons.

If there are any questions on any of these terms as a DFS beginner, or even having hand crafted lineups made for you, be sure to go to for our discord to become a patron. Here you could up your bankroll to whatever you can afford, as we will provide lineups based the factors that we teach as coaches, instantly adding years of experience to your bankroll management.

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