Fanduel Lineup Tips: Basics of Choosing Players

KWith week 11 of sunday nfl games behind us, hope your fanduel lineups went well. If not, here are some fanduel lineups tips for next week, so that hopefully you cannot lose. We’ll see by tonight after the MNF game right? We also have various slates on both draftkings and FanDuel coming up which we will cover in this post.

This is intended to give you an edge, and is basic, but overlooked picking strategy, even sometimes overlook by experts.

The #1 thing is choosing player that have enough average points per game.

Lets’s say you need some player(s) to fill in at WR, for example here showing the players available at the $5700 and below price range to fill out your roster. These are the actual Fanduel Salaries in the range from Week 11

Fanduel lineup tips

Here’s what to look at:

#1 Are you having a QB set already in your lineup that you want to stay with such as Matt Ryan or Russel Wison or A Vikings QB? If so, consider stacking one of these guys on the appropriate team. This will give you an awesome advantage if one of them scores.

Which is sort of obvious, if you’re taking a Vikings quarterback for whatever reason, was that Teddy Bridgewater or the assumed back up, then we would like to try to take Treadwell war Wright. However, obviously these players do not score up in the range in average fantasy points per game. So, you would much rather take Mohammed Sanu or even Tyler Locket Could be OK if you would like to pair him with Russell Wilson.

However again, if you have Matt Ryan you could even go with Sanu along with Gabriel if that was the salary situation. As long as you were not going below a three point threshold you should be fine. If there are guys available that can get you three more points in PPR, as in this example on FanDuel. As for DraftKings this calculation will be different because of the different scoring format which includes one whole point for the reception.

To compare draft kings and fan duel’s with optimize data, just click on the picture above.

So to sum this up, even if you have Russell Wilson, you may want to consider, at least on FanDuel Sanu or even Kenny Galladay day as opposed to settling for Lockett. Remember as well, dad wants a connection is made on a stack on FanDuel that quarterback connected to create synergy with that wide receiver gets four points on that play.

Hoping of course, that this helps you understand how to make basic lineups once you have decided upon your quarterback and stud running back’s, along with as I always recommend one of the top five defenses as the defense scoring is a big portion of your scoring then you will be successful in creating the most consistent lineups that you can. Remember as well, to check the most updated optimizing tall above per the image and click on that to help you determine as this will save you a boatload of time!


2 thoughts on “Fanduel Lineup Tips: Basics of Choosing Players”

  1. Hey there Andrew

    I know what you meanThe Vikings have a great record, but QB’s Bradford or Bridgewater are both injured so that unstained record will probably be blemished quick.

    Russel Wilson does seem like a QB to keep if pure scoring is all your after.

    Pair them with a good, dependable wide receiver like Julio Jones and it seems we would have a great combination, but I am not sure of all the factors in determining a great fantasy team yet. I digress.

    Your chart is kind of confusing to me as to what those numbers represent. I’ve never done fantasy football just watch it all the time espescially the Cowboys. I know, sad right 🙁

    1. That’s OK Jason if you want to just watch her team and watch the game in sports in general no need to follow along with all of the numbers that are a bit complicated. Enjoy

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