8 thoughts on “Fanduel Freeroll: Play with No Money, Win Cash”

  1. This sounds pretty cool, I have never really gotten into fantasy football or any sport for that matter.
    After reading you article, Fan duel Free roll: Play with No Money, Win Cash, I am certainly considering getting into it, mainly because it is free to play.
    That does have me wondering one thing. If I am not putting money up, where does the money for the prize pools come from?

    1. well, it’s basically the free promotion. To get you started. But it’s true no money to play in free roll. The deposit min. I believe is 5 or 10 bucks. But that’s not to spend if u want to go that way

  2. Hey Andrew how are you, I was just looking your site over and am really interested. I was just getting back into some online gaming, Fanduel seems like a good bet! The contests look really good, win a grand just to play, no money in, that sounds great,3% and isn’t that bad for odds, I have seen much lower. And 10 bucks to join is a pretty nice freebie. Just one question, has there ever been any problems with the payouts?
    Thanks for the enormous amount of info here Andrew, You can BET, I will be checking back in on your site for future info!

  3. Love these tips and hints to help me out. I definitely look forward to implementing some of these strategies to get going on my fantasy teams. Thanks so much!

  4. Loved the tips here, much appreciated information especially the video to Find a Stud. Well put advice on the fanduel to get some free play in and give yourself some possibility of winning big.

    Will be very helpful in my own fantasy drafts and plan to use some of these strategies. Looking forward to the upcoming season.

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