How to Evaluate for NBA Cash Games

When looking at how to get good evaluations on any given night in NBA Cash Games on Fanduel, here is the Best, recommended video I can give you

There are some pretty good 7 and 8 game slates you can look to to get some of this cash when playing early this week on monday and tues.

As an additional summary of some of the best value plays of the week, here are some of the guys to watch, when playing on these and future slates on fanduel. They have the best Average Price per Point in Scoring on FD, taking the best with the best scoring usage rate, and providing per team

J. Embiid: 76ers: 248.6 avg $PP

Giannis Antetokounmpo: Bucks 240.6 $PPG

Lauri Markkanen: Chi 210.9 $PPG

LeBron James: Cavs 265.9 $PPG

Kyrie Irving: Bos 213 $PPG

DeAndre Jordan: LAC 249 $PPG

Marc Gasol: Mem. 233.5 $PPG

Dennis Schroder: Atl. 289.1 # PPG

Hassan Whiteside: Mia. 291.198 $PPG

Kemba Walker: Cha. 197.3 $PPG

Rudy Gobert: Utah 206.2 $PPG

Zach Randolph: Sac 306.2 $PPG

Kristaps Porzingis: NYK 237.5 $PPG

Brandon Ingram: LAL 278.8 $PPG

Aaron Gordon: Orl. 268.5 $PPG

Harrison Barnes Dall. 249.2 $PPG

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson NJ 325.8 $PPP

Nikola Jokic: Den. 231.1 $PPPG

Victor Oladipo:  Ind. 255.8 $PPG

Anthony Davis: NO 224.5 $PPPG

Andre Drummond Det. 215.6 $PPG

DeMar DeRozan: Tor. 221.4 $PPG

James Harden HOU. 223.3 $PPG

LaMarcus Aldridge: SA 251.4 $PPG

Devin Booker: Pho. 252.4 $PPG

Russell Westbrook: Okc 227.4 $PPG

Karl-Anthony Towns: Min. 238 $P

Damian Lillard: Por. 221.4 $PPG

Kevin Durant: GS 241.8 $PPG

Bradley Beal: Wash. 224 $PPG

 Here is a summary, as an example of where you hover over to get recent game value for a given player as well. 

how to nba fanduel cash game




4 thoughts on “How to Evaluate for NBA Cash Games”

  1. This is a great way to evaluate each player before making my picks. Just finished with the fantasy football season. My team finally picked up towards the end but it wasn’t enough to bring home the bacon. Maybe I’ll have better luck this season in basketball. Thanks for the information!

    1. Great Nicole, I think a lot more people could be transitioning from football to Baseball for the next season as well. You just have to juggle the baseball and football together. 

  2. Thank you for the great tips, your content is very useful for anyone looking to set a good strategy. Most of the work is doing research and you are really making people save a lot of time with this article. I have already read some of your articles and they all give great information in a synthetic way. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Julen, we need synthetic, I’ll take that as a compliment. Its based on sports, in which anything can happen so this may bring some stability to it. 

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