Draft.com Best Ball Power Rankings: 1-30

When you are drafting on draft.com using the best ball format, which is becoming a popular option for drafting in a real world fantasy football scenario, so that all serious about following a draft.com power rankings like this can be competitive in the actual scoring format that follow:

The actual scoring is a lot like scoring on yahoo, fanduel, ect. including .5 points for a reception, 4 points for a passing touchdown, and 0.04 points for a passing yard.

The interesting part of this is that it is no different then the scoring in fanduel. So no need to make any adjustments as far as your usual scoring goes, if you play on fanduel. The only differences is that there is no need for defense or kickers. Only pure offensive skilled positions, which is great!

Next as a brief overview of the actual scoring, since it is not head to head like fanduel, you must count on your total points scored. Those top scoring options will come from the following places:

1 QB’s, 2 RBs, 3 WR’s, 1 TE, and one Flex.

The Flex position will be the greater for the week of the rest of the RB, WR, or TE positions,

So if you have the allowed amount of 18 players on your roster, only 8 players will score from week to week. The advantage of course being, that you have plenty of backups ready in the events of injuries, bye weeks, or poorly

NFL Mock Draft: Fantasy sports draftperforming players from week to week. There is no free agent or waive wire pickups, or even any trades. Which is sort of a downside. So you have to basically choose a good draft pool of players, as you draft and forget it. No need to make any adjustments during the season, which leaves out that enjoyment of the game altogether. However, its much easier to manage.

So here’s the list for top 100 since when drafting in a 12 team league, this will cover almost half of the players drafted. That’s 12 teams X 18 Players, = 216 total players drafted. So this does get deep.

One note before starting the list. Is that this list takes largely from the top total points scored the previous 3 years, since this is considered a points league and not a head to head, taking that element out of the game as well. However I have adjust according to Rookie projections, past injuries, and players in new offenses and teams.

Fantasy Football running back draft strategy
Fantasy Football running back draft strategy

Best Power Ball Rankings:

  1. Todd Gurley: If making the first overall pick, better not pass on the surest guy according to last year overall fantasy points scored, was the most elite.

2. LeVeon Bell: There should be no surprises here at the 2nd pick overall barring no injuries, but everyone is at risk for injuries.

3. Antonio Brown: As my next pick, he has shown no slow down in production compared to the rest of the pack in Wide Receivers. Far above the others.

4. David Johnson: Banking on Johnson to come back successfully from injury, the Cards will rely on him on all downs.

5. Ezekiel Elliott: Elliott could be taken ahead of Johnson if you prefer him, as he will also be the main workload on the team overall.

6. Alvin Kamara: This superstar stud, had many as many targets as some of the better Wide Receivers in the game, hopefully will do that again.

7. Kareem Hunt: Leading the league in rushing last year was unbelievable to me, as he hit quite a slump last year, not scoring many touchdowns.

8.Julio Jones: Here is where it gets a little tricky; Jones has an overall adp or Average Draft Position of 13.2, but go ahead and be fine with him as your #1

9.DeAndre Hopkins: You may also take Hopkins as your first pick if you pick this late based on his 3rd ranked WR Fantasy Points scored over last 3 years.

10.Melvin Gordon: A good, safe pick here, to get you Points. Remember though, overall, you have to try to win your league, Best out of 12.

11. Saquon Barkley: This is where $Money may come in, if he’s there at this spot late, you have to take him, because the rest carry risk, & limited upside.

12.Leonard Fournette: If you pick at this spot and get one of the prior guys mentioned, Great!, if not you may need to settle for Fournette

13.Odell Beckham: OBJ does have some upside. He just runs into other issues, making him a risk. Taking him here, is a great place to assess that risk.

14. Michael Thomas: Hopefully Thomas has more splash plays than he did last year, increasing his upside for longer plays and more touchdowns

15. AJ Green: At this stage in the draft, expect a run on Wide Receivers, to start filling out the rosters, even though he has a #22 overall adp.

16.Keenan Allen:  Even if the Running backs are all taken here, let them be. We have a different plan here at WFF (WealthyFantasyFootball)

17.Mike Evans: Even though Evan’s overall adp is 23.7 here as of now, when this is written, you can start gathering your high scoring Wideout here.

18.Dalvin Cook: Here, if your draft goes right, you are just looking for monster upside from a guy that has the ability if he can take over on 2-3 downs.

19.Devonta Freeman: Here is a safe 2 down pick, you may not want to pass up on if you have already draft a Receiver to balance your roster at the top.

20. LeSean McCoy: You might hope this guy is already gone, as he is aging and injury prone, but is the 2-3 down life blood of the offense.

21. Mark Ingram: Ingram should have no problem in at least providing the Saints backfield with a powerful punch. Will they be able to duplicate?

22. Jordan Howard: Howard, safe to say will continue to carry the workload on 1st and 2nd downs, unless T. Cohen gives more change of pace time.

23. Joe Mixon: Mixon will probably fall farther than 28, but he has the kind of potential upside you need in his sophmore season, without Jeremy Hill.

24. Christian McCaffrey: McCaffrey is an excellent value of a PPR Running Back. A staple in the Panthers offense for years to come.

25. Rob Gronkowski: I probably won’t be taking him in many drafts, as he is going higher, as I am favoring the next guy if I get him.

26. Travis Kelce:  Kelce appears to have improved every year. Keeping healthy, he should go well with the new QB, we hope.

27. Tyreek Hill: At this point in the ADP and draft, I hold off on QB’s and RB’s, as there are a few more WR’s worthy of consistent play.

28. Davante Adams: A lot of this has to do with Aaron Rodgers, probably the best Fantasy QB, when he’s healthy, as his #1 option.

29. Adam Thielen:  Theilen fell off towards the end of the season, but had a very good year. Maybe with Cousins at QB, he will be even more consistent.

30. Zack Ertz: If Ertz is available here, take him as the most consistent TE from week t week. Set it and forget it.

Now that your all set to start drafting, click one of the pics above to get started drafting your own team with a free entry!


4 thoughts on “Draft.com Best Ball Power Rankings: 1-30”

  1. My brother is using draft(.)com and he also wants me to start fantasy football with it. Do you think is it a good idea?
    I think that this seems quite thorough. I also wonder that what do you recommend total beginners for drafting? I just don’t want to look like a complete newbie when I spend time with my brother lol.

    1. Hmm. Well hopefully he helps you out as you go. Keep going on the training recourse and tools here, and checking back, I will give more training for beginners. Thank for the read. 

  2. Great read! I have not yet tried Draft, usually playing in a small friendly league. However I really like the idea of picking one roster and playing it out.

    I have a busy schedule and one issue I have personally is that I do not have time to trade and pick up new players to change up my roster.

    I think the format on Draft would be a much better fit for someone in my position.

    Can you tell me a little more about the cost?


    1. You can play for as little as a $1 contest to start and on up to beyond $100 i’m sure. Winner usually takes all! So high risk here. 

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