Do NFL DFS Projections Matter? Consider Ownership Projections

If you are looking for NFL DFS projections we don’t want you to make poor decision. Therefore, I will direct you to a few places you can go about using projections but don’t forget to consider ownership projections as perhaps being more important.

Why DFS projections do not matter at all in certain DFS sports

When considering the 5 major dfs sports such as MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, CFB also available in the dfs college game, I can tell you from experience that the sport that it matters the least in is MLB. This is becauase baseball has the most variance compared to any other game. A player can have a zero very easily, nullifying any shot at reaching projected score. The sport that projections seem to matter the most is NBA. This is where the numbers add up for all stats fast. Every position in most sports matter as well regarding the amount of variance in the final score of the player’s night.

How to use Projections in Football

When we are speaking in terms of trying to predict offensive player performance in football there is no need to over complicate things. Just find some of the best projection systems and use them in your general projections for the week. Here is where you want to go to get them. You can use the NFL Research Station, Domination station and Spreadsheet projections to find core, cash, and tournament players for each slate in any sport.

NFL dfs research stationyou can Find the Research Station here under the nfl menu. 

You can also go the to Domination station optimizer under the nfl menu as it uses the same projections in the research station, and I can tell you from experience that there have been many times where the Dom station had the best play.

dfs dom station

The also now have live Youtube and Podcasts where you can get questions answered on your lineups or strategy or just watch the replays. You could also watch your own players, sort by position, matchup, and trending factors at the DraftDashboard.

dfs draftdashboard nfl projections showing arrangable dfs stas you can use to watch for your own player pool. 

And lastly, you could also go to for Game odds, analysis, and fantasy value projection, even in college football. Just go to the picks menu as shown below. Click on CFB, NFL, or any other sport.

NFL DFS Projections at sportsline

You then then pick the game you would like to project. you will then scroll down to the bottom of the screen to show these stat projections in detail for a very useful data analysis my friends, including the game score as picked out by the computer as well as experts in betting.

nfl dfs projections cfb

Why you need to know ownership projections in DFS?

Projected ownership is a bit for advanced dfs players because it takes the right mix of players at higher ownership to fade with players with lower ownership to take a slighter risk on for a payoff.

Both the Domination station and the DraftDashboard offer ownership projection estimates. Where they get them from exactly and how accurate they are I am not honestly sure.

When you fade the bum chalk players you put yourself way ahead of the curve if you can find them, as long as your projections or the projections found on with these resources provided here are actually somewhat accurate for that day or night in dfs.

NBA Season is upon us!

NBA season is upon us, and so now as football season is sort of winding down, you can go full swing on NBA DFS anytime where I am a contributor in the NBA DFS Forum found here at

hoop ball forum dfs projections

There we will be breaking down the slates game by game every single day by podcast, projections, ownership, and discussions. See you there!

4 thoughts on “Do NFL DFS Projections Matter? Consider Ownership Projections”

  1. I love taking part in daily fantasy contests, mainly football but some basketball as well, especially after football season is over. I like the tools you talk about here, they should give me a leg up on the competition, thank you for sharing! I already use the Domination Station it is a very useful tool to have. I am going to look into this for the upcoming weekend and see if I can win a few contests!

    1. Great Travis, so if you are already using the DOM station, I would like to know what else you are looking into. And if you have any success, what can we learn from you? 

  2. Hi. My question is what if someone is new to fantasy football or any other fantasy sport. Are we supposed to know what dfs stand for because I was looking for what it meant but I couldn’t find it. Also I had a hard time of figuring out what variance meant as well? Excuse me for being new to fantasy but those two words had me stuck trying to figure out what they meant. Best of wishes because it seems as if you know what you’re talking about and I think you geared your article around other people who knows the lango.

    1. HI Mashasin, I had figured that was the case with my readers as I am growing and expanding, however, I will make a note to accomplish this as well. 

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