Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy Coaching for Today 5/31/20 KBO

For your daily intake of the MLB and KBO ball game with daily fantasy baseball strategy all season long this is the hub you want to use for a daily dose of fantasy baseball advice in DFS (daily fantasy sports) sites on the go for your daily work or leisure day.

Here is the definition of fantasy sports in general per our comment below from Wilson Kum: Feel free to leave your own comment as well.

“Fantasy baseball is a game in which people manage rosters of league baseball players, either online or in a physical location, using fictional fantasy baseball team names. The participants compete against one another using those players’ real life statistics to score points.
The basic principle in fantasy baseball is you building a team and rack up points based on your players’ real-life performances. … Leagues are where players are put in a group of typically 8 to 18 teams, chose teams by a draft or auction and compete based on year-to-date standings or head-to-head records.Baseball has always been a miss thing for me,i enjoy the sport even better the game.”

If you are new to the concept in any way to daily fantasy sports, here is the best way to understand the concept with a different spin. If you are good at or find it a challenge to fit together a large puzzle of different variables you may like going for daily fantasy baseball even if you’ve only played the popular fantasy football sports game. While this may not seem very exciting at first, how about winning large amounts of money to do it?

Here’s a great example of the excitement of KBO Baseball every morning. A Fan I Am! As this Winning Walk off home run lost me my Tournament for the day, but worth the watch as a baseball fan!!

Getting you caught up on the KBO and what it is here

Want to watch live streaming KBO games? Visit Ask me where by just contacting on twitter @DrewJGallagher

Oh and one more recent find here: A great/Fun article on what to expect from these teams during the season with comparisons to other major league ball clubs.

Previous Days KBO Results

For the 1am slate from morning of 5-24 we gave out 2 cash lineups. Neither of them cashed, however, the third lineup considered the hedged lineup broke even our spending for the morning due to the triple up showed below. This is all documented in the WFF DISCORD which is currently free and where you get lineups for the upcoming weeks and beyond.

5-26-20 The cash entry given on discord cashed on all levels including MME GPP. The GPP lineup given also cashed nicely in positive.

KBO5-26 Results

5/27 Results: The only LU that didn’t cash was the SE GPP. Both versions of the cash LU cashed and the middle hedge LU cashed as well. See the Discord area to track this. 

5/28: Did not cash

5/29 DNP

5/30 DNP.

5/31 Results: Accumulative winning percentage in Cash and Hybrid/Hedge is %67. 



Invite to daily DFS MLB coaching

For daily coaching on the DFS game currently going visit WFF (Wealthy Fantasy Football) Link Here >>Our WFF Discord<< and start discussing the winning daily grind!

We’ll  walk and talk you through any questions you have really on any sport. Its a place where you can always hang out 24/7 and get real feedback on your lineup or just to chat in game, as you join our team of experts at their respective sport, utilizing the personal coaching you need whether that’s teaching, walking through winning concepts in cash or GPP, or talking about general strategies for the day in our discord area.

Since there is KBO, here is an overview of the Resources needed in order to have success: 

Here is also a great resource to use daily for learning more about the KBO, players, and overall chat: MyKBO.net

Player Pool for today 5/31/20 in KBO: Picks and Lineups Advice

Pitcher Rankings today:

  1. The WFF Score is based on an accumulation mainly of the pitchers usual IP+So’s+Win if applicable. This does not include which pitchers are best used for Cash or tournament type lineups but solely based on the value presented in the numbers projections per their salary. For Cash, GPP, & Hybrid/Hedge recommendations along with solid lineups visit the >>WFF Discord<< for specifics

Very good quality pitching slate with IP, SO upside for many of these full time starter pitchers, no relievers today, making for low scoring runs on the day coming up.

  1. C. Koo L Dinos 9.4K: WFF Proj. 34pts = $276P value – Keep locking in as a core value play as I dont’ give out many of these designations.
  2. D. Gagnon R KIA 6.7K WFF Proj. 25pts = $268P value – A steal and core value play as well. High upside and floor. 12 K/9 is highest today.
  3. C. Flexen R DOO 8.6K WWF Proj. 24pts = $358 value – Thought he was a cash play prior to today, no gpp only at least on this slate.
  4. C. Choi L SAM 7.3K WFF Proj. 22pts = $391 value – Giving you solid numbers in a tough matchup today.
  5. D. Straily R LOT 7.2K Proj. WFF Proj. 30.8pts = $234 value – Value saving for a top tier pitcher great for GPP’s as 10.2 K/9s 2nd highest.
  6. J. Park R SK 7.5K WFF Proj. 18pt. = $417 value – Great value for upside here as even though his team will not protect him or get runs he’s at 10.2 K/9.
  7. J. Bae R KT 6.8K WFF Proj. 21pts. $323 value – More of a cash play only as he can get you innings not giving up much but limited SO’s.
  8. T. Wilson R LG 7.6K WFF Proj. 22.5pts – $338 value – A solid starter without enough K’s for me, and not needed with all the value.
  9. C. Bell L HAN 8.1K WFF Proj. 18pts. = $450 value – Another solid starter it appears as he could easily double his FP score from last week’s 3 IP.
  10. S. Lee L KIW 7.7K WFF Proj. 18pts. = $428 value – Not usable on this slate due to value and limited upside.

Best teams to stack today:  


        1. Pending with the best lineups revealed in

      WFF Discord

BP’s to attack 1. Doo Bears, 2. SKW, 3. SAM 4. LOT

Best BP’s:  Dinos, Twins, Tigers, KIW

Teams giving up the most HR’s: Lions, Giants, Eagles

I will also reveal 1 Team that is bound to Blow up cashing in as long as you hit on 4 out of 6 batters in your lineup of 1-6 in the order in my discord channel if you join here today and get in before 5:30m lock: Jump in here on WealthyFantasyFootball Chat and Simplify the Process with us

Best Cash Play Hitters Pool today:

Pending… yesterday’s notes.

Not only will you want to trust the always refined process keeping up with the latest trends, and information using daily spreadsheets, ownership projections, and updated tournament strategy, but you will receive picks including players lines (full lineups that will work for you consistently) help for your daily or season long MLB baseball contests and leagues with our help. We are producing daily winners as we speak with track records that are updated daily on the discord.

Fantasy DFS Sports Coaching

Think of this as your own training program as you get ready for your own regimen if you want to do it yourself. If not our coaches provide lineups for you inside the Wealthy Fantasy Football, Baseball, and Hockey Discord today

Cheat Sheets and Optimizers: Where to go?

If you prefer to learn everything on your own with our help, based on trial, error, and experience of 4+ years in DFS, visit my series of articles Fantasy Baseball Beginners Guide 101

If you would like to Mass Multi Entry (MME) and or just get cheat sheets to quickly connect the dots saving time for a low price along with tools and resources for other sports visit the DFSArmy.com. They have excellent spreadsheets and strategy charts that I use daily in DFS.

Leave a comment if you have any questions on strategy, the coaching, or processes overall.

24 thoughts on “Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy Coaching for Today 5/31/20 KBO”

  1. I like sports but my favourite are Tennis, Basketball, and soccer. I know very little about baseball and this post has helped shed much light on the sport, even though it’s the fantasy version of the real game. I don’t play fantasy sports but I have a few friends who do and I’ll be sure to refer them to this post. 

  2. Hello there! It’s an amazing review you got here. I like the fact that i could get feedback, and engage team of experts at their respective sports that can give me personal coaching. The results from yesterdays is fascinating. I think the daily fantasy baseball strategy coaching is doing a good job guiding people to achieve success. 

    thanks for sharing this review with me.

    1. Thank you there if I may call you Stevie sir. Coaching is important as it’s a business and when treated like one it’s profitable for you no matter what your current comfort zone is as you can improve daily my friend

  3. It’s really cool that you have this site to help others succeed like yourself. Good to see that you won some money as that always helps your credibility. I’m glad to see that at least there is sport going on somewhere in the world. I’m anxiously waiting for the day when we, in the United States, can return to normal and have out own baseball up and running! I’m a big Mets fan and was really excited for this year! Maybe I missed it, but what fantasy platform do you use?

    1. Steve the platforms are many. Draftkings for contests and links throughout the article to keep updated daily and win. Smashing our competitors!

  4. I’m new to this, thanks to this lockdown that I finally got the time I need to learn this game. And, thanks, too, for sharing your article Fantasy Baseball Beginners Guide 101. Being a person with no previous experience in this sport, I struggle to comprehend the mechanics. I guess, it’s normal for anyone new in a specific thing. But I am a very determined person, and hopefully this will help me fight boredom during this COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

    1. Yes Gomer I never become bored here so I welcome you to a wealth of information. Just won my head to head contests. Be sure to visit the discord link to learn more daily and compete as well yourself!

  5. Hey nice article you have there. Sport has been the major vehicle that ushers in peace among Nation’s . The excitement gotten from sport is second to none. As a football lover, I knew little about the baseball. To be honest this article has added to my knowledge about the baseball , though it’s the fantasy version of it, it seems interesting.

  6. Hi, is the first time I come across Fantasy Sports. Would you explain me a bit more how it works? Baseball is not my sport though but I got really interested in this discipline of Fantasy.

    If i did understand well, you go on a specific site where you chose teams or players and enter leagues? Is that how it works or am I totally lost?

    I am looking forward to hear more about this interesting topic. 

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hey Pablo, depending on where you are in the world, you may want to see if you have access to draftkings.com for this particular type of baseball contest. I would definitely recommend getting into my discord. just follow the discord link in the article thats there daily. There you can get more information but if you are a gambling type of person or just love sports in general this may be a way to enjoy it more as a hobby or to make money for yourself. 

  7. Hello, nice article you’ve got here on the topic dialy  and season long fantasy baseball strategy with coaching. Anyways I am not actually a huge fan of the baseball 😁. As a matter of fact I actually stumbled on ur website which I must say it is amazing and filled with quality and useful content. I so have some friends who are baseball freak I will recommend thia to them. Thanks

  8. Helooo dear, I am really grateful you shared these valuable content with us, your site is so plain and simple easy to navigate and easy to understand, and also I want to thank you for the hard work you put into bringing these website together and providing such useful information, I have been following your site and I do get daily sport update you through ate the best, it’s not easy to see a true website that stays up to date in these pandemic timr, you truly are the best, thanks for the info

  9. Hello there, nice article you have got there.

    I really don’t know much about baseball but am familiar with football and basketball. This site looks good ,like a place one can learn one or two things about baseball . Is a platform where we try out the skills we have learnt and probably make some cash?

  10. Awesome review I must say …i must compliment you on your time and effort you took to put up thise awesome article….The Korea baseball League, originally called the Korea Baseball Championship, is the highest level league of baseball in South Korea. The KBO League was founded with six franchises in 1982, and has expanded to ten franchises

    Thanks for The awesome article and I look forward to seeing more from your website

  11. Wonderful way to introduce someone like myself to fantasy baseball. I have dabbled in fantasy football for a few years now,but never ventured into other sports. I have the time right now since there are no live sports on tv to really try to figure this out.Your article was a great way to get acqunted with fantasy baseball in an easy to understand method.

    1. Hi ccav66, welcome to the roll. Every day I am updating and if you did not get a chance to yet watch any KBO, its the greatest baseball i’ve seen in a little while, its also the only baseballl going on right now. Thanks for stopping. This will transition nicelly from a fantasy football background as well. 

  12. wow! what an amazing post we have here,as for those who are asking,Fantasy baseball is a game in which people manage rosters of league baseball players, either online or in a physical location, using fictional fantasy baseball team names. The participants compete against one another using those players’ real life statistics to score points.
        The basic principle in fantasy baseball is you building a team and rack up points based on your players’ real-life performances. … Leagues are where players are put in a group of typically 8 to 18 teams, chose teams by a draft or auction and compete based on year-to-date standings or head-to-head records.Baseball has always been a miss thing for me,i enjoy the sport even better the game.

    1. Really helpful defining the game for a lot of people could not have said it better myself. Join us in discord chat. Your invitedd

  13. I love fantasy sports. Especially Fantasy Baseball, and Football. I play on several leagues on a few different sites. It is definitely a challenge to be successful because any day/week is going to be different. The players will have good games, and bad games. Injuries are a killer to any team.

    It is important to stay on top of the latest stats on your players. In football you have many factors to take into consideration when setting up your line-up. Baseball you have to monitor everyday because they play games everyday. You have to make sure you are switching our your players that have a day off to maximize your points for the week. 

    Fantasy Sports for the win!!!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Kevin. Those are definitely the ups and downs of fantasy football and baseball as the more popular ones to try and succeed at.

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