Daily NBA Fantasy Advice: Week of Super Bowl 52

As we approach the NBA all-star break soon and have seen the last of the NFL for the season, let’s give you some real breakdown of daily NBA fantasy advice for the week. I gave some Basic NBA DFS preparation tips in this article here

Value Resulted from Injury

If you focus on Players to fill out your roster with value and eliminate risk, YOU DO NOT want to play players who may not even play at all. In this particular game, that may sometimes be completely out of your control. I have never played a fantasy contest in any other sport that has as much risk when it comes to actual injury reporting. The league does not report these things in time for tipoff, and it costs you money for your investment.

For example to Kyrie Irving’s backup, T. Rozier has provided great as a young addition to your fantasy roster for a very cheap price. These you will also have to try to find on a nightly basis. This strategy could be used with a veteran player, if the player replacing the injured starter, has enough usage that must be divided among this bench player, and if not eaten up by other starting players. This will take some deeper research, and looking back on prior games, as long as there were enough minutes played by the backup player at some point during the season.

Daily NBA Player Usage Advice

When looking at players and their usage, you can look at this example from the other night. There are many things to consider when looking at players that have real value in NBA contests. This can be considered a way to sum up a value player proposition to help you get the most out of that value.

Let’s start with Player Usage. As we can see, with the top of any stud list as of Tues. Morning (Second Picture Below). If you would have taken the top Stud among this list, you would have had the best result with James Harden. At %36 percent, he also had a Franchise career for Points scored in a game for the Rockets.

In the picture immediately below,  D. Russsell had the game of the night, finishing with 37.5 Points, coming back from his injury, at only 5k, lots of money less the than other studs on Wed. night.

These are some of the best ways to determine players who are must starts because when the are used, at least when on the floor, you can start choosing players better when you have a few options at a particular position.

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Daily NBA Fantasy Advice

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    I enjoy reading your article about fantasy football, to be honest, I really do not know anything about fantasy football but you give some great tips. I like how you used a different image that helps you to explain how to find the right player for your fantasy football games.

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    Great Post on some Daily NBA Fantasy advice.

    I play Fantasy NBA Daily and enjoy it very much. I have not gone down the track of checking out player usage rates, but perhaps I should as per your post.

    Is there any thing else we should be looking at to succeed at Daily Fantasy NBA?


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