Daily NBA DraftKings Lineup: For 3/15/19

Here I am giving you today as a test a Daily NBA Draftkings lineup per the specification below. However, you will always need to keep up on the latest breaking news up to tipoff.

I usually do a Cash game focused player pool such as my Fanduel cash game lineups. I will focus today though, on hybrid and single entry tournaments, so you may have a chance to win bigger money on today’s juicy 8 game nba slate. TGIF!

Here first, is my video explaining the breakdown..

Where to Go to Get these Basic to Advanced NBA Tools for your NBA Draftkings lineup?

Here’s the free site where you can look up the and1 stats for any season.

Here is the paid robust, and fully utilized toolset along with community of coaches here at DFSArmy.com

Here’s the lineup so far as the day goes along: As the more you find at bargain, the more high priced its worth to go with at the top of this list.

Priced from Greatest to Lowest:

James Harden 12.5k

Giannis A. 11.8k

Joel Embiid 10.9k

Andre Drummond 10k

Damon Lillard 9.9k

Jusuf Nurkic 8.7k

Blake Griffin 8.4k

Clint Capela 8.3k

D’Aaron Fox 8k

Montrezl Harrel 7.5k

Hassan Whiteside 6.3k if there are any injuries

JaVale McGee 5.1k

Enes Kanter 4.9k

Thomas Bryant 4.3k

Jahil Okafor 3.5k if anyone rests

4 thoughts on “Daily NBA DraftKings Lineup: For 3/15/19”

  1. This list of players is very good and extensive and I will say it’s worth the investment.  I have been playing these fantasy football although I am still a novice in this kind of games I can say I am enjoying the games they are intense and competition is high but as long you are providing the tips so I believe its the matter of the time a before i become a  professional on   NBA fantasy football.

  2. The Daily NBA Draftskings seems to be one of the best sports online. 
    For a beginner interested in become a quick winner, I wish to get to know if there are free training courses for users of all levels or tailor made bonuses I can take advantage of.

    I also hope there is access to content written by players with proven results and a community that I can be part of to help me get acquitted fast with how to get things going; and what mistakes to avoid.

    1. Edgar this is absolutely the way to go for all of that and more. Get started with a trial run, I believe the first month is free. I could be wrong, but its worth the price for all of those reaason, coaching, tutorials, and of course results. 

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