Daily Fantasy Football Tips, Picks, and Strategy

In order to give today’s best of daily fantasy football tips, picks, and strategy, let’s first focus on the Strategy and go from there.

Let’s go ahead and eliminate a few teams from actual fantasy gameplay this week:

Lions, Rams, Browns, Broncos, and Raiders.


Well, even though Marvin Jones may have brought you a great win last week, along with Stafford, Latavius Murray, and/or Emanuel Sanders, Demarius Thomas, and maybe even Terell Pryor, the multi position athlete, these teams all have a major disadvantage:

2nd week in a row on the road. They are getting tired. Don’t expect these players to be as good as they were last week as a word of caution unless their price is right in daily fantasy or they are your reliable starters at this point of a season long league.

There are much better options for DFS, so lets get to the tips part here:

Continuing the process of elimination:

Why go for those teams that are likely to struggle against teams with towering defesnes?

Such as the Vikings, Cheifs, Patriots, Cardinals, Panthers, and Broncos right?

These teams also are scoring well defenively as another tip..

This is where it get HOT because I don’t believe most fantasy guru experts give this kind of advice. They would rather keep it to themselves and tell you to a few guys that they believe you can sit or start instead of giving you the full picture of how to pick multiple players out of a pool of ready, reliable, and great matchup players for the week.

Any number of players from these teams could turn out well for you this week.

Keep in mind these key Player/Team situations:

Bills @ Pats:

If you take anyone in this game, please make sure it is a running back that can dominate the game. Those should be obvious choices. The defenses will overtake this game and the passing game should not be let loose especially considering the QB situation in New England.


Next, consider the redskins who go up against the browns in a favorable matchup. Cleveland got torched by the slot receiver, Jarvis Landy, and Devonte Parker had a TD. Will the same happen in Cincy? not likely. This is a bit better defense. Let’s get Deshawn Jackson some credit for being a consistent deep threat who seems ready and healthy enough to go this week along with J. Crowder who is the slot guy there for mismatches.

Lastly 2 teams that have had their struggles in the Saints and Chargers. The Saints defense everyone agrees is bad and should allow the Bolts to find their rhythm but the Chargers defense is underrated even with the loss of Mante Toi, their LB, the New draft pick from Ohio State may start to make an impact. Look for the Chargers to duplicate similar results as the falcons did Monday night.

Lastly the Ravens should continue the overall success they have been having except for their running game:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSM-So8cqHs[/embedyt]



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