Daily Fantasy Football Strategies for Beginners: Wild Card

For the wild card round of the playoffs you may want to use the 4 game slate to get back in on the fantasy football action using the daily salary format.

These Daily fantasy football strategies will be broken down simple enough for a beginner or newbie to understand, as well as some expert level strategy for this week’s action. We will start with the best recommended site for use for the newbies, fanduel.

Fanduel Beginner Setup:

In case you are already acquainted with the fanduel and play there regularly, you can skip to the next subheading.

Fanduel is the choice for beginners because the salary cap is much easier to fit in desired players then it is on Draftkings. Since this is a $60,000 salary cap game, you’ll want to carefully project your desired players competing against anywhere from 1 to 100’s of thousands of players with fairly high margins being paid out to a %50 or more percentile.

Daily Fantasy Football for Beginners

Don’t get overwhelmed with the projections. Just get started have fun, and most importantly don’t overspend your real life bankroll. If you have just 25 cents, that’s just fine to get started with a $10 deposit, as fanduel may likely match your beginning deposit if you want to spend the additional $10. Just be mindful fanduel, won’t likely or easily refund whatever amount you deposit unless you are withdrawing winnings. For larger amounts, I recommend emailing customer support to convince them otherwise if you are sort of in a bind in the future. You click on the link above or the blue fanduel logo to get started.

Here is a basic video explanation of how easy it is to enter a cash game lineup.

Next, if you would like a breakdown of the best fantasy sites to use for dfs, or daily fantasy sports, visit my best daily fantasy advice sites post.

In addition to those, you could also visit dailyfantasysportsrankings.com for daily cash advice.

Wild Card Considerations

When you have your wild card options on the table, you will notice there are some guys that are under priced, especially at the TE position.
There are 2 specific guys this week that will free up salary for other positions, whether they pan out or not. Blake Jarwin for Dallas who appears to have developed into a 2nd option for Dak Prescott, along with Hunter Henry, of whom Phillip Rivers loves to favor when he can as well. Throw in Ryan Griffin as a starting TE as well for a value option opportunity. When you save at this position you open things up for the other RB, QB, WR, and DST’s needed. There are several combinations you could look at this week, just keep up to date on the latest news and developments.
Again, don’t over-complicate your decisions. Just base them on what the team does best with no surprises as an NFL team wants to run the ball and protect their lead when ahead or at least balance their attack throughout the game.

Vegas spreads to favor

Rely as well on Vegas to help you determine which teams will realistically be in this position. Don’t rely on a team to come from behind and put up big passing numbers. This rarely happens in these games. You want to take running backs that are favored at home if possible, even though there are a small number of teams and games to choose from.
Daily Fantasy Football Strategies for Beginners
The Printable Vegas Lines and Injuries for the Wild Card Game: Showing highest over/under total potential game

Daily playoff dfs conclusion

Just remember its a high variance sport where anything can happen. The advantages in gameplan we have talked about above. If you have any comments on past experiences or questions in playoff fantasy football share please.


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