Daily Fantasy Football Picks Week 12

In this weeks article in preparation for daily fantasy football picks for week 12, I want to focus on Tournament plays, or what is called GPP.

Every week I delve into potential Fantasy Football Projections

To give you a little backdrop into the explanation of the strategies, when using common terminology in DFS, or Daily fantasy sports, here’s some of the terms:

Fade or Fading a player or position on a team.

In this instance, we are actually not using the player or position on a certain team due to the high amount of volume, or percentage of contest entries that will be playing the same players. This could be as high as %50 or as low as %10, ultimately making your lineups not finish within the top %10 without contrarian plays. For example, the hint this week that I am taking is that many people will not highly own the Minnesota running backs, but many may even stack the WR’s, so I would intend to fade at least one of these WR’s only using one of them out of a 3 WR lineup.


Stacking is the backbone or foundation of your lineups, as I like to call it. It usually includes a QB, and at least one receiver from the same team. Keep in mind a QB and 2 WR combo, or 3 players from the same team have won large tournaments. For example Kirk Cousins has had 2 great performances, but which 2 players would you want to stack him with? Also, I have stacked Tom Brady with a receiving RB in PPR, (Point Per Reception) leagues and gotten great results.

Studs and Sleepers

We won’t delve much into sleepers today, but be aware they are higher risk, so choose wisely as they provide high upside for your roster. Studs will be given below for the week. The are in harmony with the consistent players described below and in previous articles as well.

Next here is a video on this Week 12 in more detail, for helpful plays and how to obtain those every week. Here is the link: DFSFreeReport.com

I also like to provide my detailed Fantasy Football Consistency rating for the week, updating this, as you can see from a previous week or you can opt directly into the DFSFreeReport.com for that breakdown.

I will give you some of the top studs of the week for GPP’s:

In order to find studs to balance out your lineups, here are the players in harmony with those fundamentals. The backbones of your  offenses.

daily fantasy football picks

Le’Veon Bell Considered the top back in fantasy the past few years, you may want to fade him, as he goes highly owned on good matchup weeks at home this week vs. the Packers. Highest priced.

Tom Brady No surprise here, as Brady gets the nod as the top QB, coming in at the highest at his position as well. May want to fade, but consider the stack as there are options for him.

Kirk Cousins As mentioned, Cousins is a solid option by himself, but now with a rising price, as it may be difficult to stack the right player(s) with him.

Doug Baldwin While getting consistent targets, he is not a bad option. He has an away game vs. SF, which is not a good overall defense at all. You may want to stack him with Russell Wilson. Always a good one.

Julio Jones While not providing the numbers he did last year, as everyone has pretty much given up on that possibility as that deep TD threat, his price reflects that notion. He has a great matchup vs. Tampa Bay. Tampa tends to allow deep balls to various WR’s the last couple week, per my research.

Jarvis Landry Yes, Landry keeps doing it effectively against the slot corner on any team, which seems matchup proof every week, getting receptions, TD’s and last week, a lot of yards. The question is how will NE go about stopping him?

Hope this helps you this week. Really. Any comments feel free to comment on your team.

7 thoughts on “Daily Fantasy Football Picks Week 12”

  1. Great post! I was plagued by injuries this year for my fantasy leagues. I tried to salvage what I could, but with twelve people in a league it makes finding decent scoring players harder. One team I chose Winston, Martin and Evans, its crazy how the bucs can have so much talent and such a bad record. Yes Jameis is hurt, but he hasn’t been hurt all year.

    More and more teams it seems, are not sure as to who their starting qb or rb should be, take buffalo for instance, Taylor was performing poorly so he was benched and the back up did nothing. Then Tyrod plays and goes off, I feel the bucs are the same way, they have Martin, and Rodgers but they’re unsure who to run, or they don’t run at all.

    Not to mention one of the greatest qbs to play was injured this year too, Aaron Rodgers. Last year, I had Rodgers, Nelson, and Bell and killed my league, this year I have Brady, Bell, Cooks and I’m losing. Cooks was a big disappointment to me this year, I felt that after the way Cooks played in New Orleans, that he’d kill it with Brady, nope!

    Can’t wait to see what you have for this weeks games!

    1. Wow Steve, those are really dissapointing players this year. And not much you can do in a 12 team league. Hope it goes much better for you next year. Not even Mike Evans is looking good any more. 

  2. You sir are talking my language. I’ve played either Draft Kings or Fan Duel for about 3 seasons now with a greater or lesser degree of success, mostly lesser.
    That’s great advice on fading, stacking, studs and sleepers. Analytics and algorithms are someones best tools to use there always seems to be variables that come into play. That’s the way modern sports, especially the NFL is.
    I even signed up for your daily fantasy report.

    1. Nice!, thanks a lot for the support, review that info, and I think you will not only find it interesting but really use it at some point. 

  3. Well written but my team is the Giants, who don’t have a prayer any more. Just couldn’t see Brady being benched just before he could have made a record. If I were a betting man, I definitely would follow you incites.

  4. Man I love fantasy football and your website gave me great information about how to be more successful with it. Drew Brees is my favorite QB so any video with him in it will always get me interested I actually have him on my fantasy team. I’ve been looking for new tips and different strategies for my fantasy footall team and I feel much better after reading your information.

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