Daily Fantasy Basketball Strategy 101: Player Updates and Breaking News

In my previous articles such as NBA Daily Lineups using an NBA Optimizer, we talked about a general value proposition for your own value system. In Daily fantasy basketball strategy, if you don’t get this part right you will lose. You can also check yourself by looking to rotogrinders 101 guide. Im article per the above nba daily lineups link, there is an easy to follow chart you can reference to make sure a player that you choose on a certain site fits the bill for potential return on X value investment.

BTW, what is the X value?

Great question, as the X value is simply for the sake of simplicity, hoping for 5 dfs, or daily fantasy points for every 1k of salary that you spend on the site. Most players are averaging about 5k, so your want 25 points at this player salary on the site. This is of course not real money, as the only real money you are using is the money you spend on the contest, perhaps $1.

Player updates and breaking news are the staple to your game to have any chance of winning on the main sites contests’ on the daily or nightly.

Players sitting out or hurt for whatever reason creeps up on your roster you chose, if your not checking the starting lineups roll outs 20-1 min. before tip offs. You need a place where you will get a tip off for true verified information.

Where do you go for Player Updates and Breaking News?

You could try the twitter sphere and try and follow every team’s beat writer for the latest. However this is not easy for myself as there are too many updates on twitter in general to sort through and too much going on in my general everyday life to glue myself to twitter.

A better solution is to follow the slack chat with a team of players updating from around the web. Here is an example of a NBA breaking news feed:

Daily Fantasy Basketball Strategy
Click on the Picture to get to the NBA DFS Staff on Slack Chat.

Once you are set up for player updates per the DFS Army site, you will have access to the community, and you will receive an email if you like every time someone updates the section of the slack chat, so you don’t miss an important player update.

If you have a player that is getting you 5 X value and is coming off the bench to automatically increase your team’s output, you will lose as the others professional players’ teams are set up to take advantage of the minutes uptick increasing their chance of wins in ownership.

For example a player on Drafkings only costing you 4k, only needs 20 points to get you the 5 X or 5 Draftkings points per 1k of salary use. Once you have this locked in you can move on to the next player. Actually the rest of your lineups needs to already be locked since hopefully you have spent part of the day researching and using the tools you need to be successful in nba dfs.

You don’t want to settle for a gross lineup when it comes to trusting in experts free picks, as they make mistakes too. And while in cash games you may cash in on some nights, you will give yourself little chance in making any real money, which is made in larger tournaments. Per my article, getting your bankroll right, the ladder system approach does exactly that.

Let me know of any more questions or concerns you have about Daily NBA Basketball Strategy in your comments. Thanks for reading.

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