Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks, Advice for Today for 5/1819

YThis page is dedicated towards the sport of daily fantasy baseball, a sport within itself.

It would be great if we could hand pick watched players for our daily main slates for MLB DFS on draftkings and/or fanduel, but that’s not possible, as there are too many games and too little time. This cuts to the chase of what you really need to know for today.

Follow A Great Process!

As dosen’t have to be exact for everyone. Whether its writing down your players or keeping track in a virtual setup. I do both many days.

There is a  game slate today with pitchers looking not so ace like today.

Stacks and/or on-offs to consider for today, 5/18/19 in tournaments on fanduel on the main slate.

These are the pitcher matchups you want to attack using these teams.

Today there are many weather alerts. For those up to date visit:

Weather Station Link Here

  • Tex lefty
  • STL all
  • LAD lefty
  • all Angels
  • Phil righty
  • Mets righty
  • All KC
  • BOS righty
  • Pit. Lefty

Best Pitcher Adice for today;

Snell for cash 178

Strasberg for cash 164

  • Canning 165
  • Barrios 169
  • Nola 164
  • Bueler 161
  • Bumgarner 151
  • Mengden 147
  • Tanaka 129
  • Matz 127
  • Lester 123
  • Gasman 118
  • Giolito 112
  • Gidley 107
  • Boyd 102
  • Lopez 86

The higher up in the list, you can actually use for cash, as the lower down in the list, the risk increases for tournaments.

  • Go for the high K upside with
  • Prioritize in this order: with total overal points listed
  • Whoever you can afford with your prioritized stacks

How do I come to this conclusion about today’s slate of hitters as being the relative best of the field?

Here’s what we measure. wOPS

Here’s what it looks like basically on screen with the worst pitchers on top, that is reverse optimized order for the day.

This picture does not show today’s slate but rather just an example of what to look for in any type of contest.

Daily fantasy baseball picks advice
Click on the Picture to get the DraftDashboard

The wOPS is the Weighted On base + Slugging % so that you know how well a pitcher and/or batter is expected to perform verses the handedness average lineup of the day. If you hover over the L or R-X% you can also see a breakdown of the amount of lefties, the amount of righties, and swich hitting players they are facing today. It will give you the wOPS for each. Something to play around with and once you get the hang of using it, it becomes a lot easier to sort this information.

Ok, so here’s our hitter we need to try and balance out today, watching those players on our draftdashboard or writing them down.

As for pitchers let’s take a look at something borrowed from the dfsarmy and their research team found here: DFS Army Articles

Look there for the article “DFS Army Full Count” under MLB articles.

Players to Watch and Possibly Play today:

These are the best overall plays to consider first for today’s main fanduel slate:

Trending Players to Watch: Low Cost, Possibly low owned

6 thoughts on “Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks, Advice for Today for 5/1819”

  1. Are you a professional gambler? This is a ton of information with quality research to give yourself the best odds to come out on top. Do you offer the same advice for football? I enter a lot of tournaments throughout the season and having this information all ready sorted through would be beneficial for me coming up with my picks.

    1. Absolutely, will give a heads up for NFL and College throughout the season, taking in a lot of data and eye ball test preparation too!

  2. You introduced me to a whole new world of Fantasy Sports. It was interesting that you introduced fantasy baseball in a site created for fantasy football. That caught my attention. 

    I had no idea that this is a huge area of interest. Just for the heck of it I clicked the FanDuel tab and was astounded to see how much money changes hands in this field. Almost 3 million winners and more than $4.5B involved? This is quite amazing.

    There is one aspect that I have a question about. I’m not sure of the odds making process. Since I am ignorant of most players names, can I assume that the players are real people? 

    Thanks for alerting me to something new. I will have to check this out further. 

  3. Great post! You are spot-on when saying that on any given day there are too many games to keep track of so this is definitely is a valuable process for the avid fantasy player. Great link to and consideration about weather as it definitely has an impact. Baseball is filled with so many metrics and I really like your wOPS measurement, Weighted On Base + Slugging Percentage. Not all people take into consideration the impact that a right-handed vs. left-handed pitcher has in any given game, so again thank you for pointed out these metrics and providing a reference point for the reader. I will definitely be bookmarking this page and recommend that others so as well.

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