NPB League DFS Baseball Picks for today 7/18/20

5:00 am Start time today: Pitcher Rankings

  1. Takahiro Shiomi Lefty TOH Golden Eagles: 8.5K A vs. SAI RP/Starter who had a 3.16 ERA last yr. 3.3 for carer K/BB IP/SO Prop: 5/5 Had a 24% SO rate as big improvement to his game in 19′ WFF Proj. 18.2 = $467 value
  2. ATSUKI TANEICHI Chi Marines #16 SP 13.2 up from 12K @HOK Throws: R: IP/SO: 6/7, WFF Proj: 23.5 = $561 as a high 10K/9 SO guy.
  3. WATARU MATSUMOTO Sai Lions #17 RP 8.5k down from $9,000 SAI@CHI Throws: R: IP/SO Prop 5/4 WFF Proj. 6 = $1416 value
  4. TAKAYUKI KATOH Hok Fighters #14 RP 7.5K down from $9,000 FUK@HOK Throws: L IP/SO: 4/3 WFF Proj. 4 = $1875 value

Cash Stacks: TOH and CHI

GPP: SAI Righties

Cash plays:

ASAMURA 2B/3B TOH High SO and High SLG guy.

TAKASHI OGINO OF Marines Does a lot incl. SB’s R vs. L pitcher on the rd.

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  1. Well! It is a good thing that everything is back to normal and the games can resume back. I am a big fan boy of baseball and seeing your pucks here could really help in guiding me towards making my decisions too concerning my picks. Well! This is a good one and thanks for sharing here. 

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