Cubs Roster: STAT Cast Batting Order Breakdown

  1.  Almora Jr/Steven Souza

Only for speed and defense no batting skill for Almora. Souza had a .810 OPS 30 HR season in 17′, seeing if he can get back to .220 ISO and 16 SB season type with very hard contact which he hit in limited 2018 yr.

2. Rizzo

ISO regularly over 200 high Hr/ FB rate should drop a bit in overall OPS. BA and wOBA guy who has decent upside for homers

3. Bryant  —- Could lead off.

Nice power can produce consistent. STATcast shows decent speed and good xWOBA. Upside is also good for ISO

4. Baez

Stabilizes numbers past few years with ISO of at least 250 past

5. Scharber

Hard contact, Slugging, and Exit Velo beast. Semi consistent power and upside.

6. Happ

Happ flashed excellent plate discipline, proven SLG, and very good barrel, with decent ability to steal, even though speed nor SO rate rates out very good.

7. Contreras

Putting up good numbers as a batter, and an elite catcher. Signs of improvement esp. in ISO on a bounce back year last yr. Stat cast does not really back it up however last yr.

8. Bote

Good hard contact, exit Velo, and did well getting on base. Nice Exit Velo upside here. Can run.

J. Heyward, J. Kipnis? not much consistent production here but these guys can hit at times as veterans.

P1: Yu Darvish  Not quite an ace, first half bad, 2nd half good. Too many walks, high SO upside. ERA under 3 for 2nd half. Despite giving up lot of HR.’s Grounded at better rate then ever before. Was at his career K/9 rate for career at 11-11.5

Cutter (36.5%), Four Seamer (26.8%)

P2: Jose Quintana  L

5.5 innings per game. Rates out low in every STAT cast category. About 8 K/9 with potential to get back to upside of 9.5 from 2017

P3: Kyle Hendricks

One of least hardest throwers in league. Elite control. Look at him as value play vs. weaker LU’s. only 7.6 career K/9 47.5 GB for career.

P4: Jon Lester

Too old, cannot pitch long into games.

P5: Tyler Chatwood

almost a walk per inning. too many.

P6: Jharel Cotton may be given opportunity to take #5.

Bullpen is bad, need Kimbrel to close out like he used to. Attack this pen.

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