Colorado Rockies Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

  1. David Dahl

Dosen’t do anything spectacular as he’s been a good prospect for some years battling injuries in his first full season and part of the previous season he’s put up very good ISO numbers, backed by Coors field.

2. Charlie Blackmon

Improved his Hard contact last yr along with everyone else in the league as he’s right on par with his career production I would’t expect him to slow down yet, showing nice barrel power.

3. Nolan Aernado

Great homerun distance last year as He always performs better in Woba then in xWOBA. I don’t expect any changes with this flyball productive hitter.

4. Trevor Story

All his batting numbers stayed with the previous season’s performance along with speed added to the real power of exit velocity of 91 mph and nice distance staying at high ISO.

5. Ryan McMahon

Focusing on K% for young guys, his is high however, his hard contact and exit velocity make him look elite at his 200 ISO. Not sure if he’ll be worthy yet of his spot in the order.

6. Ian Desmond

Showing to be a ground ball hitter he has maintained his 20 HR seasons through a lot of streakiness. This entails a High or low enough BAPIP to be able to take advantage at times of the Velo, and hard contact as a veteran.

7. Daniel Murhpy

As a top batting average and SO guy throughout his career, he dropped off it seems due to age. He may have to make way for younger talent.

8. Tony Wolters

A ground ball hitter only who is bottom of the league in all stats. Only used for defense and should get pinched by guys like Garret Hampson, Raimel Tapia, and Brendon Rogers whenver ready to step up.

1. SP

German Marqquez

Happy with his pitch mix getting Ks in ST

FB curve slider sinker

best ball are curve slider allowing sun 200 xWoba has 95mph fastball  6.26 At home ERA compared to 3.67 on rd

2. SP

Jon Gray

6’4” was a #3 overall pick

FB 50% slider 96 mph

best pitch is slider and curve at only 11%

3. SP


In addition to a new curveball, a renewed changeup and good ol’ self-confidence — which showed again this Spring Training with his two scoreless innings in the Rockies’ 7-4 loss to the Rangers on Wednesday — Senzatela lost 15 pounds during the offseason.

But memories of those empanadas, and a reflexive habit of grabbing candy whenever it’s laying around, will have to be tamped down once the season begins. Senzatela is a rare player who gains weight during the lengthy season. He, his wife Vanessa and young son Tiago are all partners in helping him keep the weight off, which may help him control the ERA.

fastball 62% slider curve   Best pitch is curve, needs lot of work as has poor k% woba batting avg and hard contact allowed about a 94mph fastball






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