College Fantasy Football Sleepers for 2019 in DFS Week 0

If you are playing in week 0 of the college fantasy football season of 2019, you will want to get in on these sleepers soon to be used in your stacks or 1 offs.

This will be specific to week 0 which includes 2 games, Mia. @ UF and Ariz @ Haw. Not a lot but its a start for real football, as pre-season has its limitation for any serious considerations.

You wan to make sure if you are playing in any cash games such as %50/50’s or double ups you will have to pay close attention to the spreads, and over/unders from vegas.

Current College Football Vegas Lines according to Sportsline with the 2nd column, the consensus lines.

College Fantasy Football Sleepers 2019See my Fantasy football strategies, “Gameflow insurance” for more on how to set safe cash game lineups in DFS.

You also may want to see my college fantasy football position rankings to help you throughout the season.

Quarterback Rankings

Running Back Rankings

Wide Receiver Rankings

Here are my best plays for the short but exciting 2 game slate for Saturday:

Updat for 8/22/19 at 6:50 am. for that watch the video: I will get the sleeper player picks out for sure by late friday night. If anything changes I will also update on saturday for the 7 pm game.

If we are going to recognize or differentiate the best or optimal plays on a fanduel 7 man player roster, we will have to make assumptions on the chalk at this point. The roster includes the position for an exciting 7 man roster on fanduel. You could also play on draftkings but the optimal roster construction should be different based on pricing so be careful there.

Chalk lineup: This is not considered Optimal

QB: K. Tate

RB: J. Taylor

RB: L. Perine

WR/TE: D. Dixon

WR/TE: C Byrd

WR/TE: C. Peterson

Flex: C. McDonald

Sleeper Plays

QB: C. McDonald

RB: DJ Dallas

RB: Dayton Furuta

WR/TE: J. Smart

WR/TE: W. Mallory

WR/TE J-M Sharsh

Flex: F. Franks

How would you arrange a balanced lineup of cash, tournament and flex plays. Easy. Just go to dfs Sheets for more options and how to construct these lineups: DFS Sheets



6 thoughts on “College Fantasy Football Sleepers for 2019 in DFS Week 0”

  1. Not so much of a fan here but my brother is, he can die for the college fantasy football. This season, om sure he mustve picked up his own team. Maybe if is how him this post, he’ll be totally hooked to your aiteand stop whining about it to me at home every single day. He’d be happy to use the sleepers you talked about here.

  2. Wow! This is really amazing I must confess… I have been searching for different strategies in which I can make use of to step up my fantastic fantasy football game…this is a really helpful review that would go a long way to help me step up from my week 0.I’m really grateful for this helpful review, I hope to see more amazing post from you. Kudos and keep the great Jon up!

  3. well, I’m just getting involved in the college football fantasy and I’m still not too familiar with everything yet. Dfs week 0 as stated through this post, I will follow the pocks and see how things play out to be. If it works well, then I will always be back for your guidance as to pocks for the consequent ones. Thanks

  4. My son is into this college fantasy and he has made is really interesting. However this is my first time reading about college fantasy football and it appears toe be a really interest league. I would love to try this football fantasy but first learn about it very well. Are there any suggestion you can give to help me out with it?

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