College Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings for 2019

Here are the top College Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings for 2019. These rankings are for power 5 conference football games.

college fantasy football quarterback rankings 2019

Here is an article in reference to the bolded players who are looking to go in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

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2019 CFF QB Rankings

  1. Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama
  2. Sam Ehlinger, Texas
  3. Justin Fields OSU SO
  4. Washington St. QB yet to be determined
  5. Adrian Martinez, Nebraska
  6. Bryce Perkins, Virginia
  7. Charlie Brewer, Baylor
  8. Trevor Lawrence, Clemson
  9. J. Hurts, OKLA
  10. Kellen Mond Tex A&M JR
  11. Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon
  12. Feleipe Franks, Fla.
  13. Ryan Willis, VaTech
  14. Joe Burrow, LSU
  15. Jake Fromm, QB, Georgia
  16. Jake Bently, SC
  17. Peyton Ramsey, Ind.
  18. KJ Costello, Stan
  19. Ian Book, ND
  20. AJ Dillon, BC

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9 thoughts on “College Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings for 2019”

  1. Great list and I would love to know where you get your information for this site from as it is always so up to date.

    I would have thought that as a quarterback, Justin Herbert would have ranked higher, but that is just my opinion. Joe Burrow is also up there with the best and thought he would also rank a bit higher.

    I wonder how many other differences of opinion there are out there, as I am sure nobody every quite agrees when it comes to rankings in sport.

    1. Hi Michel, I’m sure anyone can come up with their own if they spend just a little time around the sport. To formulate your own though is fun!

  2. So my buddy plays  football in college league and he’s all excited to get in and he’s the popular kid now and all that jazz. And me, being a not super sporty type of person, I try to understand the rules of game and how the rankings work..but couldn’t and he doesn’t have the grace to sit down and explain it all to me over and over again. Would you take a minute and explain how football game rules work? Because there’s AFL and NFL and Rugby and soccer and to me, it’s just all men and ball.



    1. Wow Kattan those are great questions for aspiring football 🏈 fans. Great you stopped and expressed your willingness to learn

  3. Hey, I came across your blog and I hope I don’t sound too stupid. But what IS fantasy football!?! I’ve never heard of it. Maybe it has another name? 

    Do you have a blog about it?(I didn’t see one there…) And since my sons and husband are sports freaks, can you point me in the direction of some coolsports items …maybe I can get a few good prezzies out of this! 🙂 They are soooo hard to buy things for!!

    I’m sure your blog is for the avid aficionados because there were a lot of terms I had not heard of, but I like to learn new things so I’m interested!!

  4. What a wonderful update,Very informative article ,Here are the top College Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings for 2019. These rankings are for power 5 conference football games,yes I strongly agreed.I love this article because it educate me of the new ranking. Thanks for sharing this informative article,you Rock higher in online business.

  5. Hi Andy, Football is the most common & old game in the world. Every college has its football team as they participate in many football tournaments. This article shows me the world’s best college football team which is interesting as a football lover. As 2019 CFF QB Rankings Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama is the first team & the last team is AJ Dillon, BC. I would like to recommend every football lover friends to read this.

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