College Fantasy Football Picks for Week 10 MAC Slate

This week in college fantasy football you have an option for a Wednesday slate, so instead of watching the election get ready for some MAC football.

Here is the total breakdown of plays I have found. So I’m giving some of it away!

Here are the games in order of highest Over/Under and their associated plays for wednesday.

College Fantasy Football Spreads and DFS Notes

E. Mich @ Kent St. 62.5 total with Kent -6 spread as of Monday. 

This total has since went up to 65 which is very interesting having bettors take the under here including %98 of the cash on tickets.

Recommended DFS Picks

QB Dustin Crum: Proj.: 20/30 com/att 239 yds 2.04 tds 24.6 FPs: Rated best QB in nation according to PFF. Certainly going to be a popular play.

QB Preston Hutchinson: Proj.: 24/33 com/att 309 yds 2.03 tds 22.9 FPs: Had 1 good game. fine D to attack as you may want to run it back with both QBs.

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BGreen @ Toledo 61.5 Tol -22

Now at 62.5 total points the cash and tickets are even for bettors.

Recommended DFS Picks

RB Bryant Koback: Proj.: 20 att. 147 yds 2.00 TDs 31 FPs: An above-average rushing attack

WR Bryce Mitchell: Proj.:  74 yds 15.1FPs playing vs. good safeties.

Ohio CMich 59.5 OH -1 CMICH has 37th ranked D.

Now at 57.5 compared to monday all of the cash is on the under here. This makes it sort of a game to stay away from in DFS.

Recommended DFS Picks

RB De`Montre Tuggle Proj.: 8.6 att 53 yds 0.69 6.2 0.06 11.8 FPs should get lot of opportunities.

I would recommend more play here for this game, as there are some higher risk/reward plays for trournaments, check my Free Ebook on the Great Commandments of Fantasy football and other sports for more.

BallSt. @ MiaOH 55.5 Mia -2

With a line staying the same and all of the cash in on the under, its still a close spread, which we like for DFS.

Recommended DFS Picks

WR Justin Hall Proj.: 57 yds 0.43 Tds 12.6 FPs
WR Yo`Heinz Tyler Proj.: 48 yds 0.57 Tds 9.6 FPs

WMich @ Akron WMIch 55.5 -18 Attack the worst D in MAC.

With W. Mich now 19.5 point favorites, look to the W. Mich. ground game.

Recommended DFS Picks

RB Sean Tyler Proj.: 10.6 att 67 yds 0.64 6.3 0.12 13.7 Fps+ as he’s the starter in this backfield behind an experienced O-line with a great matchup vs. Akron who was the worst team in Division 1 football last year.

Buff @ N. Ill Buff 52.5 -11 Buff. has 2X NFL EDGE players.

Of much significance here is the defense with this spread now having went to 13.5 in favor of Buffalo. Once again favor the running game of the favorite.

Recommended DFS Picks

RB Jaret Patterson Proj.: 20.3 att 109 yds 1.02 Tds 18.8 Fps Best RB? He is thet most expensive on draftkings.

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  1. I love how we can create whatever our minds can see into reality and also make a living working in our dreams and goals in life. 

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    Thank you for writing this and keep up the great work. I wonder how many more winners there will be after reading your amazing blog.

    1. So far there are a lot of great scores and my followers having done so as well as we put a lot of research into our lineups. Thanks for the positive feedback. 

  2. This is quite interesting, always heard about it but never really pay attention, this is well laid out and organize, easy to understand for someone who is new to this. Like the added touch of the recommendations and the introductions in a little bit of the team or player.Great job in bringing this to my attention. 

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