Cincinatti Reds Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

The reds have not experienced the playoffs since they lost to the Pirates in the wild card round of 2013. New Manager David Bell, experienced having a better lineups last year improving their wins to 75 as the previous 3 years they only won 67 or 68 games, so their young home grown talent is developing into skills and bringing over a Free agent such as Mike Moustakas, bring a more playoff oriented approach to the leadership of team, even though this team had poor patience at the plate last season.

  1. Nick Senzel R – Took 95 ABs as a lefty overall what he did though was interesting is that As a lefty he had impressive stats with up to .900 OPS and slugged .526! Expect him to be an every day player moving foward.

14 Stolen Bases 6 of which was vs. Lefty…, #2 pick in 16′ The main thing he projects for is speed but he also had upside with power especially in the minors. Has not showed a whole lot of that yet in the Majors.

2. Joey Votto

Votto had a down year, at 37, he’ll be 37 by the time the season ends. He did maintain himself vs. Righties still bringing in a .361 OBP. His plate discipline is holding up as no changes there, but his power seems lost backed up simply by the drop in homers the last 2 years

3. Eugenio Suarez R

2nd in majors in HR’s last year while not providing steal upside

4 .Mike Moustaskas  L only 31 yrs old

Providing championship mentality, Mouse provides very consistent batting numbers. ISO always over .200 but no SB upside. Career yr in homers at 35

5. Nick Castellanos

Led league in doubles I believe last year. His X numbers have been very good the last few years, Does not provide steals. Consistently provides well struck balls and a very good Cash play option. SLG always should be well over .500 and BA around .290.

6. Arisides Aquino R

This is what I love about looking into these guys into their advanced numbers, minor league numbers if needed, and film. Tied MLB record with 7 or 8 homers in first 10g. His minor league numbers show nice power and speed potential, So even though his SO’s caught up with him shortly after the 10 games, he’s a high upside multi-RBI Hr hitter who also should provide steals in addition especially if he can get on base more and get better as He’s been around a bit a 25 yrs old. late bloomer.

7. Freddy Galvis  S

Galvis is too inconsistent and streaky even though he had career in HR’s but his Woba is almost worst in the league. not much in steals.

  1. Jesse Winker  L

Winker is only good vs. righties so far. He can move up in order at #2 but with these new arrivals that won’t be much. no steal upside Hits ball hard vs. fast ball. SLG is well over .500 but only vs. Righties for the platoon, BA overall is about .280 showing maturity at the plate. 3 yrs.

9. Tucker Barnhart R

Barnhart sparingly shows power getting 11 HR’s in part time role. Splits time with Casali who is same age, serving as defensive stoppers, but both are bad in overall batting stats.

Interesting bench with IF: Kyle Farmer

VanMeter: in 228 AB’s hit 8 HR, with .735 OPS, and Scott Schebler, who had a 30 HR season in 17′, but low BA, perpaps why he’s benched, and finally Phillip Ervin who is a speed demon.

Overall in hitting they were bottom 10 in league in all batting cats such as BA, SLG and OBP, however 14th in HR’s, so those numbers will go up.

SP1:Luis Castillo R 6 IPG

Castillo is elite at not allowing SLG nor exit velocity. He can allow balls up in the air either with GB rate of 55%. 1.22 HR/9 which he has improved on thru the few yrs of play. High SO upside used him a lot GPP. relies on 4 pitches, FB, slider, sinker, changeup. CU is his best pitch maxes out usually about 96mph.

SP2 Sonny Gray R 5.5 innings

10.5 k/9 compared to 8.5 prior 2 yrs. 53% GB P which is very high for his career. And well under 1 HR/9 at just .87. Best pitches are slider and curve. Gets down in the lower 80’s with those but can throw the 4 Seam at 94mph. His breaking ball can lock guys up including lefties so he has a really nice hook on those pitches.

Trevor Bauer R goes over 6 innings on a normal basis. 10-11 k/9.

1.06 HR/9 allowed. His best quality if the fastball with a high spin rate on it. However thats the pitch he gets blown up on the most. He took to many risks so if he stays with and develops his changeup or re-develops his changeup back to where it was in 18′, he can move forward again instead of backward or the same as 19′ His slider is really good as well but not used enough, only 18% of time. Too many 4 seamers.

4. Miley L

Keeps the ball down, as he give you maybe 5 innings making it difficult to get a quality start or win. Dont’ see him doing better with the Reds. 1.2-4 HR/9 allowed.

5. Anthony Deschfani

Most effective P is the Curve showing a lot of improvement over last yr, however this is the #1 starting pitcher we can attack, as he allows 1.5 HR/9 and his 4 seamer and sinker up to 95mph. They are expecting him to improve their 5 man rotation as he has 4 different pitches he uses.


Closer Raisel returns as closer hitting on 34 saves last yr.

Also Michael Lorenzen the top setup man can play all OF positions, so great althlete there.

Overall pitching: 8th in ERA, 7th in saves, and 4th in opponents BA.

Ranked 12 in fielding, 22 in double plays.



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