Chicago White Sox Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

C: Yasmani Grandal 2020 notes

Very interesting that he was top 1% of league in BB%. His ISO and very good Barrel, Hard contact, and HR/GB rate. He may pay off the 4 yr 74M contract.

For 2021: Leads as the best catcher in past 5 years in terms of HR production. Also one of best pitch framers.

1B: Jose Abreu 2020 notes

Top 7% of league in hard contact. He should be hammering 25-33 HR’s if healthy for the season. 6th in MLB in barrels and 17 in Exit Velocity.

For 2021: Saw something coming here per my 2020 notes but not exactly this great! By constantly improveing year by year his average exit velocity, he’s successfully accomplished an MVP trophy.

2B: Nich Madrigal

For 2021: Has no power but hit .340 last year. One if not both of these samples are off. May open in IR, but could lead off later on increasing his value to see what happens or hold if drafting late in this power lineup

3B: Yoan Moncado

Surprisingly good exit velocity and hard contact. XSLG also very nice. If you buy into him with his numbers you are looking at a top 10 hitter in the majors.

For 2021: The down year was well documented from various sources with C19, no resting the switch hitter like the rest of his mates are very effective vs. lefties. All of the 2019/2020 notes still applies here.

SS: Tim Anderson 2020 notes

With a .399 BAPIP, he SLGed .508 last year, way beyond anything normal form him, however only got 18 HR’s and had 20 the year before. Al realistic SLG % is much lower. Don’t expect much upside except for stolen bases.

For 2021: With a part of probably the funnest lineups in the American league, Anderson figures to be towards the top of it. With a 1.5 OPS to lefties last yr, he’s crushing vs. the breaking pitch. Valuable info we’ll hold in our back pocket as the season progresses. O

OF: Adam Eaton: 2010 Draft round 19 pick 6 of Ariz. 2020 notes

I like his numbers as they are reverting back to 15, 16, and 17′ season. Has speed and can get on base. Can do it vs. Lefties as well even though he is a lefty the numbers don’t change. Base stealing better vs. R’s of course. Gets on base .360+ runner and good fielder.

For 2021: The new addition of Eaton gives them more speed for bases/steals as well as extra power with his improved hard contact last yr. I’m not worried about his lower sample OBP from 2020.

DH: Eloy Jimenez 2020 notes

Very good in average Exit, SLG, and Hard contact. His career minor league  and last season’s ISO numbers concurrently agree he’s a real power hitter.

Has great potential to raise his level of play in 2020.

OF: Luis Robert 

For 2021: A high SO rate but also a high OPS in the sample of last year. I would say he’s more likely to improve with his talent and high upside.

OF: Adam Engel 

A base stealer as well as gets on base and can get extra base production.

SP1: Lucas Giolito RHP

A strikeout specialist at 9.3K/9. An upside and floor fantasy asset. Can also avoid any negatives with 0 ERA game. He has arrived according indicators.

SP2: Dallas Keuchel LHP

Surprisingly does some things better then Giolito with about the lowest hard contact allowed in the league, inducing soft contact consistently with his cutter his highlighted arsenal successful vs. Righties.

SP3: Lance Lynn RHP

Induces a lot of swing and misses, can go lots of innings, and get a multitude of wins with this team, much more so then in Texas. He features a high spin fastball and even did well last sample yr vs. lefties.

SP4: Dylan Cease RHP

This is even an exciting group of back end pitchers in this rotation as Cease can beat some teams. A 98 mph fastball but Left handed hitters is a weakness.

SP5: Michael Kopech RHP

Kopech more so has complimentary pitches to go along with his power arm he is returning from C19 complications. Keep in mind this could be one of the 6 man rotations with Reynaldo Lopez a solid option to be used in the rotation as well, decreasing all of these value guys a bit.






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