NFL Offseason Schedule: Combine, Free Agents, 2017 Important Dates

Taking into consideration the NFL Offseason Schedule is a Large task. With considerations of team needs for every team at every position it takes a lot of time to prepare a roster out for the upcoming 2017 sesason.

First NFL Offseason date: Feb. 28th

It would seem the first kickoff to me, for the enjoyment of the 2017 NFL season is the starting of evaluation of NFL rookies. Very valuable information for fantasy off-season players to sink their teeth into.

nfl off season schedule

Did you know: This date gives a preview of RB’s OL, Kickers, & special teams

So that you officially know, if kickers are of any relevancy to your team, you never know what you could find here, if you care about kickers at all.

The rest of the 2017 NFL Combine Schedule

We next have the rest of the combine scheduled lineup which of course, can be seen on NFL network:

March 1st: QB’s, WR’s, TE’s

March 2nd: DL, LB’s

March 3rd: DB’s along with workouts for Day 1 Players

March 4th: Day 2 Player workouts

March 5th: Day 3 Player workouts

March 6th: Day 4 Player workouts

Next: Free Agency Period: March 9

At 4 pm ET is the launch date for this frenzy of activity for these free agents to begin making their mark, with this year having an interesting batch of QB’s who are looking for starting homes, where they can once again or continue to lead other teams to a promised land, with another chance. The first few hours as well as the next several days make many football players wealthy and fantasy football players ready to start their season with the new teams of their prospective owners.

Next: April 27th: The Draft

Fantasy football draft

The NFL draft 3 day event will have a ton of talented players at the skilled positions, including RB, WR, and TE. As for QB the debate is out, as there is no clear cut first year starter in this draft, which usually sets any Prospective Fantasy QB back another year, so its best to wait in deep or franchise leagues to wait and see according to the playing time they receive in the rookie year to try and guess what kind of value they will have for the coming sophomore year.

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Super Bowl 2017 LI Online App Competition Party

If you would like to compete in a popular online competitive party for Super Bowl 51, then here is the place to go. I will guide you step by step along the process as you enjoy yourself during the biggest game, and holiday in my opinion of the biggest sporting day of the year for Feb. 5th Super Bowl Party

Follow a Super Bowl LI Party

Here’s what you need to do first: Click on this Link to get you started with the invite for the Game to be Played between the Falcons vs. Patriotes

Click Here for Invite

The you can either Register as first time user or login:

Then as this screen shows, you can join the Game or the League, your choice: I recommend joining the Game as that will also join you to the league as well, thereafter you may pick more games available such as NBA basketball as well. The you have your relevant choice:

super bowl 51 download

Once your App is downloaded on your device, you may want to choose some favorites such as your sports and teams, then you can then open up your home page screen on the app and visit this portion of your screen:

Also of note here on this screen below is the new feature where you can click on “GET TOKENS”, and then find a number of ways to get tokens, not limited to purchasing them, and including watching ads, and referring friends to obtain more opportunities for chances to win prizes and play!

Super Bowl 51 Online Game

As you can see here the league I have entered and recommend is the Super Bowl 51 League, entering that icon. You may then scroll down to the bottom of the page, and enter the game: Falcons vs. Patriots where you will then see this screen:


If you click on more details at this point you may get more info if you want about winning the main contest, for the Altima. How bout that for a:

Super Bowl Online Party

You can next see the option to click on the Gold Firefan Crown Logo where this option will come up for navigation purposes, where you have the to go to connect with others, and socialize, as well as check Alerts & your Picks

super bowl online party

If you click on Chat, it is followed by this screen just to see what will be going on in this specific game.

Super Bowl Competition

What I personally love most is the Gameplay you now get, which is fun, because you get a great gameflow, as long as you can keep up with whole game, but even if you miss parts of the game, you can get caught up pretty quick with in game action that also keeps tracks of all past drives in the game, so you don’t miss out on too much while having to rewind and tivo to catch up on the action while your attending to other things to keep your Super Bowl Party going in Online Football Party Style!

Social Benefits of Playing American Football Online Live

I want to put out a challenge to true, live football fans out there?

Is it really so, that you watch football to socialize?

Well, the biggest day of the year, in my opinion is upon us, and that will involve some live interacting of fans who are true or not so true to their team colors.

Not Much of a Logo Here
Not Much of a Logo Here

I want to Definitively offer you a challenge here:

Super Bowl Sunday Live Football Interaction

If you are a true fan of: the

Packers, Falcons, Patriots, or Steelers

get your under garment and outer garment gear ready for the FireFan Social Platform, and Win some Great Prizes such as that New Car, you get a crack at as well.

Even though the odds of that happening as we all know are slim, you can engage in the best social media structure, really the only one for sports to come with your friends, or if you usually watch the games by yourself anyway, thats fine too, just get in the game, with your own live play calls as the app has really taken off, impacting new leagues of sharing for best points across your own style and art of prediction, building up points for other rewards as well.

Here are the Social Benefits to Playing Live American Football Online as Promised

  1. Enjoying the game by being involved. Not just watching but using and putting your football skills to the test against others.
  2. Making comments on the game as it progresses to its climax, the eminent dagger to the game, ending the hopes for the other team.
  3. The opportunity to emerge as a winner in this space where you can earn rewards, prizes, and other team type of gear, playing for free.
The Wealthy Football Online academy
The Wealthy Football Online academy

This is obviously a Fantasy Football site, so we will get back to some nitty gritty stuff upcoming like the rookies coming into the league for the upcoming fantasy season since this site will be year long on the subject since the NFL and fantasy is year long.

To be among the prestige of the wealthy fantasy footballers, all you have to do is keep up with our posts, games, play fantasy football, and take advantage of any promotions to be a part of the ongoing community.

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Since I prefer to give special attention to the NFL Playoffs at this time with live football action, this is the best place to be for a fan right now!


Week 16 NFL Matchups: NFL Fantasy Championship/Playoffs

We’ll go over some week 16 NFL matchups here with Playoff Championships in Fantasy football on the line, as this will help your strategy play, and will give you a different perspective on the games with live interaction on gameday after these matchup previews. So even if you are out of the playoffs and championship for your league, even the casual fan can compete with this new game and its not hard to do.

Football Matchups

First here are the games we are planning for our league, “FOOTBALL MATCHUP” thus far to go over on gameday Christmas eve this year.

Eagles VS Giants

With this Prime time Thursday night matchup, there are a few interesting scenarios to consider:

Were the Giants cheating with an unfair advantage to their coaches as plays players were communicating, much like some of the Patriots past sins? Also can the Eagles get much offense with a Giants defense that has been emerging to be one of their best in recent years since their last super bowl?

Packers VS Vikings

We have a wild card in this game that has emerged. Ty Montgomery. Can he keep the running game of the packers performing?

Also, can Adrian Peterson get involved in the offense again? These questions will be answered in this game either way, so expect a low scoring affair, as both teams look to impose their ground games.

Answer these questions in our league matchup:

Will Packers QB throw for 2 or more TD’s in this game?

How many yards will Rodgers throw for?

Will Vikings Receivers K. Rudolph and S. Diggs catch 5 passes each?

Bills VS Dolphins

Here the Bills have an almost unstoppable running attack with the dual threat of Shady McCoy and T-Mobile which has been consistent all year it seems.

Answer these questions in our league matchup:

Which team will have more rushing yards in the game?

Will T. Taylor throw 2 or more TD’s?

How many receiving yards will D. Sims have?

The dolphins on the other hand have had to lean on their passing game, now with Matt Moore, a fan favorite on hand to take the reins against a skilled secondary of the Bills, who are good at forcing opponents turnovers.

Raiders VS Colts

The offenses here could have a possible Bonanza of a game, with a high scoring ceiling in which the QB’s will have high value in fantasy standards, also making pushes for the playoffs. Look for all receivers on both teams to have good games, the consistency of Gore and Murray as runners on both sides.

Answer these questions in our league matchup:

Which team will commit more penalties in this game?

Who will win the game?

How many receiving yards wil TY Hilton have?

Chiefs VS Broncos

The chiefs are looking like a much better team than in the last few years and it looks like they may hold off the under-developed Quarterbacking of Trevor Simeon. The chiefs well balanced attack, could exploit any weaknesses in the Broncos defense, which could be hard to find.

Answer these questions in our league matchup:

Will Devante Booker gain at least 50 yards, or closer to 100?

Will TE T. Kelce catch at least 5 passes?

Will RB S. Ware catch a TD?

Cowboys VS Lions

Can the Lions realistically stop the Boys since no one else really can? It seems like Matt Stafford keeps them in games, while this team is not great for fantasy terms, their playoff hopes strong, although not guaranteed to be alive atop of the division with this tough game in sight.

Answer these questions in our league matchup:

How many receiving yards will Dallas RBs total?

Which team will have more passing yards?

How many combined INTs and Lost Fumbles will there be in this game?

Those are the questions you’ll have to answer in our Firefan App

Now here’s where it gets interesting:

Imagine keeping track of live games with notifications to your phone, not those annoying notifications for emails and other offers, but for every time a chosen game from the list above or other games, possibly simultaneously starts a new drive, and the app works so fast that you always know what is going on, on the field.

You don’t have to be at your tv all day either. You can compete in probabilities of numbers. Football is a numbers game right, or at least in large portion.

Here’s what you can do:

Fantasy Matchups

Head over to here, no promo code needed to get tokens as it is already entered for you, and register, then go to the section in the app, once downloaded: Leagues

Then once you have found the league: Football Matchup

Per my previous post, here is more about FireFan here

Then you can choose one of the games above or others that could be added based on demand, and start entering your picks for the games, such as whether each team will rush for 150 yards, who will score the first passing touchdown, and whether certain named running backs will score a touchdown in the game. Kinda like fantasy right. Maybe, but I believe it gets you ready to be a professional fantasy football player,

Go pro, and get the training for the next level using the app, and your approach will never be the same.

What fantasy or team game approach would you like to see best? Which game interests you the most? Any not mentioned here you would like to participate in for this app? Also if you have downloaded it, how does it look and feel to you? Let me know your comments..



Pro Sports App: The realization of a Dream

If you are looking for pro sports apps, and looking for the basic update app such as espn, or any major sports version of it, this is not the post for you.

If you are looking for a live way to experience the game in a controlled friendly, or trash talking environment with your friends or other available players, such as in fantasy sports, this is the post for you.

Never before in history has a Pro Sports App been offered in this format with this technology, and gameplay, backed by some of the best and most popular app designers in the world!

If you are looking for fantasy football alternatives, since that is what this site is dedicated to (Fantasy Football Strategies), then we offer a great gameplay alternative as to what is on the app market in both android and I-phone stores that is now or soon to be available for easy download and gameplay.

The Pro Sports App Drum Roll Please..

The App is FireFan. It is available in a full game format for playing live in-game play calls for any sport that is available through the app. Look for updates to the app to include new sports as seasons progress for every sport.

pro sports app

Watch this demo for a preview to whats in store for Pro Sports App Gamers:

As you can see, you call the shots against others in a competitive way as the game guides you with the potential for the right call at the right time. Think you could be the coach? Call the shots? Now is your real chance.

Never again will you have to choose players from varying teams to compete against your buddies, unless you want to play that way.


Who Will You Choose To Play With?

Be sure to invite your friends as a way to connect. Let’s face it. Your buddies may not want to receive calls and text messages for play calls right?

With this app you’ll know what the best calls are.

Play with Sports Heroes and Celebrities to Enhance your Experience.

Want to learn new sports to socialize with?

You can learn the game as you play. Not a fan of baseball? Get to know the game with the strike zone applications being applied in a live game setting.

Don’t understand Zone Blitz situations? Learn to call the defensive play at the right time in game situations.

These are just some of the perks to learning the live gameplay system.

Lost Because of the Lack of or loss of interest in Fantasy games during the post seasons?

This solves the problem of losing interest in individual stats and game decisions with a keen interest of all TEAM related activities.

When you think about the MLB post-season there are so many decisions based on the game strategy which makes it have the aspect of a game within a game. In what inning would you change the pitcher on the mount. Would you bunt on offense or walk the big hitter on defense?

If you like to watch the game in a different way, you won’t of course watch the free live football games, but the feel and flow of the game can be observed even without watching it due to restricted access at work, or in public places where it would not be appropriate to have a broadcast game on.

Makes it interesting  So come play with me and click here:

Pro Sports App





Looking for Free Live Football Games?

Are there any ways of getting free live football games through the internet?

Not many really. You can get games online through the NFL site but theay are not live. Anything else is really not legal and unreliable unless NBC or Yahoo for example has a free promotion. So where else can you go?

Sports Apps

Well, Apps can get you access to lots of games through DirecTV. If you have a friend who will let you borrow their login, you have the answer, otherwise you will just be following along in certain sports apps.

How about a different alternative here to be demoed for free live football games…


Let’s give you an alternative option that we will demo for you here that you can check out right with the link below if you’d like to see how this is demonstrated in live action.

Click Here to View the Video Demo Version of the App Itself!!

Be sure to some back here after viewing for since the company does not allow the video to be placed on a Independent affiliate’s site.


Additionally as an Affliliate for a limited time, if interested, click here

watch live nfl games online

How Can You Get This App For Live Game Play?

This Sports Football Gaming app is by invitation only. You may contact me personally through my “About My Site” Page Above.

Also it is not available until October.

This is a huge Launch! and will be much bigger based on shear volume of the masses who are interested in live app gaming in all sports. Watching games online or through apps will never be the same experience again.

To Receive a Player Invite Look To the Right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The the television networks not budging on their nfl packages, locking you into contracts for years and paying high fees after the first year.

So though its not actually broadcasting on a game app, as is the purpose of this app, its surely the next best thing.

Overview of Free Live Football/Sporst App

Free Live Football Games

Fantasy apps give some in game stats but not actual in game such as the ones shown above in demo mode.

This is not Fantasy sports but it does have some enhancements of elements of fantasy sports.

You can see that getting a kickoff return TD on a call can get you BIG Tokens and BIG bragging rights.

Your never out of the loop when it comes to live gameplay action. If you are an inspiring coach or a predictor the outcomes of the fundamentals of the game, this game app will enhance your experience in other sports as well:





Rugby and..

Cricket??? huh

Well maybe not, but it has a lot of fans in other countries internationally.

And much more you never knew you might have been interested in.

So come join us in playing. You may even see some people you know, if not before long you’ll be inviting people to play through facebook and other social sites.

So while we are all hoping for the day when the streaming or game apps will give us such coverage without belonging to a specific higher priced network or phone service, in the meantime, catch all the action you can with the United Sports App experience.

Please feel free to leave honest opinions of the App and Game Look.

Game On!