Fantasy Football Team Rankings: D/ST

In this article I am going to go over the less talked about portion of fantasy football team rankings: Defense and special teams. Check out my 2017 NFL Fantasy Football Rankings for more on Offensive player rankings info, and how to keep up to date

What I will do is, since the predictability of fantasy football in regard to defensive and special teams performance is very wayward, or unpredictable from year to year, with various stats of info, what I will do is this: 

Taking a point system to rank the defense according to pro bowl caliber, or potential upside/solid starters on defense and basing my defensive evaluations off of this point system to help people look at potential for really good and clear out the really poor looking defenses, ranking them 1-32. It does not include special teams, since there is no way to predict that, really. 

What I did, keeping in mind that there is also the nickleback position which is a big part of turnovers and potential touchdowns scored on defense, I include this position, along with the other starters.

All I did was take every pro bowl caliber player and apply a point. If I felt the players has upside to be or should be a pro bowl/solid starter, I gave .5 as a half point.

Here are the rankings of players based off of Yahoo Fantasy Sports Defender Rankings: Fantasy Football Team RakingsThese players are likely to create the most fantasy points on their own with sacks, interceptions, and so on. Even though Fantasy is not the same as being a “pro bowler, I take into consideration the top performing defensive players from my familiarity of playing in a defensive league that counts individual in addition to team defense, drafting. Ok, hope that makes sense, anyway, here the top potential defenses with all of the free agent and rookie movement included, of course. 

The highest point total a team can get is 12, but no team comes close to having that much Defensive fantasy weight. 

Fantasy Football Team Rankings

  1. REDSKINS 8.5
  3. CHEIFS 7.5
  4. VIKINGS 7
  5. PANTHERS 6.5
  6. EAGLES 6.5
  7. GIANTS 6.5
  8. FALCONS 6.5
  9. CARDINALS 6.5
  10. CHARGERS 6
  11. Jagaures 6
  12. Buccanners 6
  13. Titans 6
  14. Broncos 6
  15. 49ers 6
  16. Raiders 6
  17. Texans 5.5
  18. Rams 5.5
  19. Bills 5.5
  20. Dophins 5.5
  21. Patriots 5.5
  22. Jets 5.5
  23. Packers 5
  24. Lions 5
  25. Bears 5
  26. Cowboys 4.5
  27. Browns 4.5
  28. Saints 4
  29. Ravens 4
  30. Bengals 4
  31. Steelers 3.5
  32. Cots 3.5



NFL Draft: QB’s Rankings

Future Fantasy Quarterbacks come in many shapes and sizes, therefore lets get right into it with Videos too. Here’s the current rankings providing the most potential long term value to an NFL team.


NFL Draft Rankings: QB

  1. Mitch Trubisky

At 6-2 and 222 lbs, the QB has the size and attributes to have a good chance as any, and rightly being the potential #1 drafted QB this year. Here is Voch’s take on him:

Mitch is the Top QB, as said based on his overall decision making, accuracy, and ability to learn and grow likely in other NFL systems.

2. Patrick Mahomes II

Mahomes has a very strong arm to begin with. Been compared to Matt Stafford. He keeps plays alive and throws well outside the pocket even deep outside of the pocket.

Patrick is a Firery leader as he directs players, as you gotta love that. Also he steps up into his throws which you have to love also, and lastly great running with awareness, bring him into the top half based on that ability, of the first round.

3. DeShone Kizer

Kizer has a long wind up in his throwing motion of which coaches will try and get him out of. He has a strong arm and nice running ability, along with good pocket presence. Here he is getting evaluated:

I don’t honestly see why is as highly ranked as he is. He showed inaccurate throws, although he has a good touch on deep throws

4. DeShawn Watson

With Watson there is some striking football and athletic characteristics along with experience winning games that is valuable. He throws slant and wheel routes well, and has improved on deep route and footwork displayed at combine and pro days. However, nothing stands out to me.

He can of course improve, but there are too many inconsistencies on film to consider him a for sure 1st rounder in my opinion here.

5. Davis Webb

Here are my initial thoughts on Webb: He had a lot of quick spread plays, witch led to good red zone production for him. He was able to look at both sides of the field in making reads and he was a good play action and screen thrower.

This was a guy that initially I did not realize how big he is. He has a great size to play at the next level and if his decision making improves at the next level he could be one of those sleepers everyone wishes they would have drafted.

6. Brad Kayya

In this report on Kayya, out of the University of Miami, he did not stand out in the combine at all, but in his film he showed accurate intermediate to deep routes, scans the field for checkdowns, and has NFL caliber awareness as he resets for a balanced throw after a scramble, a trait some of the QB’s rated above him here lack.

This is all basically displayed here:

On the negative side with Brad, he has problems displayed with mechanics, as he throws off balance at times, and he cannot really run like the others can at all.

7. Trevor Knight

Trevor Knight has superior athletic ability compared to the others of this draft class for the QB position. It showed up all through the combine. He is a good runner speed at the position. Although he has wild passes, partly due to inexperience, he shows promise as a deep ball thrower and throws good slant routes, with ability to improvise and check down when needed.

Her is on display with all of those notes of mine.

Knight also shows some poise in the pocket, which I like as well for a mid to late round pick up at QB.

8. Josh Dobbs

Dobbs can easily get away from a rush, as he also shows good athletic ability, which is a big reason why I put him up this high compared to others. As seen in this film vs Auburn, inconsistencies are a weakness.

Dobbs is like by Peyton Manning, however, he needs to learn a lot form Peyton when it comes to making reads, as throwing better passes away from traffic, leading to interceptions and missed open receivers. He does posses a strong arm and good running skills as his 3-5 step drop release is good.

9. Nathan Peterman

This will be the the last QB sure to be drafted. Anyone else I am not so sure about, as Peterman showed no real outstanding skills that I notice, other than a strong arm.

As with so many other QB’s coming out of drafts you never know. What you can see is that the mistakes are kept to a minimum and the associated risks needed just need to be accurate to make it at the next level.




NCAA March Madness Live

If you are looking for a NCAA live prediction type application, this app will give you the feed you are looking for.

Its the FireFan App, and it gets you live in action while predicting other factors then just the outcomes and final score of the championship, like most other bracket predict apps. Not going to write a long post on this one simply because we will be moving on to more football matters overall,

Here’s the 


Join in and get started, once you get in, there are only a few things to basically know for download, safe to say its not asking for a lot of info like some other vain apps. Here’s the ARTICLE for download and play reference.

super bowl 51 download

Any Questions, just join the league and ask in the chat room, there are plenty of people on the social engagement as well, asking and answering any questions, feel free

RealTime Live Sports: Pre-Register for FireFan!

Fire Fan Sports Fans, fire up your engines for a real live sports experience.

Now that we are done with game 7 of the world series, staying up every night with no regrets for watching that classic, we are back to the real world for a moment. Too bad for the Indians and Chief Wahoo. The real world of Firefan! For Sports Enthusiasts only!FireFan

I will first recap, in case, you did not get a chance to read my previous post on this revolutionary and fun pro sports app.

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Too bad this was not out for us to enjoy for the MLB playoffs and world series, but I definitely bank on it for myself as I take much more of an interest in what has been my least favorite pastime compared with American football and basketball. Sports games where you interact are the solution to this problem for the fan who wants to be more involved, at least for social reasons.

You must love the challenge of being part of the growth of the farm system and going out there at least virtually to manage the game. Yes, if you were manager for the Indians the outcome would be different. Just a staggering type of thought right! And thats the beauty of this app in my opinion.

Once again if you have not seen the demo, check back to the prior post link above and watch the demo on that page and be sure to register, giving yourself a big advantage over your competition.

What do you think? What might you enjoy most about an in game, live sports app like FireFan? Or what would you prefer to have most in the app game?

See you there soon.

Fantasy Football PPR Sleepers for the Week: Week 5

If your looking for Fantasy Football PPR Sleepers for the week, this should help you as I have a weekly Post of which you will be able to compete in most daily fantasy leagues. Always check your league rules or setting for the actual scoring including PPR setup.

I had a lot of success in daily fantasy leagues in week 3 of the regular season, in part to my own lineup advice from this post for that week:

Free Fantasy Football Advice Post

So I will do my very best to duplicate those efforts at the bottom of this post for my lineup set for week 5 using the same format..

Which players this week might win you with if you want to win $2, $10, or even $100,000?

Well, theres no easy answer but here are some defnite ideas for rostering your salary cap team..

Maybe keep away from teams playing in hurricanes. Only the Miami Hurricanes could withstand the pressures of a storm of great magnitude. Lol.

Bell: RB Steelers:

As I have been saying in other posts and updates, one of the best and even safest players this week as well as others it Levon Bell. He split out wide last week so therefore, he cannot be stopped, since those big tackles in the middle can’t always account for him stepping out of the backfield, so for starting with a high priced player this one is worth it.

Derek Anderson: Panthers QB

Yes, I am using a backup QB this week in some leagues. Since Cameron Newton is out for the thu. night matchup, I have a good feeling this will at least be an interesting one. Some people/experts say Anderson is not one of the best pickups of the week, that there are better ones such as Carson Wetz, or Brian Hoyer. I believe Anderson has a good chance proven not only with his performance except for an interception at the end but also because Carolina does not have another reliable runner besides Cam.

Of course this is all assuming Cam will not play. If he does i have another decent value pick and that is:

Drew Stant0n: Stanton is another one that can provide you great value, instead of spending

So here goes the lineup: Week 5

QB: Anderson or Stanton

RB: Le’Veon Bell

RB: Melvin Gordon

WR: Brandon Marshall

WR: Emanual Sanders

WR: Jarvis Landry

TE: Zack Miller

K: J. Brown

D/ST: Vikings

FLEX: Amari Cooper or Theo Riddick or Jordan Howard

A little explanation here:

The vikings are obvious: how could you pass on the best defense for a good price and against a struggling Texans defense.

Zack Miller is not a bad pick along with Brian Hoyer if you even want to switch off to this duo.

Amari Cooper may be a question here for some, but I believe it depends on the actual reliability of M. Crabtree sustaining the success he’s had thus far. While I do believe Crabtree should get more credit, they will make an effort to get back to Cooper this week against a good matchup, they need to up his confidence.

Also Howard is a good flex volume player along with Landry and Sanders, no matter who the QB is, if you need a lottery sleeper. If you don’t feel comfortable with Sanders in that situation, you could go with Terrel Pryor I suppose for pure volume as long as he can withstand the Pats defense.

Marshall I believe will get easy targets against those smaller CB’s for the Steelers. Gordon is getting to be very consistent week to week.



Daily Fantasy Football Tips, Picks, and Strategy

In order to give today’s best of daily fantasy football tips, picks, and strategy, let’s first focus on the Strategy and go from there.

Let’s go ahead and eliminate a few teams from actual fantasy gameplay this week:

Lions, Rams, Browns, Broncos, and Raiders.


Well, even though Marvin Jones may have brought you a great win last week, along with Stafford, Latavius Murray, and/or Emanuel Sanders, Demarius Thomas, and maybe even Terell Pryor, the multi position athlete, these teams all have a major disadvantage:

2nd week in a row on the road. They are getting tired. Don’t expect these players to be as good as they were last week as a word of caution unless their price is right in daily fantasy or they are your reliable starters at this point of a season long league.

There are much better options for DFS, so lets get to the tips part here:

Continuing the process of elimination:

Why go for those teams that are likely to struggle against teams with towering defesnes?

Such as the Vikings, Cheifs, Patriots, Cardinals, Panthers, and Broncos right?

These teams also are scoring well defenively as another tip..

This is where it get HOT because I don’t believe most fantasy guru experts give this kind of advice. They would rather keep it to themselves and tell you to a few guys that they believe you can sit or start instead of giving you the full picture of how to pick multiple players out of a pool of ready, reliable, and great matchup players for the week.

Any number of players from these teams could turn out well for you this week.

Keep in mind these key Player/Team situations:

Bills @ Pats:

If you take anyone in this game, please make sure it is a running back that can dominate the game. Those should be obvious choices. The defenses will overtake this game and the passing game should not be let loose especially considering the QB situation in New England.


Next, consider the redskins who go up against the browns in a favorable matchup. Cleveland got torched by the slot receiver, Jarvis Landy, and Devonte Parker had a TD. Will the same happen in Cincy? not likely. This is a bit better defense. Let’s get Deshawn Jackson some credit for being a consistent deep threat who seems ready and healthy enough to go this week along with J. Crowder who is the slot guy there for mismatches.

Lastly 2 teams that have had their struggles in the Saints and Chargers. The Saints defense everyone agrees is bad and should allow the Bolts to find their rhythm but the Chargers defense is underrated even with the loss of Mante Toi, their LB, the New draft pick from Ohio State may start to make an impact. Look for the Chargers to duplicate similar results as the falcons did Monday night.

Lastly the Ravens should continue the overall success they have been having except for their running game:



Free Fantasy Football Player Projections


Everyone likes free, so here it is before the start of the season. Free fantasy football projections organized in tiers of position:

Lets put you in fantasy football player projections school for today. Here’s who you’ll learn about today for your leagues of choice.


Elite QB’s: These QB’s should score more than 375 pts in standard scoring leagues this year.



Dew Brees

Tom Brady (after suspension) and pro-rated when paired with a replacement such as Kirk Cousins or Derek Carr

Phillip Rivers

Cam Newton2016 Fantasy Football Projections

Aaron Rodgers

Andrew Luck

Only these quarterbacks should reach that elite mark, with Russell Wilson and Carson Palmer also of good use in fantasy scoring.


These RB’s should reach 200 Points + this year in Standard Leagues


Jamaal Charles

Adrian Peterson

The Wealthy Fantasy Football Logo
The Wealthy Fantasy Football Logo

Lamar Miller

Todd Gurley

David Johnson

Le’Veon Bell (Should be able to make up the 200 points with only DeAngelo Williams picking up the slack so great deal here in drafts)

There are plenty of RB’s who have enough potential to move up into this list but a team games dictates how well they will do and unfortunately, injury takes its toll.


These WR’s should reach Elite 190+ Point Status for the coming year


Julio Jones

Antonio Brown

Odell Beckham Jr.

Fantasy Football Projections
Fantasy Football Projections

DeAndre Hopkins

Dez Bryant

AJ Green

The riskiest player here in my eyes at this time is Bryant. Who else could have a chance to move up into this list? There is a very real change for Alshon Jeffrey and Jordy Nelson here.


And Lastly, these TE’s should score 130+ Points:


Rob Gronkowski

Jordan Reed

Greg Olsen


I don’t want to leave out Travis Kelce here, if he can just get more consistent throughout the year. Many of his points were in the first few games last year.


When projecting these players many of them are going to have a chance to really make an impact because of the quality of talent and skill around them. Ezekiel Elliott is a real threat to be worthy of a first round fantasy pick. There is risk with a rookie always living up to potential but the upside is great with him and this Dallas offensive line, which is the best in the league.


This is really all part of the fun of fantasy sports for beginners and long seasoned veterans. Play with free player projections or play at your own risk. Its up to you. Compare these to sources for Daily action during the season without the season long grind of commitment.

Get started with Fanduel here if wanting to get 5 free contests starting with the season:

If you want Lower fees and larger payout percentages, look to for more dedicated players looking to make you successful. Just watch the video the right to see the advantages.

10 Team Fantasy Football Strategy: Good/Great Players by Team


When considering Good/Great 10 team fantasy football strategies, there a lot of players to choose from using every position and every team.

So, to narrow down for you your top players list in a 10 team league, consider the teams here and what players they are sure to count on in 2016:

This should help your 10 team fantasy draft board.



Miami: 1. A. Foster  2. J. Cameron 3. J. Landry 4. D. Parker

this list does not even mention J. Ajahi the backup running back. Worth mentioning even in a 10 team league


Colts: 1. A. Luck 2. TY Hilton 3. F. Gore 4. D. Moncreif 5. D. Allen

A lot of mouths to feed, leading to a disadvantage unless one of these guys get hurt, again, but P. Dorsett is ready to step up.


Titans: 1. D. Murray 2. D. Henry 3. M. Mariotta

This team is geared for a run oriented attack.


Browns: 1. C. Coleman 2. D. Johnson 3. G. Barnidge

The threat of J. Gordon here is real. Keep updated on him


Jaguars: 1. A. Robinson 2. C. Ivory 3. TJ Yeldon

Should be fairly high powered, so we’ll see if B. Bortles can pass to A. Hurns as well


Texans: 1. D. Hopkins 2. L. Miller 3.

No one else is really worth mentioning here at this time.


Steelers: 1. A. Brown 2. L. Bell 3. Rothlisberger

No one else here until M. Bryant comes back.


Ravens: 1. J. Forsett 2. M. Wallace 3. S. Smith

Only these guys can pull their weight as starters at this time


Bengals: 1. AJ Green 2. J. Hill 3. G. Bernard

We’ll have to wait and see who else emerges from the TE, WR bunch at this time


Raiders: 1. A. Cooper 2. L. Murray 3. M. Crabtree

D. Carr should also continue to progress to be one of the better ones.


Chiefs: 1. J. Charles 2. J. Macklin 3. T. Kelce

These are the relevant big 3 here


Chargers: 1. D. Allen 2. P. Rivers 3. D. Woodhead 4. T. Benjamin

Forgot to mention Mr. Gates.


Bills: 1. L. McCoy 2. S. Watkins 3. K. Williams

Not ready to mention anyone else here:


Jets: 1. B. Marshall 2. M. Forte E. Decker

Fitzpatrick will help these boys out.


Patriots: 1. R. Gronkowski 2. J. Eddleman 3. T. Brady 4. D. Lewis

Definitely would not touch anyone else


Broncos: 1. D. Thomas 2. E. Sanders 3. CJ Anderson

Thinking of R. Hillman? He may be falling off




49ers: 1. C Hyde 2. T. Smith

I would simply wait here for WRs to emerge or take B. Ellington


Seahawks: 1. R. Wilson 2. J. Graham 3. D. Baldwin

There are others to look out for on this roster and Wilson is a lock as starter


Bears: 1. A. Jeffrey 2. J. Langford 3. K. White

Maybe this offense can pick it up if healthy


Packers: 1. J. Nelson 2. A. Rodgers 3. E. Lacey 4. R. Cobb

It seems like whoever is a starter on this offense will put up numbers


Lions: 1. G. Tate 2. A. Abdullah 3. M. Jones

Stafford is here to consider but needing consistent options now.


Vikings: 1. A. Peterson 2. T. Bridgewater 3. #1 Receiver

The Vikes don’t have a clear #1 yet.


Saints: 1. B. Cooks 2. Brees 3. M. Ingram

The big 3 here is real. Who will be the fourth? Could come from RB, WR, or TE


Giants: 1. O. Beckham 2. R. Jennings 3. E. Manning

Thinking late round flyers on other guys here.


Redskins: 1. J. Reed 2. D. Jackson 3. M. Jones

K. Cousin seems ready.


Eagles: 1. J. Matthews 2. R. Matthews 3. Z. Ertz

Its time for both Matthews to step up consistently.


Cowboys: 1. D. Bryant 2. E. Elliot 3. T. Romo

The backup RBs’ seem pretty good


Falcons: 1. J. Jones 2. D. Freeman 3. M. Sanu

It may surprise to see Sanu be effective as the third guy here now but offensive line is really good too


Rams: 1. T. Gurley 2. T. Austin 3.??

Third guy step up needed here.


Cardinals: 1. D. Johnson 2. C. Palmer 3. M. Floyd

Hesitant here to say who is the fourth guy but someone will be.


Buccaneers: 1. M. Evans 2. D. Martin 3. AS Jenkins

Let’s see if the 2nd yr QB can progress further along


Panthers: 1. K. Benjamin 2. C. Newton 3. G. Olsen

Very weak link in the RB’s here.


I hope This 10 Team Fantasy Football Strategy for 2016 will be a good help towards a draft order strategy whether you want to come up with your own Overall Draft position list for your own draft or just follow the Average Draft Position Guides found on Google according to your format of draft, or you can use the overall position placing found in the menu heading above.









United Games Review: A Marketing a Strategy that Works?

To kick things off, I am going to give you an in-depth review of what this United Games is, and what it is not.. the affiliate program is not available at this time.

I will start off by saying 2 words here: pokemon go and just let that settle in for a moment. It is the number one app in the world right now. Go ahead and google it. I will get back to this significance later.

First off,

What United Games is not


  1. It is not Fantasy Football

    While it may enhance gameplay using some aspects of the fantasy game, that may be the only thing it has in common with it, according the co-owner, Natalyn Lewis. There is no gambling involved in the product, nor is there any individual performances that make or break a season or other specified period of play such as in daily fantasy sports.


2. It is not Real MLM or Networking

While the compensation plan does have multiple tiers of players you can get paid on, this cannot possibly be an MLM without recruiting. Here’s why that is: The company is taking away the affiliate growth base as of some future unspecified time. So at some time in the near future, affiliates will not be able to recruit. Period. There is no reason to continue to recruit individuals who explode the market with overflow of affiliates who over recruit to massive proportions. This is not what the company’s marketing department is looking for.

 It is not just a regular sports app

It is a live interactive one of a kind type experience that if you like fantasy or other sports, gaming, or other challenges with friends or other persons online, this may be a game for you. Its not another in game score and stat update. Its a real time in game app that takes 2 of the highest rising experiences in any world. World wide sports and apps.


What United Games is:

  1. A coming worldwide experience for most of all major sports.


    Think about it: What is the #1 world sport played? Football. But not American football. No something really much bigger. How about 400 million fans compared to 6 billion fans worldwide. That’s very credible to the game of soccer.


2. A Business Development Multiplier


It is a definite way, the way the comp. plan is set up to multiply your efforts naturally. By massive amounts of people sharing the app IF it takes off they way it is expected once it reaches base mainstream user base. In consideration of the phenomenon of the pokemon app, it is not expected to slow down at any point in the future. Also take a general look at E-commerce. Every year Amazon and Ebay has dramatically increased in user base along with the internet, and so basically the same is happening right now in the app world. 


The basic Marketing Strategy is this: Instead of spending hose hundreds of thousands, if not millions in ads run all over the internet, tv, and print, like pokemon, and more comparably, to spread the word, FanDuel, and DraftKings, this business eliminates those costs upfront before launch as they go into the affiliate marketing world.


Will this affiliate approach work? It has not been proven to work yet in this niche.


Affiliate marketing teams are set to make this work into their business plans and are implementing strategies that are proven to work, while at the same time adjusting to this unique type of approach to the exploding app world. They have already managed to pull together capture pages, auto-responders, conference calls, youtube videos, and so forth. But if you prefer to promote your app through off-line means there are options for you as well. The picture below does not give any exact representation of what the app looks like, nor the features that may be available other than it will be available on both android and apple.


Free Online Fantasy Games



If any questions please feel free to respond below.