Opening Day Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice 3/28/19

Its hard to believe its time for March 28th 2018 and that I am actually looking at baseball projections again now for 2019!

If I was a person giving you personal advice face to face, you would not know who I am, and whether to take my advice or not. Since you may be searching for opening day daily fantasy baseball advice for today, you may even take my advice based on my 2 years experience working with projection models, advisors, and coaching for the mlb fantasy game, tweaking and making it better every day that I play.

I will keep this opening day advice very simple and to the point.

What I have learned is that its very tough to learn on the fly and have success and be consistent at it, much like it would take to be an actual big league ball player. So I’ll give you the most important and simple stats you can take a hold of and run with so that you could possibly win some large field low cost entry tournaments on fanduel or draftkings. The daily game or dfs is a fun way to have a daily vested interest with upside for the present to the future.

I will start of here with my pool and explain why its not very large at this point, around 39 hours prior to openings pitches in North America.

daily fantasy baseball advice 3/28/19

As you examine my pool of players for tournaments for a moment, you may first notice that its not long. There are 6 players to get a 9 man roster including a pitcher on my fanduel slate, since that’s what we are currently optimizing for.

You may also notice there are 3 Rockies in my potential lineup and 3 one off’s as we say in dfs from STL, NYY, and SF.

Here is my video breakdown for the slate on fanduel as well.

Unless you are very new to dfs, you will have heard about stacking. With the expected outcome of a team helping each other to score points, with runs batted in for baseball we ideally would like a 3 or even a 4 man stack in the heart of a good batting order vs. a weak pitcher.

What I did here was pick on the weakest pitchers the slate has to offer. I then decifered what was the pitcher’s weakest handedness to pick in whether that be lefty, right, switch, or a combination of 2 out of 3.

Then in sort of a dream scenario for Thurseday we have these players to attack those pitchers as far as OPS or Ability to both get on base and hit for power combined.

You can notice then that all of these players are at least a positive +19% increase in that particular sabermetric. This stat alone increases the batters chances dramatically to get on base and/or hit a home run or two.

I really hope this helps for a stress free and fun opening day for you.


How to Get Ready for the MLB season start for fantasy 2019

This is in theory a season long fantasy football blog. However, during the off-season I believe it very exciting and profitable to take serious dives into the mlb season start so that you can pick great fantasy players for your fantasy baseball team, whether season long or daily type of leagues.

So if you have not been doing a whole lot to prepare for the 2019 season opener, even if you have not followed baseball closely in past years, I believe I can get you ready (with some help) for the mlb opening day 2019 schedule soon to start on 3/28/19.

With so many high profile players getting large contracts during spring training, a lot of these proven players are ready to play ball and not worry about the money right? I will highlight these peak players as we move along this article.

Here are the most important things we need to cover as an overview and then we will go into each with more depth.

A career statistical analysis, a daily matchup analysis, and recent season success or lack there of. Lastly, we’ll show you how to easily dive into pheripherials for any player.

Career statistical analysis

Any major league baseball player has big league data that is sometimes easy to read into because of such a large sample size, unlike football. Unless the player is a rookie, all of this is very relevant data, especially in season long formats. As there probably are some of those new to the fantasy baseball field in general, you can always got to and start getting familiar with the stats you can view there and sort how you would like. I would recommend looking at the sortable fields there and sorting by active players, then arranging according to OBP + SLG, which is the last column to the right, so you can get a feel for the most productive players in the league. Then click on the player name.

mlb season start 2019Here we can compare the season stats with our next category of interest, the past season.

Recent season analysis

Obviously for any fantasy baseball player the prior season stats is something to compare and learn about. Look for drops and rises, and try to gather reasons why as you have time to research during the season. Taking notes on your findings may help you throughout the year.

Here is the highest paid player on the year, with no one likely to pass him any time soon.

mlb season start 2019Daily matchup analysis

For a daily analysis of the match ups for every single day in the mlb season, visit basic training. This provides access to coaches in fantasy baseball as well as other sports, a complete research station, daily articles, a domination station (optimizer), as well as bankroll management (dfs or daily fantasy sports) which also helps with free daily leagues, and new and improved stats not shown anywhere else among those in the industry, which can provide a valuable edge when using along with our coaching.

Fanduel and Draftkings Baseball Advice

I will of course, provide daily picks and advice starting 3/28/19 on my menu page on the top of the page, Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks, Advice for Today

Peripheral for MLB season start

When you examine more of the outliers for fantasy baseball, there are more stats available in various places then any other sport. I could not possibly provide a breakdown of every stat and what they mean in this article. However to prepare you for mlb season start for 2019 begin to learn more about these stats every day, and you will not only become better daily but enjoy the rewarding work.


Fanduel Cash Game Lineups Today for Studs on 2/27/19

Have you heard different ways of finding studs in stead of duds in daily fantasy basketball? Well if not, you have come to the right blog today!

In Today’s Post I would like to first highlight what fanduel cash game lineups are in the DFS sports world, particularly in NBA, relating to today, 2/27/19 as an example to use for safe cash game plays today.

This will give you valuable data to use in your own cash or hybrid cash games for your NBA lineups on fanduel, draftkings, or fantasydraft. These are all places you can find daily nba contests, in which you can win cash, based on the payout structure of the contest.

What is a Cash/Hybrid Contest?

There are slight differences between these 2 as cash is a 50% or close to, which could be around 45 payouts % for a double up. This is how the contest site makes their margins, by keeping around 20% of the contest fees. Cash would also include head to heads, where you play against only 1 player, making only 1 winner out of 2 contestants.

Hybrids give more cash to the top of the payout structure. These type of contest are more top heavy as they can give winnings in positive cash flow to the top 1/3 of winners or 1/5 of winners in multipliers, or some similar payout percentage of the contest.

You can find similar explanation breakdowns on at NBA daily fantasy advice: Getting your bankroll right for the duration of your lifetime deposits and earning.

Tournament Winnings

Tournament winnings consist of large percentages of very top heavy up to 5 figures Cash of upside on many large entry sized contests. In order to place anywhere near the 10,000’s in positive cash flow you would have to be at or near the top 10% of all contestants. First to 10th place is usually very top heavy overall and are featured as the largest payout structure.  In order to 10X your money for example with $1, you would have to finish above the top %1 as you can do the math, as shown below, once you get inside you can view all of these contests on  fanduel.

Join Fanduel and Make a Deposit to Get Double Your Money that you deposit as a promo Here. That’s a Free $10 Just for entering a free contest!

Fanduel Cash Game Lineups 2/27/19
The Fanduel Contest screen from the lobby section.

How you can easily Track your lifetime balances.

My own personal suggestion would be to use a basic notepad as thick as you can find if you plan to commit to learning how to be profitable on DFS or daily fantasy sports, Starting with your top header balance, then on every line, daily you have your date, type of sport entered, your cash spent, and cash made on the left. ON the far right hand side of the paper, every day you calculate your balance. You can make 2 balances on the right, as you may have an actual and a lifetime balance. This way when you make more deposits and/or withdraw cash, you will still have your actual balance on your site you are playing handy. You should also have room on every line of the notepad to make some notes as to what you did differently in your process from the days before. Seeing how it works to improve your investment or game.

Can You Really Win a Large Tournament or are the chances of winning like winning the Lottery?

I would say the chances of winning depend much more on skill than luck would ever have. This is based upon upside combined with downside of cash and hybrid games, insuring no loss on your part.

NBA DFS Video Tutorial using DFSArmy

Next, in my video I will explain how I come up with NBA Cash and Tournaments with the best results that I have mastered so far.

Here is a summary of the players we found so far to be cash worthy.

Cash Game Plays Today for 2/27/19 NBA DFS Help
Click on the Spreadsheet to get one for yourself today

I would say good luck, but luck has nothing to do with it. Any comments?

What is Chalk in DFS and How To Identify for Separation?

Chalk in DFS is the pool of players in your salary cap daily fantasy game that are highly owned. On a 10-15 game slate this should be anywhere from %25-95 such as on Fanduel.

This “Chalk is no so desirable in tournament games or contests that pay out over X5 your investment or games that pay out only around %10-15 of the contestants.

Chalk, however is desirable if you are taking into consideration the highest performing players depending on the sport. I will illustrate a perfect example of identifying chalk in an MLB contest, which has high variance compared to other sports,

High variance = less consistent players.

I will help to identify the most consistent pitchers in my article Fantasy baseball sleepers for rest of 2018 season here where I will get into on larger slates, except for sunday, as I have started to take that day off for football or other activities.

So what do most good DFS players do in MLB DFS to counteract the high variance? They look for Low variance Pitchers because that is the only low variance position on the baseball field. Next they look at players that have high OPS, Woba, and ISO to get Hot hitters to fill out their rosters.

In order to get hot players in Cash games or %50/50 along with head to head, they gain a high percentage of wins in these contests. I was surprised to learn that some professional DFS players win up to around %70 of their contests.

Here is a contest from the main saturday showing the owner percentage of each player I chose using the identifying marks described above to get these higher ownership players

What is Chalk in DFS

What is Chalk in DFS

Here is a video that shows it overall a bit better along with the process.

As you can also see, I separated myself with the winning advantage with 2 key differentiation players including my pitcher Fulty and my Util. spot, with Lucas Duda. Thats all you really need to win these type of higher cash investments.

As a fantasy player now for years, I have learned from experiences. Bank roll and strategy are essential to every sport. Don’t lose any more, visit DFSArmy for more instruction, coaching, along with the latest technology in analytics using the state of the art Domination Station today. Don’t hold back from a small investment in your game, earning an easy %20 on your returns instead of re-depositing monthly from your paycheck of hard earned money. Make it fun and safe!

Best Daily Fantasy Baseball Sleepers for Rest of 2018

In creating a valuable list of fantasy baseball sleepers for 2018, we will not be getting into season long leagues. It seems that at this point in the season it would be difficult to make a difference in these leagues.

We will focus on the daily game, and some possible guys to use in a daily tournament contest, or possibly a head to head contest. I invite you to one of these contests hosted by myself by clicking on one of the blue highlighted links, to change daily this week.

To build out this article I will have to add one daily prospect for a sleeper that I have discovered while playing on one of the sites such as Fanduel or DraftKings. So the order will come in which I find them daily over the rest of this week. Got it?


Best Daily Fantasy Baseball Sleepers
For Best Daily Fantasy Baseball Sleepers Updated Daily for Main DFS Slates

If you have a chance to notice, if you stay on the site here and do enough research you will find these are best recommended in terms of probably 3  most important MLB DFS Stats, being the most advanced.

Those would be Woba, WISO, and WOPS. These are weighted or adjusted numbers in terms of batting percentages vs. the opposing pitcher that take the matchup into account. You can google these baseball terms to learn more.

Remember, look at the matchups, stats, and Vegas lines, and most importantly, have fun as you make your lineups, and get the players you want..

Here is the Tournament Stack for Fri. 8/10/18:

This is for specifically the Main Daily Slate on Fanduel: 

Tier 1:

Tier 2:



How To Find the Best Daily Fantasy Baseball Matchups for 2018

If you are looking for some of the best post all-star and best daily fantasy baseball matchups for the 2nd half of the 2018 season, this article will NOT focus on a common misconception.

What is the most common misconception for finding the best matchups? 

Using the best optimizer or projections from certain sites or tools.

Where to focus your Time?

Instead of focusing on some of the really great tools for finding the best matchups in this daily sport, or some consider, a profitable business, you will need to focus on the PROCESS of evaluation, rather than trusting in the right magic tool or projection system, along with and optimizer.

In order to maximize your winning percentage, let’s say on a smaller slate, of just one head to head lineup where you are only playing against 1 other player you would be best to research all of the following information.

When you have the tools such as above, you save yourself a TON of time in research. This way you can spend your time perfecting your own process for making relevant fantasy sports decisions, being well informed.

Since a lot of the data is more stabelized, it makes it easier to go according to the numbers, however, the sharks, or what the professional fantasy players are known as, can take advantage of many newbies or inexperienced people in contests this way as well. Therefore one needs all he or she can get when it comes to analytics and any edge they may obtain.

To get more on the tools, including the Domination Station, which allows you to adjust and set multiple lineups on a more advanced level take a look at my Best Fantasy Football Tools for 2018 Post.

This video basically breaks down how elaborate the tools and projections breakdown systems can be as you can find more like it on

While I am not as experienced in fantasy baseball as in fantasy football, (that’s why this site has been focused on football), I will be working on perfecting my own process for 2018.

Best Daily Fantasy Baseball Matchups 2018

Instead of relying on 2017 methods used, as I have talked about in previous article, so I have decided to do more testing myself before sharing any one specific method, but promising however in a future article after the season restarts just the all-star break, since I have used different methods in the past, but as part of the learning process the, interestingly the things that worked last year for success has not carried over well this year, therefore not sharing them here, at least not in this article.

What I will Show on my Next Fantasy Football Post

In my next article I will get more specifically into fantasy football draft results, which is a very large topic, however, you can see my specific results of how I draft on a Yahoo paid fantasy league later this week.

Best MLB DFS Projection Algorithm for Friday 6/29/18

If your looking for a  large slate of fantasy sports opportunity to win money and do it consistently, the total algorithm system highlighted here today is draftdashboard.

I will give you a feel for the main 14 game slate, which opens up a lot of possibilities in fantasy baseball today.

I will give you some of the best matchups for the day in fantasy baseball.

I will give you some BvP or Batter vs. Pitcher numbers first, just for fun.

Infield DFS Plays

Edwin Encarnacion (Cleve): 1/2, 1HR vs. Blackburn (A’s)

Paul Goldschmidt (Ari) 1/2, 1 HR vs Suarez (SF)

Whit Merriield (KC) 1/3, 1 HR vs Gonzalez (Sea)

Daniel Murphy (Wash) 4/6 0 HR vs Pivetta (Phi)

Jose Abreu (Chi) 4/10, 1 HR vs Gallardo (Tex)

Outfield DFS Plays



How To Get Ready the Morning of or Day before for a Large Slate of MLB?

Here’s what you can do. Take a look at the matchups including depth charts for the following slate. You can use the drafdashboard as shown in the picture. This will have all of the upcoming matchups for all teams.

Best MLB DFS Projection Algorithm for 6/29/18

As you can see, the Cardinals matchup vs. the Braves info is not up yet. However you can get that info over on

However the next morning, all of this info and more will be up on draftdashboard, including the depth charts along with starting picking, and vegas odds. The huge advantage to this depth charts feature is that you can go ahead and watch the players who would be to your advantage to consider for your lineups. This info is stored in your dashboard, even if your logged out, so you can quickly change your starting lineup on the fly, as long as you have enough players per position researched and watched on your dashboard. Shown below:

MLB algorithm dfs 6/29

Notice I am currently watching the projected 1,2,3 hole players for today.

For more info on strategies for DFS MLB see my most recent post:

5 Ways to Profit from MLB DFS