Marlins Roster: STAT Cast Batting Order Breakdown

  1.  J. Villar

Good on base stealer

2. Miguel Rojas only 5 hr in 500 AB’s

3. Brian Anderson 20-30 HR, and gets doubles

4. Jesus Aguilar

fresh start bounce back possible.

5. Corey Dickerson

hit over .300 as only guy. 40 extra base hits highest SLG as well value play

6. Jorge Alfaro

18 HR but not very good slugging

7. Lewis Brinson

Gpp play one of best springs hit .173 last year. In minors hit 106 HR.

8. Matt Joyce experiences on base value

9. Garrett Cooper

batted .281

Harold Ramirez

decent numbers overall nothing outstanding

P1: S. Alcantara

all-star: 2 shutouts lots of innings pitched but led in losses. Low price

P2: Caleb Smith aka Dr. K. 10 wins. ERA 4.52.

P3: Pablo Lopez: avg SO numbers. Did not give up too many homers but can attach

P4: Jose Urena: not much innings. Nice spring off speed pitcher no fast ball recovered from serious injury

Brewers Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

1. L. Cain

Good hard contact but no ISO low Bapip last year but usually a Elite BA guy

2. C. Yelich

Top 1% in most batting cats can also steal. Amazing even the HR/FB rate was a bit low.

3. K. Hiura

50% hard contact. Top 8% in most stat casts. Impressive rookie with slug, exit Velo and top off speed hitter with .600 slug

4. J. Garcia R

Decent power and OPS improved as base stealer last year with 10. Consistently hitting 40% hard contact with a top 13 max exit Velo

5. J. Smoak S

consistent ISO career 190. Excels At BBs. Xwoba good

6. Ryan Braun

Consistent hitter that can still get you something in DFS for a good price.

7. E. Sogard

had a couple really good OBP yrs

8. O. Navarez

Nice upside but not much to back it up really.

Bench:  O. Arica, M. Pena, B. Holt, Jed Gyorko, Ben Gamel.

P1: Brandon Woodruff

Over 10 K/9, 5.5 IP per game. Nice pitch mix and 94th Percentile Velocity.

Rest of starting pitchers you can attack.

Don’t attack the BP ever.

Cincinatti Reds Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

The reds have not experienced the playoffs since they lost to the Pirates in the wild card round of 2013. New Manager David Bell, experienced having a better lineups last year improving their wins to 75 as the previous 3 years they only won 67 or 68 games, so their young home grown talent is developing into skills and bringing over a Free agent such as Mike Moustakas, bring a more playoff oriented approach to the leadership of team, even though this team had poor patience at the plate last season.

  1. Nick Senzel R – Took 95 ABs as a lefty overall what he did though was interesting is that As a lefty he had impressive stats with up to .900 OPS and slugged .526! Expect him to be an every day player moving foward.

14 Stolen Bases 6 of which was vs. Lefty…, #2 pick in 16′ The main thing he projects for is speed but he also had upside with power especially in the minors. Has not showed a whole lot of that yet in the Majors.

2. Joey Votto

Votto had a down year, at 37, he’ll be 37 by the time the season ends. He did maintain himself vs. Righties still bringing in a .361 OBP. His plate discipline is holding up as no changes there, but his power seems lost backed up simply by the drop in homers the last 2 years

3. Eugenio Suarez R

2nd in majors in HR’s last year while not providing steal upside

4 .Mike Moustaskas  L only 31 yrs old

Providing championship mentality, Mouse provides very consistent batting numbers. ISO always over .200 but no SB upside. Career yr in homers at 35

5. Nick Castellanos

Led league in doubles I believe last year. His X numbers have been very good the last few years, Does not provide steals. Consistently provides well struck balls and a very good Cash play option. SLG always should be well over .500 and BA around .290.

6. Arisides Aquino R

This is what I love about looking into these guys into their advanced numbers, minor league numbers if needed, and film. Tied MLB record with 7 or 8 homers in first 10g. His minor league numbers show nice power and speed potential, So even though his SO’s caught up with him shortly after the 10 games, he’s a high upside multi-RBI Hr hitter who also should provide steals in addition especially if he can get on base more and get better as He’s been around a bit a 25 yrs old. late bloomer.

7. Freddy Galvis  S

Galvis is too inconsistent and streaky even though he had career in HR’s but his Woba is almost worst in the league. not much in steals.

  1. Jesse Winker  L

Winker is only good vs. righties so far. He can move up in order at #2 but with these new arrivals that won’t be much. no steal upside Hits ball hard vs. fast ball. SLG is well over .500 but only vs. Righties for the platoon, BA overall is about .280 showing maturity at the plate. 3 yrs.

9. Tucker Barnhart R

Barnhart sparingly shows power getting 11 HR’s in part time role. Splits time with Casali who is same age, serving as defensive stoppers, but both are bad in overall batting stats.

Interesting bench with IF: Kyle Farmer

VanMeter: in 228 AB’s hit 8 HR, with .735 OPS, and Scott Schebler, who had a 30 HR season in 17′, but low BA, perpaps why he’s benched, and finally Phillip Ervin who is a speed demon.

Overall in hitting they were bottom 10 in league in all batting cats such as BA, SLG and OBP, however 14th in HR’s, so those numbers will go up.

SP1:Luis Castillo R 6 IPG

Castillo is elite at not allowing SLG nor exit velocity. He can allow balls up in the air either with GB rate of 55%. 1.22 HR/9 which he has improved on thru the few yrs of play. High SO upside used him a lot GPP. relies on 4 pitches, FB, slider, sinker, changeup. CU is his best pitch maxes out usually about 96mph.

SP2 Sonny Gray R 5.5 innings

10.5 k/9 compared to 8.5 prior 2 yrs. 53% GB P which is very high for his career. And well under 1 HR/9 at just .87. Best pitches are slider and curve. Gets down in the lower 80’s with those but can throw the 4 Seam at 94mph. His breaking ball can lock guys up including lefties so he has a really nice hook on those pitches.

Trevor Bauer R goes over 6 innings on a normal basis. 10-11 k/9.

1.06 HR/9 allowed. His best quality if the fastball with a high spin rate on it. However thats the pitch he gets blown up on the most. He took to many risks so if he stays with and develops his changeup or re-develops his changeup back to where it was in 18′, he can move forward again instead of backward or the same as 19′ His slider is really good as well but not used enough, only 18% of time. Too many 4 seamers.

4. Miley L

Keeps the ball down, as he give you maybe 5 innings making it difficult to get a quality start or win. Dont’ see him doing better with the Reds. 1.2-4 HR/9 allowed.

5. Anthony Deschfani

Most effective P is the Curve showing a lot of improvement over last yr, however this is the #1 starting pitcher we can attack, as he allows 1.5 HR/9 and his 4 seamer and sinker up to 95mph. They are expecting him to improve their 5 man rotation as he has 4 different pitches he uses.


Closer Raisel returns as closer hitting on 34 saves last yr.

Also Michael Lorenzen the top setup man can play all OF positions, so great althlete there.

Overall pitching: 8th in ERA, 7th in saves, and 4th in opponents BA.

Ranked 12 in fielding, 22 in double plays.



Colorado Rockies Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

  1. David Dahl

Dosen’t do anything spectacular as he’s been a good prospect for some years battling injuries in his first full season and part of the previous season he’s put up very good ISO numbers, backed by Coors field.

2. Charlie Blackmon

Improved his Hard contact last yr along with everyone else in the league as he’s right on par with his career production I would’t expect him to slow down yet, showing nice barrel power.

3. Nolan Aernado

Great homerun distance last year as He always performs better in Woba then in xWOBA. I don’t expect any changes with this flyball productive hitter.

4. Trevor Story

All his batting numbers stayed with the previous season’s performance along with speed added to the real power of exit velocity of 91 mph and nice distance staying at high ISO.

5. Ryan McMahon

Focusing on K% for young guys, his is high however, his hard contact and exit velocity make him look elite at his 200 ISO. Not sure if he’ll be worthy yet of his spot in the order.

6. Ian Desmond

Showing to be a ground ball hitter he has maintained his 20 HR seasons through a lot of streakiness. This entails a High or low enough BAPIP to be able to take advantage at times of the Velo, and hard contact as a veteran.

7. Daniel Murhpy

As a top batting average and SO guy throughout his career, he dropped off it seems due to age. He may have to make way for younger talent.

8. Tony Wolters

A ground ball hitter only who is bottom of the league in all stats. Only used for defense and should get pinched by guys like Garret Hampson, Raimel Tapia, and Brendon Rogers whenver ready to step up.

1. SP

German Marqquez

Happy with his pitch mix getting Ks in ST

FB curve slider sinker

best ball are curve slider allowing sun 200 xWoba has 95mph fastball  6.26 At home ERA compared to 3.67 on rd

2. SP

Jon Gray

6’4” was a #3 overall pick

FB 50% slider 96 mph

best pitch is slider and curve at only 11%

3. SP


In addition to a new curveball, a renewed changeup and good ol’ self-confidence — which showed again this Spring Training with his two scoreless innings in the Rockies’ 7-4 loss to the Rangers on Wednesday — Senzatela lost 15 pounds during the offseason.

But memories of those empanadas, and a reflexive habit of grabbing candy whenever it’s laying around, will have to be tamped down once the season begins. Senzatela is a rare player who gains weight during the lengthy season. He, his wife Vanessa and young son Tiago are all partners in helping him keep the weight off, which may help him control the ERA.

fastball 62% slider curve   Best pitch is curve, needs lot of work as has poor k% woba batting avg and hard contact allowed about a 94mph fastball






Arizona D-Backs Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

  1. Starling Marte

It appears perhaps the D-Backs feel they can sustain power out of Marte, or just use his as a lead-off hitter. This is not something you can rely on, but steals plenty of bases.

2. Ketal Marte

The question here is to what extent is the power real. There is data to back it up much more then compared to Starling. To what degree he sustains I suspect, he’s made improvements but not as good as his wOBA actually shows. Expect some kind of decline.

3. Eduardo Escobar

With high BAPIP and low Fly ball rate for his career this is not something you usually see. Seems like he rode the fly ball wave of this team. Maybe this how Arizona humidor results are going forward??

4. Christian Walker

His improvement showed in every phase of the game. Has massive hard contact barrel and exit velocity.

5. David Peralta

Does not excel in any particular area. His exit velocity is fine and had one outlier 30 home run season. Don’t chase it in DFS.

6. Kole Calhoun

Has a good xWOBA at .333 which is better compared to OPS. Can get barrels leading to a good amount of homers but not likely matching 33.

7. Nick Ahmed

He’s not very far off from what he can potentially do as a serviceable SS that can play up in the order when needed providing DFS value.

8. Carson Kelly

When this lineup is healthy it may be more refined then last season, which would prove myself and many others wrong. As basically a rookie, thats been around for a long time, show good control taking walks and puts up .337 xWOBA, good for a rookie for sure with 18 HR’s.


Robbie Ray

Good SO pitcher who does gave up decent exit velocity last yr after allowing a lot of velo and hard contact in his previous 2 seasons . 70% of his balls are 4-seamer and slider. These are also his best 2 pitches.

Ray plans to pitch with an over-the-top motion out of the windup this season — a Max Scherzer, Jack Flaherty-esque movement that he hopes will help him create better timing and a more direct finish to the plate. The genesis of the change began in part with a recent consultation with former D-backs ace Zack Greinke.

Greinke has many moving parts in his mechanics, which are widely recognized as among the game’s most polished. Ray isn’t attempting to mirror Greinke, who delivers from his chest and not over his head, but instead emulate him.


Madison Bumgarner

Very good fastball spin however very bad exit velo and hard contact allowed. Bumgarner has never been the same since his motorcycle accident 3 years ago but is only 30 years old. Even though sparingly used his best pitch is the curve allowing only .250 xwoba only 18% last yr expect that to change.

The D-backs had a poor BP and released their closer Greg Holland after an implosion, and replaced him with a successful Archie Bradley going 18 of 19 in saves! However his MPH reduced from 97-100 to 93-94 range


Merril Kelly

Had a nice showing in ST with a FB right on the corner, and had a couple of these high curving pitches where batter SO swinging under the ball. This may have been his breaking ball as he’s only allowing sub .250 Woba on this pitch. 25 yr old control pitcher.




Seattle Mariners Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

  1. Shed Long

If he could get his SO numbers down towards where he was in the minors, that would be good for this progress as his ISO and Steal potential are fine, as he would get on base more.

2. JP Crawford

With bottom of the barrel X numbers he would have to hope that his OBP% is real and his base steal potential increases to stay here. They could have used a free agent here if they had money or trade for a body.

3. Mitch Haniger

Haniger become more of a fly ball hitter sacrificing his overall numbers with low BAPIP for higher ISO. High upside is good but they did not translate into enough SLG or HR’s without even looking at the SC numbers. Launch angle increased but not Exit Velo, as the #’s reverted back to rookie.

4. Kyle Seager

An interesting Fly ball hitter with high upside for DFS. His Hard Contact has maintained over 2 years and his Xwoba is almost .350. He appears to lack the physical power as he’s really a sub .200 ISO hitter for his career.

5. Tom Murphy

Basically a rookie last year showing good power with with HR/FB and very good hard contact % as he should be a high upside volatile play in DFS. Very high SO rate to go along with it.

6. Daniel Vogelbach

Is at about .440 XSLG which is what he did in the real SLG. His raw power proved true to his style of play with a K% that was not bad so that he was able to maintain a 98th percentile BB%. Very impressive.

7. Kyle Lewis

An impressive showing of real slugging numbers in a small sample size rookie yr after overcoming injury as an 11th overall pick in 16′. Didn’t hit enough homers at all levels of minor league play. Lots of SO’s.

8. Mallex Smith

I’s rather put Smith here then anyone else unproven at this point just for his high steal upside. Feels like he’s been in the league a long time, as his OBP should bounce back better this year, based on previous seasons.


Texas Rangers Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

  1. Shin-Soo Choo

I was a bit surprised he kicked it into the top 5% of hard hitters in the league, as his consistency is efficient for his team and can probably sustain top exit velocity, maybe even stolen base at this age.

2. Elvis Andrus

A SB specialist ground ball hitter can do nicely in this #2 spot to set up this offense for the next park and batters here.

3. Danny Santana

With off the chart improvement from opportunity met last yr. The power hitting and speed numbers make for very nice DFS play.

4. Joey Gallo

What we hope for is a consistent power hitter with a crushing swing that he has, what we may get is a drop off as he had high BAPIP and HR/FB compared to most years. All of his significant X numbers improved except Exit velocity.

5. Willie Calhoun

I was interested to see how his raw power number specifically ISO held up in the X Stat Cast categories and what I found was that he is more of a plane discipline guy, as he may not that kind of consistent power in the majors.

6. Nick Solak

Sustained really high BAPIP throughout the minors and showed flashes of power. Not a .884 OPS guy, more like .776.

7. Rougned Odor

It felt like a down year for for Odor but he put up career numbers. Out of all the batters in this order, he may have the most upside. Low downside.




LA Angels Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

  1. David Fletcher

Improved to be a decent base stealer, on base, and batting average guy. No power.

2. Mike Trout

Trout is the best hitter in baseball. Had career high in HR’s even with the lowest BAPIP in his career. His SLG and HR/FB rate are incredible numbers for any major leaguer in history. Don’t forget about the sprint speed

3. Shohei Ohtani

His ISO dropped off quite a bit despite having more plate appearances then his rookie year, which is a bit concerning. Throw him into the pitching mix and not sure if it will help or hurt him? Has the nice hard contact and excellent exit velocity for what we want/need.

4. Anthony Rendon

Rendon is a great overall hitter who improved his SLG and ISO last year trying out for MVP. Has X numbers to back everything up and really good hard contact. He can get you some barrels too.

5. His BAPIP dropped off a lot last year only. This was due to injury as his numbers look to bounce back to form including elite Xwoba, hard contact, and barrels.

6. Albert Pujols

Pujols is negatively impacted by the Haitus so this season will not go well for him from a financial standpoint. If the angels are tolerating a moving up in the history of hitters books, whey will have to be satisfied with his leadership and subpar numbers to his standards and average X numbers.

7. Brian Goodwin

G0odwin should rely more on the best part of his game, his sprint speed. I would only use him vs. Lefties for a sneaky DFS stack. His SLG is fine there.

8. Andrelton Simmons

Rounding it out here, seems like they have had the same lineup for few years as we could see Simmons do well when up in the lineup. Rendon was a nice upgrade over Calhoun in the batting order. His 99th percentile SO% makes him unique for a DFS play.

P1: J. Teheran L 9th yr

consistent for DFS Cash, maybe 5.5 innings been getting over 8 K/9. Does not have good velocity as he relies on his spin on his sinker and slider .

P2: Andrew Heaney L 6th yr

5 innings per game setting up for guys like Hansel Robles and Ty Buttrey who are good fast ball pitchers. He did have 11 K/9 last yr but his normal career numbers are more like 9 per so there’s upside. More of a FB pitcher as he gives up 1.5 hr/9 easily.

P3: Dylan Bundy R

again these pitchers will not go long into games gives u decent 9 K/9 but lots of HRs useful to attack. Much better at home vs lefties and righties. I would love to attack him with some lefties regardless of where he plays as his underlying stats really don’t show but this is a secret play that most people really don’t know about.

P4: Matt Andries R good change up improved on 4 seamer last yr after some horrid previous yrs  and Pat Sandoval; 11th round pick as L who has good fastball with decent command. Been in farm long time with Astros but never got to high A ball then kind of forced up based on need from High A ball with angels.





Fanduel SIM Sports MLB for 4/2/20 Number Fire

When looking at this Fanduel SIM Sports MLB for today, the first of its kind its being simulated by numberfire daily fantasy projections. Here’s where it explains the rules during the COVID 19 Hiatis.

Fanduel SIM sports MLB

What i’ll do is provide the basic outliers for what teams to stack and what pitchers to use today based on this information.

Fanduel SIM Sports MLB Projections for GPP

Pitchers to attack:

  1. Chase Anderson TOR:Does not give up hard contact, high velo.

.671 vs. Lefty OPS

.815 vs. Righty OPS

XERA 4.57 in 2019 3.91 SIERA

2. J. Sheffield SEA: Added a 2 seam fastball to his arsenal, as he’s a fastball P.

.812 vs Lefty Did not get many innings at all vs. Lefty in majors

.933 vs Righty

XERA 4.57 in 2019, SIERA 4.77

3. Martin Perez BOS:

.640 vs Lefty

.819 vs Righty

XERA 4.05 in 2019 but 5.76 in 2018, 5.01 SIERA in 2019

A groundball P who does not allow hard contact, but does not get K’s

4. John Means: Balt:

.577 vs Lefty

.756 vs Righty

XERA 4.08 in 2019 SIERA 5.02

Does not allow hard contact, does not get K’s, allows XSLG

5. Joe Musgrove: PIT

.789 vs Lefty

.702 vs Righty

XERA 4.08 in 2019 4.31 SIERA

Fastball spin but no Velo

6. Adrian Houser: MIL

.786 vs Lefty

.648 vs Righty

XERA 3.43 in 2019 3.91 SIERA

Did not allow Xwoba or XSLG

Pitchers to use:

Strasburg WSH: High Ground ball pitcher at 51%. 30% SO in 2019. His weakness may be exit velocity as he gave up a significantly higher HR/FB rate last year compared to his career. X numbers are all at least top 7% of league.

Bieber CLE: 3.36 SIERA a .10 improvement over 2018. Gives up too many HR”s due to exit velo and hard contact. His HR/FB rate was interestingly equal to Strasberg. Bieber has 90th Percentile K potential.

Bauer CIN: The question is will N.F. projections allow him  to get more towards his 2018 form when he has a lower 2 ERA (lower 3 XFIP) and a +11K/9 SO rate? He won’t be able to use his tricks to get back to the 90th percentile in this simulation game.

M. Boyd:





Oakland A’s Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

  1. Matt Olson

I don’t think this is a good spot for him as it may change his number of runs as he had a lot more RBI’s last year then runs. His pure X power numbers are great in the top 95th percentile and top 20 exit velocity.

2. Franlkin Barreto

May not be a regular in this spot unless he can duplicate what he did in the minors, hitting .189 ISO and getting stolen bases upside.

3. Matt Chapman

Average exit velocity and Barrel % is higher even then Olson’s. You have to wonder whether the new ballpark will improve their numbers as the A’s have given the green light to hitting homers more then any team.

4. Khris Davis

Although being a low BAPIP guy we expected him to hit more HR’s last year. If he could get quickly back to his usual form from previous hears, he’s easily a top 10% stat cast guy.

5. Sean Murphy

Has incredible small sample size isolated power or ISO. They MAY have figured something out with the 25 yr old to improve his power hitting as a catcher who did the same in AAA.

6. Ramon Laureano

Another case of if his AAA numbers can turn into real Stat cast numbers, we’ll have ourselves a pure power player. ISO of .233 SLG .521

7. Mark Canha

An even better ISO here posted .244 as he’s in a sweet spot in the order great for DFS value. Nice Xwoba and BB’s as a bonus onto his HR’s. Had 26.

8. Stephen Piscoty

Projected to bounce back with a higher OBP then he did based on numbers prior to last yr. Not outstanding in any particular category, and worth 20 HRs. you don’t get many SB’s out of this lineup.

9. Marcus Semien

47 barrels in 2019 as I was anxious to see if his season could have been real. This is not likely as an obvious outlier to all of his previous years. He was about where his career BAPIP is last year, in 2016 he did have similar HR/FB

P1: Mike Fiers:  R 34 yrs

Strong stuff. can pitch a shoutout as his defensive fielding backs him up well. No one to replace J. Profar in the feild. Can allow fly balls but keeps the ball in the park. 5.5-6 IP. Opening day starter last yr.

XFIP was high at 5.2 last yr. compared to a 3.9 ERA. Should drop back down to his usual 4.5 XFIP. XERA of 5 HR/9 1.4. 15-4 record. 39% hard contact last 2 yrs. compared to carrer of 34%.   ST: was throwing more of his offspeed stuff effectively, feeling good and of course competing for opening day with Frankie Montas. Was ready to get 90 pitches in on his next outing, dissapointingly we didn’t see that happen due to suspenion of play.

P2: Frankie Montas R 27 yrs

Hard throwing potential ace who can keep ERA down as he did in spring. Unfortunately with most P’s he did not get fully stretched out but should have a chance to do so when MLB ramps back up. Got you 6 innings per outing. Nice ground ball rate keeping it down while elevating his SO’s to almost 10 K/9 so showing nice improvement over 2018. XFIP was only 4.1 even though missing several games with injury. Used a quick pitch in ST, which he did during 2017 unsuccesfully.

Good FB, up to 98, mostly uses the 4 seamer and sinker nice speed on the 2 seamer as well, allows an elite level very low barrel rate of 3%. Has no glaring weakness. Expect well under 1 HR/9 maybe even just .7, very good.

P3: Sean Manaea  L

Improved by 3 K/9 to 9 K/9 in his 4th season at 28 yr old. Good Ground ball rate and HR/9 at about 1.1. XFIP was about 4 and ERA kept to 1.2 but could only get 5 games started due to injury, 4-0. Fast ball not good never seeing him towards the upper 90’s. however does not walk batters. showing nice control on changeup and slider. should use more. Worked with Randy Johnson to improve on the slider, getting SO’s with the refined pitch.

P4: Jesus Luzardo L 22 yrs

Needs to improve his slider and command in 6 games pitched last year. Produced a 1.08 ERA and .6 WHIP across 3 cactus league starts. performed like an Ace. Dominated in a win over mariners with 8 SO’s over 3 innings. Consistenty in the 96-97 MPH so velcity is very good which we want to always try and note. His 5+ pitches should anchor the rotation if he stays healthy for the next decade. High end prospect.

P5: Chris Bassett R 31 yrs.

10-5 record, decent at SO’s and HR/9. keeping on the ground. XFIP of 4.6 which is stabalized with 3.8 ERA for his career. 4 seamer is good at 94. Does not show his weaknesses much as he uses mainly sinker for his strengths and hard contact is fine at 37%.

P6: AJ Puk L 24 yrs

Pitched in 10 games last yr showing high GB rate of 48%. Expect maybe 10.3 K/9!. a number 2 prospect for the A’s last yr after Luzardo. Coming back from Tommy John, he stretched himself out throwing 120 f.t Had a shoulder flare up, but has time to get right for start of season. Fast ball thrower at 97 MPM! i’m sure he can get it to 98.