Best MLB DFS Projection Algorithm for Friday 6/29/18

If your looking for a  large slate of fantasy sports opportunity to win money and do it consistently, the total algorithm system highlighted here today is draftdashboard.

I will give you a feel for the main 14 game slate, which opens up a lot of possibilities in fantasy baseball today.

I will give you some of the best matchups for the day in fantasy baseball.

I will give you some BvP or Batter vs. Pitcher numbers first, just for fun.

Infield DFS Plays

Edwin Encarnacion (Cleve): 1/2, 1HR vs. Blackburn (A’s)

Paul Goldschmidt (Ari) 1/2, 1 HR vs Suarez (SF)

Whit Merriield (KC) 1/3, 1 HR vs Gonzalez (Sea)

Daniel Murphy (Wash) 4/6 0 HR vs Pivetta (Phi)

Jose Abreu (Chi) 4/10, 1 HR vs Gallardo (Tex)

Outfield DFS Plays



How To Get Ready the Morning of or Day before for a Large Slate of MLB?

Here’s what you can do. Take a look at the matchups including depth charts for the following slate. You can use the drafdashboard as shown in the picture. This will have all of the upcoming matchups for all teams.

Best MLB DFS Projection Algorithm for 6/29/18

As you can see, the Cardinals matchup vs. the Braves info is not up yet. However you can get that info over on

However the next morning, all of this info and more will be up on draftdashboard, including the depth charts along with starting picking, and vegas odds. The huge advantage to this depth charts feature is that you can go ahead and watch the players who would be to your advantage to consider for your lineups. This info is stored in your dashboard, even if your logged out, so you can quickly change your starting lineup on the fly, as long as you have enough players per position researched and watched on your dashboard. Shown below:

MLB algorithm dfs 6/29

Notice I am currently watching the projected 1,2,3 hole players for today.

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