Daily Fantasy Baseball: 5 Picks for Lineup Advice on FD

As the football season is fast approaching, whom should you be looking at if you feel the need to be exploring daily fantasy baseball lineup advice until then?

I will give you the best 5 value picks that you can start using Today, in your lineups, and hopefully their price won’t go up too much in formats

These guys will give you a few money ball options:

Particularly on Fanduel is where this is applicable, Check the prices on DraftKings first if needing to determine for use there. 

As I really got into this, i noticed a couple things: 

This was a lot of calculator work! For best practices on evaluating lineups always consider this Solid Fantasy Baseball Advice Here and Consult DailyFantasySportsRankings.com for more Valued Advice.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Advice

Also, I was not able to go over all players in the majors for scoring because of the time it takes, so if you take a player just compare to see how those numbers compare when you divide the average per game scoring by the current cost of the player since that changes daily.

daily fantasy baseball

You might be surprised at this list..

Reason being is these are undervalued, low cost players that are $3500 or lower on Fanduel in terms of what I was looking for out of the top Players that the computer equates to the Top Points for your Dollar. 

Here is the Top 5 with some other considerations as well. 

The Top 5 Fantasy Valued on FD

5. James McCann Ave: $383 per point $2300 on FD

Believe it or not these are some of the best Price entry point players I found in my research to suggest these are good players to continue considering for cash games IF: These prices stay close to the same

4. AJ Pollack  D-Backs Ave: $378 per Point Scored  @ Only 3400 On Fandel.

Pollack provides one of the best values right now at this price entry point

3.  Nick Williams OF Ave: $377 per point ave Only $2700 FD

While his data is limited, its worth taking sort of a punt at this OF position, and seeing if his consistency picks up, as a young player.

2. Gary Sanchez C $356 per point ave ONLY $3200 on FD

I really couln’t believe the price for Gary the Goat, as he is one of the elite hitting Catchers in the leauge, The value here on FD is Awesome!

1. Cesar Hernandez 3B Ave: $ 350 Per Point ave  $2800 Current Price FD 

There is enough data here to show that Hernandez provides a lot of value in comparison to anyone else in this value based price range. Look for Hernandez to show up, as one I never thought of really using.

The other Daily Fantasy Value Picks for Rest of Season

Worth mentioning here: 

Jay Bruce $389   $3500 on FD

Ian Kinsler Ave: $387.5 $3100 on FD

Witt Merrifield Ave: $412.5   $3300

Manny Machado  Ave $412.5 Per Gam

There were more I wanted to mention but there numbers were just too costly to include. If you notice any players that are doing well for you in any format just drop a comment to let me know.



Draft Dashboard Review

With this Draft Dashboard Review, I will give you my review of the Fantasy Sports Software that gives you a slight edge in Picking Daily Fantasy Sports Lineups in Contests, really for use on any league, in any site. I will not only give you the draftdashboard breakdown but also a How To on the specifics of how to get the most of it per my experience. 

Check some of my Previous Articles on Daily Fantasy Sports, Fantasy Football, and Even Baseball Here to understand many of the basic to advanced concepts of the factors that need to be considered when making lineups decisions in these sports. 

What is Draft Dashboard?

As mentioned the advanced software, which includes daily rankings, up to date on the fantasy matchups of the day, it is available 24/7 all around the clock, instantly preparing you for the next available Top Picks of the Day on any game slate in most major sports. This can be done on Roto Grinders with their Player research tool to note with many limitations to the overall free software.

To give  you a very user friendly experience, saving you hrs per day of research in various tools that you can use to optimize and dominate your daily or season long league. 

To preface, avoiding confusion starting out, let’s give you a look at the inside of your dashboard, or your control room, once you are logged in, which can be started and tested for $1 for about 7 days, I believe before the regular price sets in, which is lower than the other Optimizer programs I have used out there, Notice 4 Specifics or Basics.

draft dashboard reviewNotice as you look there, starting at the top, the games are easily changeable as seasons progress into other sports, with the 3 major sports you can keep track of. 

  1. As we work our way over to the upper right hand side you will see the switch option, allowing you to take your game to Draft Kings, or Fanduel. With all of the upgrades, I wouldn’t be surprised if they added Yahoo and others. 
  2. The “How to Use” blue button to obtain basics of the overview of all of the tools below, which are Videos overviewing each of the ways to use these. 
  3. The Tools themselves which we will dive into with more detail now. 

DraftDashboard Tools:

Browse Teams

In Browse teams, the way I use this is to quickly find Players on any team along with Projected Winner

As you can see, you can start to take players that you want to watch and target those based on what you find so far here, of which we’ll get more into later.

Top DFS Players

This is a VERY Important feature of the Draft Dashboard that allows you the opportunity to see all of the players with top rankings customized automatically to any game time/slate you choose. Here’s that video: 

With this specialized tool you can save tons of time with the best fantasy players for the day, as the you want to pay particular attention to the computer rankings, or Dashrank, the very first sortable table as Greens indicate, per the video the most valuable and statistically logical plays for that day, with the additional info being added with the regular updates. 

Find Sleepers Tool

Check out this tool for the lowest cost players needed to win any matchup.

Here is the Video Overview: 

An integral part of your lineups you must get players that are lower priced, especially in baseball, when taking an ace pitcher, there may be an average much lower than what would otherwise have to be utilized. 

Find Studs Tool

I also utilize this tool daily to ensure that I have “Stud players to make sure that I am not overpaying for players that are not up to the usual caliber of a player, building out the most value in consistency, Here’s how its done: 

No matter who you choose as far as pitcher, the best Studs will help you determine who you should be able to utilize in stacks or just getting the best possible position player

Position Optimizer

With this tool, its also of daily use as you choose the leftover positions that you were not able to fill within using any of the other Tools. 

This Tool has not video, but is one of the best to use. 

The position optimizer can help you take a look at for example, to quickly find what pitcher you might to find on the bottom as a weaker pitcher to make a batting lineup against this pitcher for a very favorable matchup to start some these batter. 

Lineup Optimizer

This tool will help you put together a suggest lineups lightning quick. Taking only seconds to put together a list of your watched players based off the prior research you would have just done with your tools mentioned, building out the best lineup. Here’s the Video

As the video brought out, no lineup will be perfect, but this saves you a lot of time putting it together.

Generated Lineups

And finally this research tool will give you different ideas of lineups that you can use and optimize, There is no video of this tool, but similar to the Lineup Optimizer, you can find and replace in the tabs, players with others’ of the same or similar price to replace any position instantly without switching screens, so you can find the other players you have watched. Great comparison tool. 

Summary and Final Word

To try and sum up all of these tools for your Daily Fantasy Sports Lineups Remember, per my article on Winning in Daily Fantasy Sports above, the experts create and maintain spreadsheets. I have found that this may not be needed, with these tools, as it does help to look up additional stats, on say fangraphs, going above and beyond, using additional research tools never hurts, so the more time you have, the better informed decisions you may make in regards to injuries, consistencies, and the overall picture of a particular player. 

Also I have not mentioned the Hot and Cold Indicators next to every player, as these indicators help show the level of play the player is currently at, but don’t count out the cold players because the cold streak is bound to end, especially the deeper they are in the cold, indicated by a -3. Do not be swayed by this indicator as numbers prove that this is not directly relevant to the next performance of the player, and I have used this just fine on my lineups with a couple colds in my lineups. 

By the way, here are the Pros and Cons


  • Great customer Support: Just email them and get and answer in just a few hours. 
  • Basic and Advanced Player Stats, easily accessible on main screens, hovering over.
  • Watch Players, to your liking, and track for organization 
  • Video tutorials for reference as shown above.
  • Always up to date Daily!


  • Uses some data that may not directly affect the performance for a given situation, 
  • May look to be a lot of info for new users to go through, especially for a beginner in Fantasy Sports. 

Final Conclusion

Recommended %99 for everyone from beginner to Expert, for help in easily navigating the many options in daily and season long analyzing of players and teams. As a recommended product, visit dfsfreereport.com to not only get the instant online software, but also receive a free report on how to win %95 of your Daily Fantasy Lineups, which is of itself a $20 Bonus value, delivered, PDF to your inbox if wanting to learn more about DFS




How To Make Money Playing Fantasy Football

In this Post I will Outline the Basic Simple Steps Needed to Make Money Playing Fantasy Football. 

These principles can be applied as well to any daily fantasy sports sport, that can help you to gain the organizational and statistical edge when it comes to the numbers and likelyhood of you actually lasting long enough in your daily fantasy season to make money instead of wasting whatever you may have invested, instead of losing that.

What is the Most Important Factor to Accurately Predicting Player performance, making you Money in Fantasy Football and Other Daily Fantasy Games?

To actually make money more times than not, is to get accurate projections, that will be most important to you to project the lineups that will get you to win consistently.

What Not to Factor in Making Money Playing Fantasy Football

Make money playing fantasy football

For a projection algorithm to take place, you need to take as many factors as possible into your evaluation into your daily, or weekly as in the case of football, where there is a lot of time of evaluation in between games, you will be able to project, based on the numbers, more so than the talent, since talent only amounts to so much, while being fundamental to the value of the player as many players have the physical talent to do so, is rarely used in fantasy as a result of determining a players 40 time or player ht/wt. to try to get some projection out of that.

What To Do to Make Money Playing Daily Fantasy Sports?

Start Making Spreadsheets.

Yes start making these wither through Microsoft office or Google spreadsheets to make sure your player lineups include:

What would you include in this spreadsheet?

You will obviously need to include the player name, position, salary on either fanduel or draftkings, as well as any relevant stats that would at least directly affect the scoring of the players in that particular contest you are playing in.

Tip: Don’t use other sites to Win in Daily Fantasy Sports

Think about this: If you are consistently getting advise from a daily fantasy sports site such as Rotogrinder, or fantasy pro, there will be a decent amount of people out there with the same or similiar numbers. So while this could work in small $ games, it will not work in higher level, beyond beginner level competition, because there will obviously be too many people with the same projections out there.

Make money in fantasy sports

While there most definitely will be a learning curve, unless perhaps you know your particular sport you choose to participate in really well, you might at least have to get used to the concepts of using the spreadsheet system, optimized and using it for your own template which is easily found to download, or you could get access to a free report, here which will show you specifically how to go about advanced lineups strategies that most people don’t think to implement in their daily fantasy sports game. Visit my current recommended lineup optimizer for draftkings and fanduel both for a bargain price compared to these sites mentioned where the “perfect lineup” will not be used by everyone signed up for the same thing, Go Here: DFS Free Lineup Advice/Optimizer where you can get all of this customizable to your preferences as you set the players you want to watch daily, and understand easily which players will likely help you get to your prize of consistently winning in daily fantasy sports.

This Video her will give you an Overview of the System and How Easy it is to use:

This will get you easily organized or else you can start your own spreadsheet used to assimilate all of the enormous amount of data.

Your time is obviously valuable and so to get started fast, click the link here to get started: DFS Free Report Then keep learning, tweaking and adjusting your daily rosters, as I will give you daily tips to getting the most out of that giving you more control over your ability to manage to make money as a business in your own make money fast and even impulsively, with the fast Optimizer here.


Field of Dreams: Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice

Per my previous post, I believe that last article need refined and, basically reviewed from the Beginner Daily Fantasy Baseball and Advice perspective in strategy, especially in Daily Leagues that needed touched on to correct some of the information I had given to show that I am still learning this particular game and not near the expert I am on the Fantasy Football Game, and naturally picking that up in the same way as my studies of the game make me respect the game even more.

daily fantasy baseball advice

However, that expert, professional mentality as Not only a Game, but a Challenge, in pure competition, will now hold sway in this article as we round the bases on the field of the prospects of a Daily Fantasy Game, that we can show you here today.

While I have a lot of questions resulting from the various projection tools used to shorten your valuable time of the day used on this true daily evaluation process based upon the amount of games played throughout the season, I see this as a real opportunity to profit and enjoy doing so while the FanDuel and Draft Kings phenomena at least lasts as long as it does.

When/if it of course is out-ruled or outlawed in my land of play, I am out!

So when it boils down to a few corrections based on learning to write things down as I have learned over the years, this is an excellent way to see where your own current skills are in the daily fantasy sports arena, and how you personally can also evaluate where you are.

daily fantasy baseball advice

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advise #1: The Law of Large Averages

The first thing to try and keep in mind would be to remember to take in large samples of players trends and stats, not short 1 week spans because the law of averages do kick in for better or worse as averages in ERA’s, runs, hit, and so on add up to be a certain consistency when it comes to predicting a daily game. Of course there are variances in this, but the averages will come back down to earth, weather that would be a positive or negative adjustment in a players back down to or going up from earth fantasy numbers.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice Law #2: Choosing the Right Information on Hitters and Pitchers

This gets more tricky but think of it this way: Instead of getting into all of the stats at this time, think about when Michael Jordan attempted to make it in MLB.. Why did he not make it to the next level? Because he quit. He went back to his #1 sport, which is fine, but the continued development and game stats that he corrected and projected with upside, would probably have led him to the majors, and this was according to a current MLB Manager, that was involved in the training of Jordan.

As you look at the basic 3 outcomes of Hitter including Strikeouts, Walks, and Home Runs. These are the usual control factors that are measured in total and averages throughout the year and are a plenty in terms of referenced online sites that can tell you all of this information.

Similarly with Pitchers, they have averages they they go back to unless their progression or regression is at a pivitol point in their particular career, or what we call upside, or downside.

So Basically, look for stats that show the control that the player has over their statistics, showing any variances from the norm that they put up.

Also to be included in this category is their performance specifically against the opposing hitter or pitcher’s handedness, being left or right.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice #3: External Factors

What I mean by external factors is opposite of the #2 rule in that the individual player has control over his own performance to his own extent.

External factors include, some of which are obvious:

  1. Park Factors
  2. Weather Conditions
  3. Opposing Teams Talent
  4. Lineup Position
  5. How Good is the Player’s Team

All of these can be broken down in much more detail, but to give yourself an edge, you would need to use a lineup optimizer to give you much more detail and control over trying to reference all of these various factors, at least in one place where a computer can weigh all of the impossible statistical measurables, enabling you to focus on the overall strategy of the Daily Fantasy sports game, leaving a large portion of that to that program.

For more info on getting instant access to a Optimizer that I work with and recommend, visit my DFS Report Site




5 Ways to Profit From DFS MLB, Knowing Nothing About MLB Players!

As a wealthy fantasy football manager, how could you get started to fanduel, or draft kings, winning DFS contests with no experience in daily games in MLB, or Baseball, and be able to win games with no real expertise in this sport?

Well I must say, first that this is not, nor has ever been my cup of tea, in fantasy sports, in fact I have only excelled in football.

Daily Fantasy baseball

However I see this digital age prospect for winning Daily fantasy contests on one of these sites if interested, you will gain the experience winning fast enough.

Here are the major key factors in racking up winnings in Fantasy Baseball starting today.

fanduel daily fantasy

  1. Pull players into your lineup that will give you best matchup possibilities.

This means looking at pitchers as basically your defense, and how the pitcher does in ERA, SOs, and other stats vs. that batter

2. How consistent has the player been over the last few games, showing the recent performance overall of the Fantasy Points Scored.

This can be accomplished by checking the points scored averaged out, or manually checking the Fanduel, or Draft kings scoring section.

3. Making sure your pitcher is not cancelling out a part of your lineup by picking any opposing players to that particular pitcher.

I found this out the hard way of initially playing without noticing as a rookie mistake you can avoid.

4. Taking a look at Fundamental factors

Such as RBI’s that team members will use to get the runners, in on high scoring teams, Power plays, or stats that give you the most fantasy numbers, and for pitches, actual wins, which count in this DFS game

5. And the last key with is much more difficult.

Trying to determine the overall depth of the defense a batter is playing against, along with the overall performance avg of the batter, vs. that defense, or any other defense on a consistent basis for that matter, showing how hot the player really is potentially looking to be vs. this team. While this is related to the 1st point regarding matchups, the game goes much deeper than what you could probably handle at first from a beginners standpoint, and will take years of experience to navigate through all of the statistics and matchups to get the Average Daily Fantasy Value of each player from day to day, with games and matchups every day of the week.

However, there is a tool now able to handle all of this information in one convenient place, and I have only seen one such place to manage, generate, and use all of this info for winning contests such as these.

Get my FreeDFSReport here for a broader perspective on all of the info needed and how to solve the problem of massive amounts of information on massive amounts of games in Daily MLB Fantasy Baseball Contests.

Super Bowl 2017 LI Online App Competition Party

If you would like to compete in a popular online competitive party for Super Bowl 51, then here is the place to go. I will guide you step by step along the process as you enjoy yourself during the biggest game, and holiday in my opinion of the biggest sporting day of the year for Feb. 5th Super Bowl Party

Follow a Super Bowl LI Party

Here’s what you need to do first: Click on this Link to get you started with the invite for the Game to be Played between the Falcons vs. Patriotes

Click Here for Invite

The you can either Register as first time user or login:

Then as this screen shows, you can join the Game or the League, your choice: I recommend joining the Game as that will also join you to the league as well, thereafter you may pick more games available such as NBA basketball as well. The you have your relevant choice:

super bowl 51 download

Once your App is downloaded on your device, you may want to choose some favorites such as your sports and teams, then you can then open up your home page screen on the app and visit this portion of your screen:

Also of note here on this screen below is the new feature where you can click on “GET TOKENS”, and then find a number of ways to get tokens, not limited to purchasing them, and including watching ads, and referring friends to obtain more opportunities for chances to win prizes and play!

Super Bowl 51 Online Game

As you can see here the league I have entered and recommend is the Super Bowl 51 League, entering that icon. You may then scroll down to the bottom of the page, and enter the game: Falcons vs. Patriots where you will then see this screen:


If you click on more details at this point you may get more info if you want about winning the main contest, for the Altima. How bout that for a:

Super Bowl Online Party

You can next see the option to click on the Gold Firefan Crown Logo where this option will come up for navigation purposes, where you have the to go to connect with others, and socialize, as well as check Alerts & your Picks

super bowl online party

If you click on Chat, it is followed by this screen just to see what will be going on in this specific game.

Super Bowl Competition

What I personally love most is the Gameplay you now get, which is fun, because you get a great gameflow, as long as you can keep up with whole game, but even if you miss parts of the game, you can get caught up pretty quick with in game action that also keeps tracks of all past drives in the game, so you don’t miss out on too much while having to rewind and tivo to catch up on the action while your attending to other things to keep your Super Bowl Party going in Online Football Party Style!

Social Benefits of Playing American Football Online Live

I want to put out a challenge to true, live football fans out there?

Is it really so, that you watch football to socialize?

Well, the biggest day of the year, in my opinion is upon us, and that will involve some live interacting of fans who are true or not so true to their team colors.

Not Much of a Logo Here
Not Much of a Logo Here

I want to Definitively offer you a challenge here:

Super Bowl Sunday Live Football Interaction

If you are a true fan of: the

Packers, Falcons, Patriots, or Steelers

get your under garment and outer garment gear ready for the FireFan Social Platform, and Win some Great Prizes such as that New Car, you get a crack at as well.

Even though the odds of that happening as we all know are slim, you can engage in the best social media structure, really the only one for sports to come with your friends, or if you usually watch the games by yourself anyway, thats fine too, just get in the game, with your own live play calls as the app has really taken off, impacting new leagues of sharing for best points across your own style and art of prediction, building up points for other rewards as well.

Here are the Social Benefits to Playing Live American Football Online as Promised

  1. Enjoying the game by being involved. Not just watching but using and putting your football skills to the test against others.
  2. Making comments on the game as it progresses to its climax, the eminent dagger to the game, ending the hopes for the other team.
  3. The opportunity to emerge as a winner in this space where you can earn rewards, prizes, and other team type of gear, playing for free.
The Wealthy Football Online academy
The Wealthy Football Online academy

This is obviously a Fantasy Football site, so we will get back to some nitty gritty stuff upcoming like the rookies coming into the league for the upcoming fantasy season since this site will be year long on the subject since the NFL and fantasy is year long.

To be among the prestige of the wealthy fantasy footballers, all you have to do is keep up with our posts, games, play fantasy football, and take advantage of any promotions to be a part of the ongoing community.

For now, take the challenge and learn the gameflow throught he app offer here: Come join the hottest FireFan league – The app also has NBA for tose interested as well.


Click here to take the invite and sign up, then get your gameflow app

Since I prefer to give special attention to the NFL Playoffs at this time with live football action, this is the best place to be for a fan right now!


Ideas for Family Game Night

Remember the times of family game night?

Well maybe not. It may have been before you were born. Back in the 60’s and 70’s board games, or board game night was very popular. Yes, TV’s were invented and people were huddled around a smaller off color Television, but they were actually together watching those programs.

ideas for family fun night

Before getting into ideas for family game night, here’s what can typically happen because of this media filled life that we all are part of.

Do you ever run into issues with watching football instead of spending time with your family? Does your wife want to do other things with the family, being outdoors and getting a nice seasonal experience this time of year?

Some families go ahead and watch a game together and love it!

What about those who are not naturally inclined to sit and watch a whole game, so would rather be doing other things when at home such as watching videos on their tablet?

Well, there are a couple options with some new and some not so new ideas. I will surely welcome your comments even if it does not pertain to one of these suggestions..

Ideas for Family Game Night

#1 Go ahead and get a board game.

Thats it! You know what to do with that.

#2 Watch a football game together.

As mentioned simply watching a game in the fall together can be a real challenge for ones who are not ready to invest the time into something they are not so passionate about.

#3 Play Fantasy Football Together.

This option takes quite a bit of setup, but it can be done when planned ahead. You would just have to find a non-season long league. Downsides could be many such as lack of understanding of the game of fantasy and many more.

#4 Play the FireFan App

There is a unique chance for interaction once downloading the app to follow along in a structure that allows you to pick your team, set up just a couple pre-game setting and just play a half of football, or a whole game, calling simple strategic moves for both teams that move them down the field, or stop them cold. The Pro Sports App has No season long commitments, no gambling factor whatsoever to worry about as in daily fantasy and best of all, interactive and exciting play calls that everyone can get started on a family fun or game night. Click Here to Watch the Trailer and Get Started


While the board game is good for some, allowing one to multi-task for those of us who are football gamers, the app will allow a change in how time is spent for parties of people who want to interact in the 21st century, which should be the best thing since sliced bread, or at least the television itself.

Pro Sports App: The realization of a Dream

If you are looking for pro sports apps, and looking for the basic update app such as espn, or any major sports version of it, this is not the post for you.

If you are looking for a live way to experience the game in a controlled friendly, or trash talking environment with your friends or other available players, such as in fantasy sports, this is the post for you.

Never before in history has a Pro Sports App been offered in this format with this technology, and gameplay, backed by some of the best and most popular app designers in the world!

If you are looking for fantasy football alternatives, since that is what this site is dedicated to (Fantasy Football Strategies), then we offer a great gameplay alternative as to what is on the app market in both android and I-phone stores that is now or soon to be available for easy download and gameplay.

The Pro Sports App Drum Roll Please..

The App is FireFan. It is available in a full game format for playing live in-game play calls for any sport that is available through the app. Look for updates to the app to include new sports as seasons progress for every sport.

pro sports app

Watch this demo for a preview to whats in store for Pro Sports App Gamers:

As you can see, you call the shots against others in a competitive way as the game guides you with the potential for the right call at the right time. Think you could be the coach? Call the shots? Now is your real chance.

Never again will you have to choose players from varying teams to compete against your buddies, unless you want to play that way.


Who Will You Choose To Play With?

Be sure to invite your friends as a way to connect. Let’s face it. Your buddies may not want to receive calls and text messages for play calls right?

With this app you’ll know what the best calls are.

Play with Sports Heroes and Celebrities to Enhance your Experience.

Want to learn new sports to socialize with?

You can learn the game as you play. Not a fan of baseball? Get to know the game with the strike zone applications being applied in a live game setting.

Don’t understand Zone Blitz situations? Learn to call the defensive play at the right time in game situations.

These are just some of the perks to learning the live gameplay system.

Lost Because of the Lack of or loss of interest in Fantasy games during the post seasons?

This solves the problem of losing interest in individual stats and game decisions with a keen interest of all TEAM related activities.

When you think about the MLB post-season there are so many decisions based on the game strategy which makes it have the aspect of a game within a game. In what inning would you change the pitcher on the mount. Would you bunt on offense or walk the big hitter on defense?

If you like to watch the game in a different way, you won’t of course watch the free live football games, but the feel and flow of the game can be observed even without watching it due to restricted access at work, or in public places where it would not be appropriate to have a broadcast game on.

Makes it interesting  So come play with me and click here:

Pro Sports App





Free Online Fantasy Games: United Games App

In the world of free online fantasy games, the app world has really enhanced, in appreciation of the simplified gaming fun of the 24/7 fantasy gamer.


An App that Changes the Game   United Games App


The United Games App is ushering in a whole new and long overdue interactive experience for the gamer/fantasy player.


Many people are into the duel threat! Fantasy games and gaming, and in this day and age, using quality, easy to use apps that bring the experience to the palm of your hands.


Mark Mongie, a former EA sports programmer, has been working on the project and is on the job, forwarding the movement in excelling the gaming experience. Yes, overseeing the best games in the history of sports gaming, in the Madden, NCAA, and Nascar formats. Yes, this is a team, not just a single man project.. No Pun intended in team sports.


On that subject, the team aspect of the fantasy sports gaming interaction has been taken away from some fans if they are deeply ingrosssed in the day in and out grind of fantasy sports management.


For more a past time, as the team or other sport, ususally was back in the day, this app promises to bring a better team and user friendly experience to your electronic device.


How the United Sports App Works: Free Onlilne Fantasy Games

1. It will be accessible on all mobile platforms, Android, or Apple, of course, and easy to use.

2. Choose your sport preference and team you desire.

3. Select the level you want play at: Remeber Madden gamers the easy, intermediate, expert, and Madden level?


Interactive Experience in the tuest sense.


You also have access to the Live Play Call as a feature which will allow you to experience live with your friends or others’ real live game play to eaern not only points, but real prizes. These are usually based on 3 choices given to the user so that anyone can get involved with easy invites froom social media.


When is this to be released?


In the fall of 2016, just in time for American football season!

Set your sights on this game app for more info check back here for more info: United Sports App