Cash Game Plays today for NBA DFS 1/29/18

Here are some of the best plays on the slate, especially if you are playing on DraftKings today. These cash game plays for NBA DFS today on 1/29/19 will give you the maximum chance to actually cash in instead of taking risks which you can leave for GPP or tournament contests on any of the DFS sites.

Cash Game Plays

This will give you the safest plays on the main slate in no particular order of position, so you can sort out your own preference when it comes to late game scratches and injuries. You must improvise successfully to win in cash consistently.

Breaking News

Keep in mind to always check the starting lineups to confirm as shown in the dfsarmy nba breaking news feed. such as shown below on the previous nights slate.

Cash Game Plays today for NBA DFS 1/29/18You can also get the NBA research station for my deeper research into this, and any other NBA slate run by a team of experts to give you help with Cash, tournament lineups, and lineups Optimizers to fill in lineups much faster.

Here is a video breakdown of the slate filtering out players I don’t want to play in cash lineups.

NBA Cash Pool for 1/29/19

I was not able to embed the spreadsheet onto the site here like I wanted to but here are the plays in order of preference on this 1/29 slate today.

Update at 5:54 pm

Best Value Play update:

Think about getting Richaun Holmes and Jahlil Okafor into your lineups tonight. Great spots for best value per 1000 simulations today. per the DFS lineups simulator, which is also available per the link or click on the picuture to access for a trial run at some Cash!

Here’s a practical tip to get your players watched on youtube, just click on this link to google to bring up the schedule and click on the videos, directing you there for a full 9-10 version of highlights of any game.

Remember some of these plays may be out. This is my pool of players based on plays that I want to fit into my lineups, some easier then others based on price.

14 thoughts on “Cash Game Plays today for NBA DFS 1/29/18”

  1. Thanks for writing on fantasy league. Very informative. To be honest, I’ve never come across basketball fantasy league before, I’ve only ready and participate in football fantasy league like the English Premier League. In as much I don’t really fancy basketball basketball but earning cash price from it is the motivation to learn it and play the fantasy league.Thanks for this writing. I’m gonna start it

    1. Thanks, Kehinde, give it time, if you are new to the type of format in dfs. Football at least gives you experience and things to look out for in a practical sense. 

  2. Hey there,Thanks for the tips. I’ve never played a fantasy game, but I will check this one out.I’d go for Giannis, the Greek Freak, any day, anytime. He’d always be on my starting lineup. The other one is Luka Doncic, the rookie. I believe he’s gonna be great. He’s only 19!Thanks againMarios

  3. Personally I am a gambler, I always take some risk on the games, at time I win and other times I am not lucky. I am always on the look of information that can enlighten me more about this games and how I can make some cash easily from it, as I was going through the post I tend to have learnt some important tips from it but I think I need to learn even more, I am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about your posts in the near future, thank you for having posted this content, thank you.

    From Joy.

    1. Glad you learned a bunch Joy, risk taking is always there, even in cash games, espcially in NBA where you never know if a player is not going to make it on the court for whatever reason for sure, but for higher risk plays stick to GPP or what we call hybrids. 

  4. Hi Andrew –  So this is what all this “fantasy football” is about.  Having played football in HS & college I figured that I knew all there was to know about football and if I ever choose to “go fantasy” I would rule!  Not so.

    After reading several of your posts and digging into the story behind the story of fantasy football I think I would be a big loser if not for having read through your site.

    I’ve learned a great deal.  I will move cautiously forward and try to sneak up on some of my “know it all” friends (like the former me) and see if I can relocate some of their assets!

    Thanks – Mike

    1. Let’s see Mike if that can be done! lol 
      Great you could read on, there is plenty more to come, about 3 times a week, this week should be 4 leading into super bowl sunday!

  5. Good information. With this piece of advice rather information, I would say that with the table of the players and there performances,there is no much risk. Because the table has proven what they are capable of playing, so the lineups and the lineup optimisers are determined by you to best cash in instead of taking risks. Thanks here. Good job. 

  6. What’s the full meaning of NBS, NBF. Why is it called a cash game?  Does people make money from the game? I know my question might sound somehow to you simply because am not familiar with these games but I really want to understand, it seems the games are lucrative. How do you get the videos of the games to be uploaded  on YouTube?

    1. Great questions Kenechi, these are games you can cash in on or double your money just by picking the right players, which is easier said than done. It takes a lot of diligent skill applied I would say. Just click on the link or go to Google for the full game highlights. The ones on don’t show nearly enough. 

  7. Hi,I have read the whole review about this.This is really a wonderful review about Cash game for NBA.It is very interesting game.I Break down my fist look FanDuel NBA Cash plays before all the late inactives come out.NBA Cash games are a loosing proposition for all most player.There is no real edge any more in cash games.It is an interesting review.Thanks for sharing this article.

    1. Yes, Md, there is an edge. It depends on how detail oriented you are, how late you keep up with the game breaking game time decisions throughout the day and night. 

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