Cash Game Plays for Today: NBA DFS 2/6/19 on DraftKings

Cash Game Plays for Today: NBA DFS 2/6/19 on DraftKings

For today’s slate there are 7 games on tap for 2/6/19 on Draftkings as we will focus on cash games for safe plays, so that you can prevent loss of funds towards your big gainer tournaments.

That’s how we set up for bankroll. As we talked about yesterday, on the 2/5/19 NBA DFS slate, there are beginner strategies you can use for ladders and other basic setups. So today, we are using the same basic process to rank best plays on the slate today in any price range, so you can plug these guys into your lineups, and hopefully find injury news and updates throughout the day to use in all of your lineups.

Pay close attention to this lineups optimizer quick tutorial so you can have enough optimization data to make the best possible lineups today and every day on any DFS slate basically.

Here’s what the screen shot from a mobile device looks like so that you can see it on your own spreadsheet and send to your one drive on your google account or download.

Cash Game Plays for Today: NBA DFS 2/6/19 on DraftKings
Get the Army Dfs spreadsheet for easy lineups, saving you hours of time per my prior videos as I arranged the spreadsheet to create cash games I wanted

18 thoughts on “Cash Game Plays for Today: NBA DFS 2/6/19 on DraftKings”

  1. When this kind of set up is shared, I take it serious, no one is in this game to lose, we all want to lose less and win more. The wise thing is to subscribe to your YouTube channel for subsequent lineups optimizers. I was thinking that you will give Keviv Durant more than 5.0 X value.Thanks for this.

    1. Yes, I am not sure as of yet. Don’t know where exactly to go to check that result from last night, unless playing on fanduel, there is an easy way to see it there.

  2. Thank you very much for this amazing post, find it really helpful and informative. Though am getting this at a late hour, I will check early Tommorow for more updates.i will pay close attension to the line ups and injury list. In addition I will share this post with my friends who knows the in and out of draftkings. 

  3. Interesting. I’m not a follower of fantasy basketball or any kind of sport actually as my grandmother once told me I ran like an elephant when I was a kid! HAHA! Or I just wasn’t born with the gene. What is Fantasy NBA about? And how is it that you can make money off it?

  4. Cash Game NBA BFS is still a little confusing to me how to really start it. I don’t know how to go about it but I feel a little interested in it. My interest can grow in it if am able to make some profits from the ones I have done. I have heard friends discuss about it sometime but I was unable to get the full details from them then.

  5. I will love to learn how to play the Cash game and make some cool cash. I have been following your posts but I don’t seem to understand anything yet.

    I am a newbie, I will like to read a detailed explanation of how to get started. I have heard that it can be addictive and people can lost their money or make a lot of gains depending on the strategy used. 

    Thank you. 

  6. Hi Andy,

    I am new in this game. You gave a nice explanation and tool for me to understand the game. The lineups optimizer is likely good tool for me to make the best possible lineups.

    I bookmarked your website and will study more on this. One question to you: Can I just play this game on a particular day, since I have limited time?

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Anthony, Absolutely!, that’s what I do, since I don’t have the time to play every single day, I do as much as I can early in the morning.Great you could stop by. 

  7. This is very interesting I am very new  to this kind of game but to say the least the video helps me alot to understand how this goes I believe with few more views on the video I will be to understand everything so the thing is knowing becoming a pro  just like you I know it might take time but I am going their thanks to great lesson like that .

    1. Hey there Charles, yes realizing that it will take time, some people don’t have the extra time to committ. But thats what it takes with really no exceptions. In fact, if you make a mistake on one player on DK, you are going to lose.

  8. Thanks Andy for this write up. Great information inside. I’ve been a player/manager in the EPL fantasy league, unaware that there is also a Fantasy Game of NBA, let alone knowing how to earn from it. Is there any crash course to get me started so that I will not get my fingers burnt after putting cash to play this come. Would love to hear your response. thanks.

    1. Sure Muhiyb, while I cannot keep going back to beginner articles, I have some recent ones, if you look in my recent posts, within the past couple weeks, you will find. Thanks for your comment today.

  9. Hi Andy,

    I have read the article about Cash Game Plays on Draftkings wealthy Fantasy Football. Though I have not enough experience on playing cash games but one of my best friend is very expert on this and he always win this type of game. I am going to share it with him. I believe he will be happy to see this article. Thanks for sharing.

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