Boston Red Sox Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

  1. Andrew Benintendi

Some say Benintendi will be a bust like the rest of the Red Sox this season. However, this may be a good spot as a lead-off hitter. It appears to me that he has enough to be productive at that or any other spot in the lineup as his fly ball rate has increased even though he’s decreased in other areas.

2. Rafael Devers

Devers has overall great numbers last year. You just don’t hit 32 HR’s and not have proven yourself to some extent. His is backed by a consistent 17% HR/FB ratio. Amazing improvement last year.

3. Xander Bogaerts

Bogaerts had some interesting power numbers that we don’t know for sure if they will sustain, While he also 33 homers, these numbers are irregular compared with his previous 5 seasons.

4. J.D. Martinez

All X numbers remain consistent over his career span. You really just want to play the Righty vs. Lefties. Not good vs. Righites.

5. Alex Verdugo

Verdugo put up some solid mid range numbers overall for a rookie. He may not be slugging .475 based on his XSLG of only .452 unless he improves in extra base hits. Not a lot of power.

6. Michael Chavis

His .347 BABIP may have him a bit lucky for his rookie campaign, I wonder if he can get his his ISO and SLG up, he could develop when given the opportunity if he can get his SO’s down.

7. Christian Vazquez

The season was very out of the ordinary you could say compared to all prior seasons. He showed substantial improvement as a power hitting catcher but he is too old to really develop beyond this point.



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