Boston Red Sox Positional Fantasy Breakdown for 2021

C: Christian Vazquez 2020 notes

The season was very out of the ordinary you could say compared to all prior seasons. He showed substantial improvement as a power hitting catcher but he is too old to really develop beyond this point.

For 2021: He proved me a bit wrong in 2020 able to  produce like the useful hitter he is. This is because he’s hitting both fastball and breaking pitches. Worst case scenario is that he reverts back to his average mlb hitting numbers.

1B: Bobby Dalbec

You’ll get plenty of power and lots of Strikouts here. He must make better contact however he appears to be in position as the firstbaseman. High risk/high reward which you gotta love.

2B: Michael Chavis 2020 notes

His .347 BABIP may have him a bit lucky for his rookie campaign, I wonder if he can get his his ISO and SLG up, he could develop when given the opportunity if he can get his SO’s down.

For 2021: His SO’s did not really come down, causing power but struggles. Especially bad vs. breaking balls, %50 wiff rate.

3B: Rafael Devers 2020 notes

Devers had overall great numbers last year. You just don’t hit 32 HR’s and not have proven yourself to some extent. His is backed by a consistent 17% HR/FB ratio. Amazing improvement last year.

For 2021: He hopefully can consistently deliver throughout the season as the first part of his 2020 had quite a slump. However, hes’ in line for similar numbers at least to 2019 as he has 93-mph avg exit velocity to back it up. Quite a ceiling.

SS: Xander Bogaerts 2020 notes

Bogaerts had some interesting power numbers that we don’t know for sure if they will sustain, While he also 33 homers, these numbers are irregular compared with his previous 5 seasons.

For 2021: He’s crushing fastballs, especially from lefties. Team best 131 OPS plus last season. The down side is that his hard contact rate was down and hit a lot of ground balls. Still, a good floor and ceiling.

DH:  J.D. Martinez 2020 notes

All X numbers remain consistent over his career span. You really just want to play the Righty vs. Lefties. Not good vs. Righites in the road. Fine at home.

For 2021: Down year for him even though he started hot getting line drive doubles and triples, looks to bounce back fine, and is sleeper in drafts.

OF: Hunter Renfroe 2020 notes

Renfroe has progressively gotten better over his few years in the majors, he seems like a seasoned power veteran that I have used many times in GPPs the last few years, now has a better lineups around him. Seems like a lock for 25-35 homers

For 2021: Strong hitter once again that just needs to get more aggressive at the plate staying true to who he is, this is a better move for him to get out of the Rays lineup, always tinkering or messing with the game.

OF: Alex Verdugo 2020 notes

Verdugo put up some solid mid range numbers overall for a rookie. He may not be slugging .475 based on his XSLG of only .452 unless he improves in extra base hits. Not a lot of power.

For 2021: Has a nice approach to hitting all over the field. Stayed consistent day to day. Looks like an extra base specialist. His defense will also keep in in the lineup.

Backup: Marwin Gonzalez 2020 notes

Hit his peak in 2017 as the HR hitting year did not help him. Decent average exit velocity. Had 12 bases stolen in 2016.

SP1: Eduardo Rodriguez

The health concerns with COVID are concerning, however he’s on track to not really duplicate the wins of 2020 but should you above average amount of innings and strikeouts.

SP2: Nathan Eovaldi

Another SO pitcher that can excel with his heater ball, but needs to continue to develop other pitches.

SP3: Tanner Gouck

Effective with fastball/slider combo but needs a third pitch.

SP4: Nick Pivetta 

This trade might work nicely for him as he was almost too volatile to play in fantasy at all, as he can potentially use his mid 90’s Fastball to keep hitters off balance.



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