Best Way to Bet on Sports: Don’t Bet Money, Let’s Play

If you are going find the best way to bet on sports, be careful. Trying to meet spreads in any sport is difficult. The reason is, there is no real data to predict a closer spread game, and plus those guys are professionals.

This article will delve into more than 1 way, if you love making money in sports, to Make Consistent Bankroll

Best Sports Betting Alternatives

So this post is obviously not going to recommend any kind of direct gambling, nor sports betting at all.

Fantasy Football or Fantasy Sports in General

Instead of doing that, you can put next to nothing into a lineups, and per my previous post, you can do so by attempting to look for direct predictive stats in larger sample size, which is explained better here:

PPR Fantasy Football Guide

You can next, watch my Video from My Iphone, which I live playing with as my new recording toy:

As you can hopefully see there is a lot you can do with various matchups

Also as you can start to plainly see, those lineups don’t cost anything other then a dollar or less. This is a huge market to make money in, and your income does not need to be limited to playing games yourself either.

You can find other resources that I highly recommend on the subject such as this blog or or my own Free DFS Download at

There are other things you can do as well:

Sports Apps

Use the Biggest Sports Niche Market there is right now, to Make Bankroll:

FanDuel App: Become an Affiliate Here: United Games FireFanDemo

Here’s the video on that: 

As you can see in this post, its a really cool way for people to follow along closely with their sports teams as they probably do already, and get to make money, get rewards, and bragging rights with a game within the game. 

These are much more reliable ways of making money online without betting, throwing away your money. 

Week 5 Football Matchups:

Next to go ahead and invite you to a matchup this week, and join in the game, advertising your business if related to, or just following along with one of your favorite teams, enter into

Best way to bet on sports

The best way to demo the app, is to just play it. There are many available sports and teams including College Football, MLB, and NBA around the corner, along with international sports like Socccer. Its a rediculous way to make Bankroll! Get into the games. 

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  1. This is awesome. As a fantasy football player, and just pure football fran period, I wish I wouldve stumbled on this page sooner. I’m definitely all about making money so you’ve gained a follower in me on your website. Well done. Also i love the set up and how smooth the user experience is on your site.

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