Best NFL DFS Projections Week 8 2019 Quarterbacks

As a first look to the week 8 grudge matches I’ll give you the best nfl dfs projections for week 8 specifically on FantasyDraft, since that’s where many of us dfs experts are currently playing due to the rake free contests, so everyone gets more cash, as no one is left out. We have to actually use Draftkings Projections at this time, which is more similar to Fantasy Draft then Fanduel.

Quarterback best options:

  1. Deshaun Watson

+$1300 FD
51 | +6.5

27.9 PROJ

This really seems like a get right game for Houston, as they should throw even if getting a comfortable lead. The matchup is too good vs. Oakland.

2. Russell Wilson: QB1
+$1400 FD

53.5 | +5.5

23.4 PROJ

I’m surprised to see it look this close on the +5.5 point spread as the falcons look really bad. It’ll be interesting to see is this goes up or down for the Seahawks as we’ll also need to see the status of M. Ryan before we decide on this #1 option for the week with no Mahomes.

3. Jered Goff

+$1200 FD
48.5 | +13

19.8 PROJ

Goff has a very easy matchup and should be good vs. Cinncinatti. However, when it gets out of had as projected in game flow as 13 point favorites, it will not result in pass happiness.

4. Matt Stafford

+$1600 FD
49 | +6.5

19.4 PROJ

With Stafford being favored by 6 1/2 at home this script more or less favors the running game as well. Also, Stafford is coming off his best game of the year and its likely he will have a let down game from that high score.

5. Josh Allen

+$1200 FD
43 | +1.5

19.3 PROJ

With a wonderful matchup vs. the depleted Eagles secondary we are used to seeing, Allen could have the best opportunity on the slate. He has a nice floor as he’s favored at home a point and a half. These are the Eagles though.

6. Tom Brady

+$1300 FD
46 | +12.5

19.2 PROJ

Brady has had 3 out of 5 games recently with over 20 points, as this figures to be another grind and pound game versus the problem filled brows. Can they pull out a competitive game ala the Giants?

7. Kyler Murray

+$1200 FD
49.5 | -10.5

18.4 PROJ

Murray has what they say “the cheat code” as he however cannot yet at least perform up to the elite level of fantasy starters. The saints are rough specifically on quarterbacks and the Cards are not in favor here, as the will be forced to throw as much as possible. Let’s see if New Orleans can keep or stop the pace altogether.

8. Matt Ryan

17.9 PROJ

+$1600 FD
53.5 | -5.5

17.9 PROJ

A classic bounce back game scenario here as long as the falcons aren’t AS bad as we think they are. The game script is fine as they will be desperate for their jobs at home. Its really an ideal spot.

Best NFL DFS projections week 8
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Remember to visit FantasyDraft for rake free easy cash in your pocket as you can much more easily build your bankroll compared to draftkings and fanduel. To find out who the best QB by far on Fantasy Draft is, I will give you that in my next article tomorrow since he is not provided on this list. 

Tomorrow we will set you up for your fantasy running backs on fantasy draft.






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