Best Fantasy Lineup for NFL DFS Week 14 for 50/50’s on fanduel

What seems like the most popular game at this point of the season in any fantasy football league is the fanduel 50/50. This pays out %50 with a margin of only %10 going to the site, and the winners %90 of the investment back, which is fine in nfl dfs.

So here I have decided, since the chalk factor does not matter, as talked about in my previous article, I will give out the best fantasy lineups for cashing in on fanduel. This information is usually paid for from handicapper sites like or other higher paying sites.

Here is my personal “Chalk Lineup” on Draftkings that you can always modify by 1 or 2 players as I would always recommend due to injury status changes and/or vegas line changes.

See below the lineup for more on generating lineups in multiple contests, increasing your cash flow per your winnings!


Baker Mayfield: 

Mayfield has the presence of mind on the field to avoid the rush and deliver to any open receiver. The rushing yards could be perhaps more but he does run a few time in most games. His numbers have been very consistent in his past 5 games which I like as a sample size.

Running Back

Ezekiel Elliott:

Elliott has very good, most in volume and with the Cowboys trying to shore up the division, they will continue to lean heavily on him. I can’t see Phila. shutting him down as they are average and they have to content with the emerging Receivers along with Dak. I also like S. Barkley but they won’t provide as much volume as Elliott and could start dispelling more with W. Gallman to preserve his high risk style of running.

Phillip Lindsay:

Lindsay has everything you need in this price range of only 6,300 making him very playable as a 2nd RB instead of the risky options of guys that are filling in for injured players like on the 49ers and steelers, as I will save those for tournaments and hybrid lineups. The consistent money is in Lindsay as they have very few viable options on that team with E. Sanders out for the rest of season.

Wide Receiver

Keenan Allen:

Allen has been a mainstay this season after a slow start, as he has gotten some great matchups, the bengals offense is average DvP and getting worse. The slot matchup in particular is one of the worst in the league.

Julien Edelman:

Edelman has his competition in this offense, and there is a slight risk of the game blowing out and Edleman not being used, but I don’t think this will happen. The spread is only 7 points, and the dolphins DO NOT run a lot of plays per game. The Pats are above average in this particular category, and is a great bump for the offense overall as long as it stays closer.

Chris Godwin:

Godwin has efficient numbers in another favorable matchup as Mike Evans puts him in another favorable position and chalk for the week. How could you not take the value at 4,900 at DK?

Tight End

Vance McDonald:

McDonald could be the most consistent TE on the week at least with the upside of possible TD in the spot but not TD dependent with 5 targets per game and 70+ yards per game.


Bruce Ellington:

His floor is fine per the last 3 games, and if he actually breaks one run, despite his nagging injury you can lock him in for this price range unless his status changes, he is expected to play, fits in well with this full point PPR.



The most logical conclusion, is KC for an affordable and potentially big play defense, as surprisingly the Ravens run among the most plays in the NFL, providing more opportunities, with a bonus of HOFer Eric Berry if he returns. Even without they have performed well most of the year.

UPDATE:So this lineup is set for lock this sunday morning as there are no hikups so far after 7 am.

So if you want to make multiple lineups fast and diversify your lineups by 2-3 unique players, adjusting your exposure to certain players in up to 100 lineups at a time within the cap salary, and with as much randomness as you want, visit the for a 30 day trial for next to nothing

Here’s a few photos of the mass lineups generator when you go there:

Also here’s what happens when you click on the button “Generat Lineups!

These are my actual lineups generated by the system in Cash games for these week 14 matchups. The only QB I don’t like is Stafford so I will adjust.

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  1. This is really going to help in choosing my best fantasy lineup for 50/50 fan duel. I really love how every single position of players were given appropriate reason and explanation for choosing them. This makes me choose players with more knowledge. Thank you so much for this lineup with super explanations.

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