Best Fantasy Football Strategy for 2018: Game Stacks

For those who are familiar enough with the fantasy football strategy of stacking here are some things to incorporate into your game for 2018.

Game stacks actually work best in other sports like MLB and NHL if you are into those types of sports. I will occasionally make an article on those topics as well for game stack. However the right 2 or 3 players from an NFL team or game will further enhance your ability to separate yourself from the field. I will now explain the strategy.

What is a Game Stack?

A game stack is not a traditional stack where you simply make a connection commonly used with a QB/WR combo or a TE perhaps joining the 3 together as well. With a traditional stack, NFL analytics can do well for you if you are able to understand the NFL game and choose the teams that are utilizing the analytics aspect of the game with teams that are successfully utilizing 4th downs for example, you will give yourself a huge edge!

An offense like the Philadelphia Eagles will be very interesting this 2018 year. Because they are aggressive and take more shots in the passing game on first to 4th down, they are taking the calculated risk of out scoring their opponent by perhaps a large number. So while this game stack strategy may be difficult to calculate who will even get the ball and get touchdowns, it may be easy to see, that the team the is opposite of them, depending on how good the offense is in the passing game. This team may have the opportunity to make big chunks of yards in the passing game as a general rule. The only problem is, with a defense as good as the eagles, you could have your team committing turnovers in this situation, running up the Eagles Fantasy DST. In this scenario, Eagles offense = Eagles DST game stack.

Whats the difference between a Game Stack and a Regular Stack?

A regular stack really gives no consideration the game within the game, or the total game opportunity for the opposing team as expanded on in the previous example. As a more simple example let’s say a team plays good defense, like to run the ball, and should be ahead vs. their opponent. You then have yourself a RB/DST game stack.

What are the best Stack Combos Overal?

Best Fantasy Football Strategy for 2018

As we can see according to the picture, the rule is that the QB-WR stack is the most viable option to use. You could also be creative with the RB-DST, RB-WR, QB-TE, and even WR-K.

Let’s get Real in NFL DFS

The odds of getting a large cash payout in the daily fantasy space is kind of rare. In order to obtain the very best daily fantasy football strategy for winning upwards of $1000’s of dollars it can be a realistic way, using enough game stack and regular stack lineups. Now most people are busy and have limited time to research NFL statistics all day.

However, you can runs 10’s to 100’s or even a 1000 stack at the touch of a button providing yourself with enough potential scenarios based on team analytics and the MOSTLY all wise vegas lines to be profitable each and every week provided you have the hedge of Cash games, or in other words contests where around %50 of the entries win profit!

How could such a task be operated?

Well how do professionals generate their lineups? Using Rules such as shown on screen here:

Best daily fantasy football strategy for stacking
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As you can see where the curser is, on CREATE NEW RULE, this tool with the DFSArmy allows you to create the exact type of stack you want and with diversification across as many lineups as you want.

You can join the research strategists who offer personal assistance and coaching through their war rooms and provide guidance weekly with exclusive articles, research, spreadsheets, and many more tools such as the one shown.

Would you like further evidence that this and other strategies shown works? Not only is their a wall of wins provided as the experts post their results, but here is showing the results of the quarter tournament and the winning that usually occur because of this similar strategy:

We are using Fanduel for this example

best fantasy football results 2018

As shown, I finished 21st of  of thousands and won an easy $20. The guy who had 3 finishes in the top 10 was “runningupacheck”, from the DFSArmy with the logo.

I had never seen or realized the extent of the dfs team of dfsarmy, and the results they are getting until I personally joined and started using all of their tools and coaching, to see greater results.

Most importantly, I have a good time this football season, and lower your losses with solid strategies for 2018

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Do you have any success stories to share?

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