Best Fantasy Football Picks for Week 8: Gpp or Season long

When making the best fantasy football picks for week 8 of the nfl season you can take some of these guys in DFS or in your season long football leagues. These plays have a change to go off the radar in many cases this week.

These picks are based off of intense research into the matchups for this week using a number of resources for the week.

I may very well be editing these picks as things update throughout the week as more players’ status are updated and more research is done. I will do a final update of my favorite picks and why ready for early sunday morning. 

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Best Fantasy Football Picks

Best Fantasy Football Picks week 8

Best Fantasy Football Picks gpp

These picks are for the main slate of Draftkings and Fanduel and entail an ownership of less then %18 ownership on Draftkings as of Wednesday night.

Baker Mayfield: Its a very interesting scenario with Baker. He does better without OBJ as his superstar receiver of whom he was forcing the ball to. At about %6 ownership compared with his counterpart on the other side, Derek Carr as the projected highest owned QB on the slate, I am getting as much Mayfield as I can to be different.

Jarvis Landry: As the obvious choice of the other side of the stack as the recipient of Mayfield with a modest %9 ownership, its a locical conclusion against a defense that has a good CB or 2, however Landry is always a mismatch in the slot. No OBJ here.

Nelson Agholor: A former 1st round pick is out to get his money as he’s the top dog in this WR core. Corresponds well with the deep threat notion of the raiders.

Aaron Rodgers: This is a bit insane with the implied total on the game and past performances vs. this division rival to only be about %6 owned, but its another way to get exposure to the highly owned Davonte Adams once again this week as we were on him last week in cash and tournament type play. Stack them up when you can.

Le’Veon Bell: Bell is out for revenge on Gase. Unless you don’t know the history here you’ll understand.

J. Meyers: A value pick you’ll nee/want as the Patriots are completely decimated, had 6 targets last week but a wind speed there of 22 mph makes it higher risk.

Colt Defense: Don’t just wing the defense/special teams. Colts have quite an advantage here in turnovers on the season vs. a team that can turn it over, leading to TDs.

Dionte Johnson: As people are scared off by the Baltimore defense, I think he’s the next best thing to Antonio Brown right now. Mathup proof in a game that needs trick plays or something to get offense, don’t mind Chase Claypool either.


4 thoughts on “Best Fantasy Football Picks for Week 8: Gpp or Season long”

  1. So it’s funny because I was doing a lot of research about fantasy football the other day just to see what it’s about. Now this is just so cool I like the whole idea of the fantasy football! Though I don’t know much about football I been learning!! 

    But this is a big deal lol

    With the way categorized the weekly plays and such really helped me learn so much more about fantasy football. 

    When using the draft boards is that where I would start at? Basically I am asking is that the first place to go when getting into fantasy football?

    1. For this week, I would probably stay with the picks on this page that I am prioritizing. More info to come on your question on where to start in mid-season like we are now. 

  2. Great to see your picks of the week and this is definetely what I would be looking to make use of for this week since you are an expert at this. Recently I have not been following so well because of a little family issue but it’s good to have someone like you who has the best recommendation on the best pick.

    1. Jackie, I hope you are able to get through that situation soon. Going through something difficult makes it hard to concentrate at time for sure. Maybe this is a bit of escape for you. 

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