Best DFS Research Sites for 2019: Tournament Advice

When it comes to the best DFS research sites for 2019 when looking to win in tournaments, it would be quite a long one to see who consistently wins at them.

Here is a video explanation breakdown:

The 3 Main DFS GPP Sites

  When it comes to the best DFS research sites for 2019, when looking to win in tournaments specifically, as long as you balance out your hard earned cash with %50’s and double ups, you can be well on your way to a profitable experience in DFS using these research sites.

We will go ahead and touch on my top 3 resource sites for daily fantasy sports research and give you some sport specific sites as well.

Here are the sites we will now cover along with links to those.

Now we will talk strategy for these sites and their more specific use so that you will get a broader understanding of these sites whether you are a seasoned veteran or a rookie to the game.

Here is a quick backdrop to your desired mindset and strategy.

In any dfs sport, you need to differentiate the players that have the basic floor stats from the players are are projected perhaps with a volatile amount of points to be scored.

Since we are working with accurate projections on our spreadsheets based on stat history, we need not go by total season numbers to determine like we once perhaps traditionally did in season long fantasy football. We would much rather adjust or bake in our estimated projections going into a particular game based on recent performances, matchups, and peripherals that give the player the needed detailed stats, creating opportunities for high scoring performances.

We also look at fantasy points scored in a different way. Rather then looking simply at the fantasy points per game offered on any dfs site, we look at a sample size 20-5 games, creating check points for each range. I show exactly how to do this in some of my recent videos. They may not be exciting but effecting in weeding out players you cannot trust, or looking at players with high enough upside to project for tournaments or a mixed hybrid of the two.


Sportsline offers a 10k projection system great mostly for tournaments as they offer a simple value system which ranks as Great, Good, Fair, and Fade. When considering fading a player or not using, this is the designation on the site used. A great play is difficult to pass up, even in cash games. They also offer the handicapping pool of players for cash or tournaments, and finally an actual lineup you can use, I would recommend for smaller field tournaments/hybrids, or using it along with switching 1 or 2 players as you progress from being a beginner.


The Draftdashboard offers unique and fairly robust systems for a style of research that is sortable based on the stats and peripherals you want to use daily. What’s very unique about this is that the application allows you to save the players you are watching for your own pool of players as long as you would like. The creates the advantage to watch the exact players you want optimized into your lineups, giving you more control over those lineups.

DFS Army

The DFS Army gives you recommended plays daily through spreadsheets, the domination station optimizer, and articles that provide highly proven and robust optimized lineups. In fact as many lineups as you want to fulltime dfs players in the industry. This is where we get our initial data from in our elimination process for cash and tournament plays every day.

Any questions on any of these sites and how to use them?

My Watched NBA GPP Plays:

Best NBA Research Sites 2019

Great Value Plays: 

Jahlil Okafor is questionable, so look for some interesting plays there with Anthony Davis and Julius Randle. 

Joel Embiid and Boban Marjanovic are out for the 76ers, meaning a guy named Bolden will apparently get the nod there, with other guys in the rotation being real beneficiaries. 


4 thoughts on “Best DFS Research Sites for 2019: Tournament Advice”

  1. You sure know your stuff.  I didn’t know how people keep track of all these different elements other than pure interest, and now I know where to go to pin down all this information.  I’ll be honest, I’m not super sportsy, but it would be good to keep up a conversation with the sports-fans among my associates.  This is good stuff to know about.  I’ll bring up the sites you’ve analyzed the next time a conversation comes up and see if I shock someone with my newfound information.  🙂  Thanks. 

  2. Hey Andy! I’m interested in taking my fantasy football to the next level. You mentioned videos you made to weed out players you can’t trust. Where are those? 

    Also, do you use all three sites interchanteably, or are some better at some things than others. Or maybe I mean, which would be your favorite, if you had to choose or is the best for beginners? 3 just seems like I’d be overwhelmed! Thanks, man. Appreciate the help

    1. No Problem Kristin, its s learning process. Sportsline is best for beginners to start getting familiar with good daily fantasy plays

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