Andy Gallagher’s 2020 NFL Draft Board Wide Receiver Rankings

I continue my 2020 NFL Draft Board Rankings here with the Exciting bunch of guys at wide out.

Using film study and preparation from many sources, these rankings are fluid leading up to draft day.

For a full 25 player ranking see Andy Gallagher’s ranking sheet here

  1. Jerry Jeudy

As one of the best overall players in the draft, he could be a top overall player in this league very soon. There was quite an impressive list of WR’s in college football in 2019 and so there will be in 2020 as well with a stout graduating class for next year. I’m glad I don’t have the job of choosing 2020 NFL Draft Board Wide Receiver Rankings Jerry Jeudybetween these guys on a team, because they are similar with very high seasonal fantasy upside. What I love about Jeudy the most is his deep ball separation which will of course close in the NFL. The same for all of these guys.

2. CeeDee Lamb

Lamb probably a combination of all the best traits of these top 5 WR’s. That’s includes leaping ability, separation, route running, ball skills, body control, speed, and hands. Lamb is elite at all of these except straight line 2020 NFL Draft Board Wide Receiver Rankings CeeDee Lambspeed. His rankings may change shortly to #1. He has been the #1 receiver with the most impressive fantasy stats in college football helping Jalen Hurts attempt a run at the hiesman trophy if not for Joe Burrow

3. Henry Ruggs

Ruggs sets up as the fastest field stretcher in the draft. His explosiveness down the field and in short to intermediate routes is also impressive. 2020 NFL Draft Board Wide Receiver Rankings Henry RuggsDefinitely worth the 3rd sport in the WR rankings. Will fill in nicely in the slot area with enough toughness to block as well. 4.27 speed is ridiculous.

  1. Laviska Shenault

Love his strong body build, as he has amassed 7 rushing TD’s in his college career to go along with an excellent skillset for the NFL as he has great over the top or under ball skills. Has won the majority of jump balls in his career. A very versatile player who lines up everywhere you need him. I see no reason why he won’t be a key value piece as a starter. He takes the ball out from defenders or draws the pass interference down the field and gets open in a lot of over the middle routes. Laviska was a standout fantasy performer at the CFB level, and I believe he will find similar production soon in the NFL.

  1. Tee Higgins

His long and lengthy body control creates opportunities for mismatches in tight space, as we will be and end zone go to target as well as up and down the sideline. Trevor Lawrence had so many great options and dominated at the collegiate level with superior abilities of this guy along with a high draft pick for next year in Justyn Ross. Higgins displays great concentration, body control, footwork, and run after the catch for any system in the NFL. His sideline catches have offense coached mouths watering and -defensive coordinators grasping for air. Tons of production at the collegiate level.

  1. Justin Jefferson

Jefferson is smaller and faster then he actually appears on tape in my opinion. He seems like a possession type of receiver, however he has the upside based on his speed in the 4.4 range to get downfield and stretch the defense. I believe he could get better. His production lived up to his athleticism in 2019. I’m not sure how all of this translates to the NFL because of how easy it was in this offense with Joe Burrow at the helm to thrive. I believe their best WR will come out next year.

  1. Jalen Reagor

What immediately stood out with Reagor is his ability to get body position on his defender, securing the catch and run or end zone catch compared to the competition. Another exciting defense stretcher with the speed to go down the field, take it on a reverse, or return a kick. Scouts say he cannot run a route, however his speed should be the best on a team, and he’s dominated in the Big 12 level. I love his ability to win out on any ball thrown his way.

  1. Brandon Aiyuk

Pronounced I-yook by commentators, this guy plays bigger then his size at only 5-11. Some project him as a first rounder, but I would take him in the 2nd. No real concerns with him as he can be a utility sort of player returning kicks and does really well on the slants and in routes to go along with decent down field stretch ability and big play ability.

  1. Denzel Mims

Mims makes a lot of great catches as his radius for doing so is good along with his speed that would bump him up here getting below 4.4 in the forty yard dash at the combine. Very consistent performer in all his seasons collegiately. For whatever reason, he could not get open for the big 12 championship game vs. Oklahoma and one of the best man for man cover corners in the NCAA. He did however block aggressively well. Separation holds him back perhaps against elite cornerbacks.

  1. Gabriel Davis

Tons of production in fantasy NCAA at this level leads me to want to believe he can do similarly in the NFL. This is where we have to be careful is vs. the competition. They unfortunately have not played anyone in the major conferences other then LSU in the Fiesta bowl in 2018. His backup QB allowed him enough opportunities to showcase his competitiveness in this game. The 2nd round is a good place for him.  There were missed opportunities there. I believe if his 40 time were sub 4.5, we would be catapulting him into the 1stround.

4 thoughts on “Andy Gallagher’s 2020 NFL Draft Board Wide Receiver Rankings”

  1. Ruggs and Lamb are two prospects I’m really high on. While receiver doesn’t appear to be a top need for my Browns (unless they do decide to trade OBJ and I think they’re listening to offers – just to see if there’s anything worth taking but I think he’ll be in a Browns uniform in 2020), I could see them grabbing someone for the slot position if they don’t think Higgins or Damion Ratley are the guys for the job. If someone like Ruggs or Lamb fell to even the second round, it’d be hard to pass them up. 

    1. I like that option for them Todd. As my team as well I was wondering what could happen with OBJ but  I’ll consider him part of the team for the season, especially if perhaps they start having success in the passing game. Thanks for insight for sure

  2. The fact that i have come to learn something tangible from this post is satisfying. The make of your website is nice and the simplicity of the color selection makes it beautiful. i was with the thoughts that laviska shenault would be at the top of that list. he is a great player and with experience.

    1. Thank you Smoochi, like the name, and the comment as well. Glad that its satisfying to your today, more are coming. I just have to finish out the defense

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