Andy Gallagher’s 2020 NFL Draft Board Tight End Rankings

I continue my 2020 NFL Draft Board Rankings here with the Exciting bunch of guys at tight end.

Using film study and preparation from many sources, these rankings are fluid leading up to draft day.

1. Brycen Hopkins

I’m mentioning it with a lot of these guys but Hopkins is THE most versatile utility man that can play just about any position on offense whether that be out wide, slot, inline pass or run blocking, he can also line up at fullback or H-Back as a valuable swiss army knife on any offense.

2. Adam Trautman

Trautman perhaps has the best range of outcomes as to his possible value to an NFL team. His small division film did not get a lot of notice until he hit the combine. His performance was probably the top of the heap at this position. His dominating ability makes him worth at least a 2nd round pick.

3. Hunter Bryant

Very nice receiving ability like a true possession receiver who can also take it deep over the shoulder. Smaller size makes him a liability at blocker. Nice job at getting open wherever he is lined up.

4. Thaddeus Moss

I watched Moss earlier in the season and never realized the possibility of this being the son of Randy. He can make sideline catches like a WR and has devastating skilled blocking! I would have loved to have seen him more involved in the offense but his aggressive style shows off anyway. I don’t recall seeing him in any combines as of yet.

5. Cole Kmet

A very skilled player at getting open down the field in passing downs, many times inline, and very skilled in run blocking as well. Questionable as to whether this translates into a first round grade.

6. Jered Pinkney

The best blocker in the draft at tight end. He can also get down the field in stretching the defense and know when to disengage, and get into the end zone in the read zone, and has a nice size frame and workout body.

7. Harrison Bryant

Bryant has a total game with great balance as he’s able to line up everywhere get downfield for a tight end and get to the sideline in critical situations. Works the red zone very well with patience and balance. Good at the point of attack on the line.

8. Cheyenne O’Grady

His athleticism, awareness, and power at the TE position comes to life instantly when you throw on his highlights. He was a consistent option for the Razorbacks. Has quite an edge on the field as he should be feared by offensive coordinators league wide. His blocking is fine as he lined in in line or out wide at times. Like an Antonio Gates. He also showed a very good combine with great hands.

9. Josiah Deguar

Is considered by scouts to be a versatile TE. I however don’t like his blocking really on any down or formation that I have seen him. I do love his ball and receiving skills. Beautiful plays down the field are always tougher in higher competition, but he looks the part.

10. Jacob Breeland

Breeland is a utility guy who can do a lot of things from receiving at different levels of the receiving ladder to blocking from inline or wing. Shows enough ability to stand out as a wide receiver.

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