Andy Gallagher’s 2020 NFL Draft Board Running Back Rankings

I continue my 2020 NFL Draft Board Rankings here with the Exciting bunch of guys at running back.

Using film study and preparation from many sources, these rankings are fluid leading up to draft day.

Here is my complete rankings list at the TheDraftNetwork

Here’s the Combine showcase to start with:

After having watched these kids and their physical abilities of what they can show, we do have to make some tough choices in order to rank them.

  1. De’Andre Swift

Swift is the most NFL ready prospect at the position other then the next guy, as he displays overall ability in the major facets of the game being running, receiving, and blocking. The concern for me is injury, making it very possible to pivot at any time to one of the following guys if it fits the offensive system of the team that is drafting him, resulting in a better football player as well as fantasy player. What I love about Swift is his ability to stay in the game even when its out of hand. Vs. LSU as no other RB has shown this type of game ability, which is valuable in fantasy football reminding me of Josh Jacobs with the Raiders.

2.Clyde Edwards-Helaire

The comparison that has been thrown out there is Darren Sproles. There are a few that have similar ability in this draft to Helaire, which makes it one of the best quality drafts for running backs I have ever seen. I have been evaluation film on draft prospects since 2012 for a point of reference.

3. JK Dobbins

You could easily make an argument for Dobbins being the first RB taken in this draft. Though he did not participate in the combine, he has upper and lower body power as he punishes defenders and caps his breakaway run off with breakaway speed. I see no problem whatsoever with his blocking, and has proven himself as a passing option which did not happen to be as refined as I think he is in the national championship game, however his character and drive on the football field are evidence of him being worthy of first RB overall conversation.

4. Cam Akers

In my opinion Akers is on the same level of ability as the guys above. He may have been at quite a disadvantage compared with the players above because he played on a bad college team. He had fairly how variance last year in fantasy football which I could see depended on the game script as he did not fair well in blowout games. My concern for him being a first running back off the board would the opposing teams taking him out of the game, even though he has pass catching ability.

5. Jonathan Taylor

Dropping down a tier with Taylor, he seems like a work in progress not being ready for the NFL level as the guys above. He may need another year similar to Melvin Gordon. He has all of the physical attributes as his combine shows, however his lack of experience in the passing game has me feeling he wouldn’t be able to take on as many downs as the others, making him more volatile and less utilized, with inability to get the snap percentages he need to be effective on a consistent basis.

6. Eno Benjamin

Benjamin is a guy I like on the same current level as Taylor, probably without as much future upside as Taylor. Eno was a big play performer on the CFB level and very productive in college fantasy football. I’m not sure how this will translate as a potential shared backfield similar to what is run by teams like SF, Seattle, or Buffalo, as these teams use 2 running backs regularly. This is more of a norm in the NFL as I do not see him fitting into an every down back role, but could slide in the dual role.

7.Ke’Shawn Vaughn

Vaughn, being on the same level as the 2 previous guys is a very skilled back. He has traits similar to that of a mix of the top 4 backs in this class, so why is he not on their level? He basically does not have the lateral movement ability of the others. However he is very consistent in hitting the holes needed. His receiving skills are adequate but his pass blocking needs work.

8.Lamical Perine

Not considered a primary back, but could find his way into a committee backfield such as Philadelphia and get a solid opportunity, as I believe he does everything decent that is needed. He lack the power, speed, and agility to be elite.

9.Zack Moss

Moss possesses the NFL caliber traits we like as he should come in off the beach when injury hits or be part of a committee approach for sure. Desirable is perhaps more breakaway speed but for a man of this size of over 220 lbs, I think he will serve well blocking, running, and receiving at the next level. Loved his check down ability in a blowout loss to Oregon in their championship game film.

10. A.J. Dillon

Dillon, has obvious power for a man his size, as what is in question is his breakaway ability and speed. At times he gets caught from behind on longer run plays. He Has a nose for the end zone with great awareness and ability to churn on short yardage situations. Some say he is best suited at fullback, but I don’t believe enough teams will utilize him for that, nor am I sure at all he posseses the extra skill sets needed at the position. Once he breaks a tackle, if he had the breakaway speed, he would be the next Derrick Henry. If he is not successfully utilized in the NFL as a power runner, he may be a great fit for a team like the XFL’s NY Guardians when they return next year.

For my full list of NFL rankings prospects visit The Draft Network

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    1. Wow, great question Hamish, I would love to find out, as I’ll hold out on my site, and continue to provide great content year round as long as I can. Thanks for that question. 

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    1. Hi Ben, glad this got your attention at least. We look to win here, improving our game overall as we prepare for the worst and the best 

  3. This an interesting and helpful site for anybody interested in fantasy football.  Fantasy football leagues are popular with security, close protection security teams in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I served there and know that many of my colleagues enjoyed participating in them.  I will share this site with them as they are highly competitive and the advice you offer, can give them “the edge” that so many of them like to have. The video you link to is really helpful too. This is a terrific niche site covering the NFL and you have a very impressive attachment of archives going back to 2016. 

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  4. Never too early to start thinking about fantasy running back rankings especially when we’re at home a little more than usual these days. I’ve heard a little bit about draftnetwork but forgot about it to be honest, so this is a nice reminder. It will be interesting to see how the season plays out this year and hopefully we’ll get some reassurance soon. I look forward to seeing what you come up with and I’ll be back to check it out.

    1. Glad to help you out here as well, as we all seem to have time so good to keep ourselves busy at this time on things like these. 

  5. Thanks for this video! That was a good run and that’s a nice time. I agree with you in choosing Andy Gallagher. I have been checking his 2020 NFL Draft Board RB Rankings and I’m happy about them. Thank you also for this source you mentioned. I’ll go and check it out! I’m glad I found your site.

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