5 Ways to Profit From DFS MLB, Knowing Nothing About MLB Players!

As a wealthy fantasy football manager, how could you get started to fanduel, or draft kings, winning DFS contests with no experience in daily games in MLB, or Baseball, and be able to win games with no real expertise in this sport?

Well I must say, first that this is not, nor has ever been my cup of tea, in fantasy sports, in fact I have only excelled in football.

Daily Fantasy baseball

However I see this digital age prospect for winning Daily fantasy contests on one of these sites if interested, you will gain the experience winning fast enough.

Here are the major key factors in racking up winnings in Fantasy Baseball starting today.

fanduel daily fantasy

  1. Pull players into your lineup that will give you best matchup possibilities.

This means looking at pitchers as basically your defense, and how the pitcher does in ERA, SOs, and other stats vs. that batter

2. How consistent has the player been over the last few games, showing the recent performance overall of the Fantasy Points Scored.

This can be accomplished by checking the points scored averaged out, or manually checking the Fanduel, or Draft kings scoring section.

3. Making sure your pitcher is not cancelling out a part of your lineup by picking any opposing players to that particular pitcher.

I found this out the hard way of initially playing without noticing as a rookie mistake you can avoid.

4. Taking a look at Fundamental factors

Such as RBI’s that team members will use to get the runners, in on high scoring teams, Power plays, or stats that give you the most fantasy numbers, and for pitches, actual wins, which count in this DFS game

5. And the last key with is much more difficult.

Trying to determine the overall depth of the defense a batter is playing against, along with the overall performance avg of the batter, vs. that defense, or any other defense on a consistent basis for that matter, showing how hot the player really is potentially looking to be vs. this team. While this is related to the 1st point regarding matchups, the game goes much deeper than what you could probably handle at first from a beginners standpoint, and will take years of experience to navigate through all of the statistics and matchups to get the Average Daily Fantasy Value of each player from day to day, with games and matchups every day of the week.

However, there is a tool now able to handle all of this information in one convenient place, and I have only seen one such place to manage, generate, and use all of this info for winning contests such as these.

Get my FreeDFSReport here for a broader perspective on all of the info needed and how to solve the problem of massive amounts of information on massive amounts of games in Daily MLB Fantasy Baseball Contests.

22 thoughts on “5 Ways to Profit From DFS MLB, Knowing Nothing About MLB Players!”

  1. I used to be more involved in fantasy baseball. I’ve since recently stopped participating (everyone be careful as you might get sucked in to spending too much like I did, but if you’re careful enough you can still have fun and make a little money while you’re at it with some strategy!). Anyways, you list a lot of good factors to take into account. You definitely need to do your research before each contest. One thing I took into account that you didn’t mention is what type of ballpark are the teams playing at because some are definitely more geared toward offensive players and some geared towards pitching/defensive players. For example, Coors Field is one that breads offense success, so if there’s a hot home-run hitter/offensive producing player playing at Coors Field, you might want to consider putting them in your lineup. Do your research! Thanks for sharing (I do miss participating in fantasy baseball, but I’m just being safe).

  2. Didn’t know baseball had a fantasy draft. How different is it from football and basketball? And how would one win?

    What type of bets would one place? Are you betting on how many strikes a pitcher would get or something? I’m in a huge baseball town, and if there is a way to win a few coins from the teams’ fabulous play, then I need to learn how.

    1. Wow, sounds like you have the enthusiasm to get started. Looks like I’ll have to make some actual baseball posts here for Fantasy to keep us going.

  3. Probably the most important is the matchup as you mentioned in #1. Pitcher vs batter. However that may take alot of time research. Another stat I look at is the pitcher’s ERA. Also never bet against Kershaw.

  4. This is a great post! I have been looking for information on fantasy baseball as I have mainly stuck more to playing fantasy football and basketball. Now that it is baseball season I am going to give fantasy baseball a go and this article will really help me get started.

  5. I am glad I found your article. I agree, do your research. Even then, you are not guaranteed anything. The players still have to perform. Even a .300 hitter will fail 70% of the time. You just have to do as much research as you are comfortable with, and let the chips fall where they may. I agree though, don’t set a lineup that will be used against your starting pitcher. That would cancel each other out. Great tips in your article.

  6. Hey, Jeremy great tutorial. The men in my family have all played baseball. Even had some that had major league tryouts in their times. Sorry none of them made it. Myself I am not much of a baseball fan when it comes to watching it I will play the game. Not all that good!

    This strategy is very good. Just this tutorial alone will cause me to follow the game. I know you have been asked before do fantasy football have such a tool?

    How long will it take for me to master this tool? Are the stats of the players automatically update as the season goes along. How do you win?

    1. Great Questions, Yes the same tool provides insights into other sports as well including NFL and NBA, automatically updating as needed.

  7. Hi, Andy, I am glad I have found your post, I actually never thought about fantasy baseball before. You have a lot of good information here and I will be looking at this. The video on the draft dashboard was very good as well. Thanks for sharing this information.


  8. Hi, Andy, I am glad I have found your post, I actually never thought about fantasy baseball before. You have a lot of good information here and I will be looking at this. The video on the draft dashboard was very good as well. Thanks for sharing this information.


  9. This is really cool. I play fantasy football and basketball all the time with my coworkers, but its all just for fun. I’ve been looking to make some extra cash off of fanduel now, and i’m glad i came across this site before i started. I don’t know much about baseball, but the tips you laid out will for sure put me in the best position to come out on top. Thanks, very helpful.

  10. Impressive detail and some really useful tips and strategies that I wouldn’t have thought about. Really helpful. Thank you. keith

  11. This is a lot of impressive detail and some really useful tips and strategies that I wouldn’t have thought about. Would be interested to learn about the tools mentioned in the article about measuring the depth of defence. Where do I find out more? Really helpful and would be interested to hear more. Thank you. Keith

    1. Will be glad to bring more, but its actually new to me as far as the baseball part. I have been doing football for years, but have a long ways to go to to where I want to be in baseball leagues. So until then keep posted as I do some actuall tests on this subject for publishing, then you will see how I tweak and refine certain strategies for more wins and higher payouts.

  12. Good post for fantasy baseball! Yes, it is true that you don’t really need to know much about baseball to be successful at fantasy baseball. I find this to be the case for baseball more than other sports, just because of the staggering number of games each team plays in a season providing a larger pool of stats that can be used as predictors. Embedding the how-to video is a nice touch!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Glad you could see, as there are many ways of determining lineups that I will next attempt to talk about in my next post.

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