Detroit Tigers Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

  1. JaCoby Jones

Good HR/FB rate for a ground ball leadoff hitter making this an interesting new bunch of Tigers. Surprisingly very good exit velocity and decent runner.

2. Niko Goodrum

Goodrum did nicely at the cleanup towards the beginning of the year of 2019 as he can get on base and steal a bag as well. Top 50 in speed ranking.

3. Miquel Cabrera

Good Hard hit contact and decent exit velocity. Can still hit a barrel every once in a while. One of the few to go only GPP on in DFS. Must lose weight! he knows it, so we’ll see.

4. CJ Cron

Impressive hard contact, exit velocity, and barrels, for a guy who’s been around for a few years and I believe has not hit stride as he’s hit value the last 2 years of play in DFS.

5. Christian Stewart

I believe Stewart can get his numbers up towards his minor league performance, as he had a grand slam doing well early on in 2019 but did not provide as much value down the stretch. This improved lineup will help.

6. Jonathan Schoop

As a groundball hitter his numbers with Min. jumped up for a number of reason, but at this spot in the lineup hard to believe it could go either way as a volatile play in DFS.

7. Jeimer Candelario

With bottomed out bottom of the barrel numbers there is some upside for the future as

8. Austin Romine

I know he’s a higher profile signee from the Yankees but it concerns me that his power is not diplayed more as he had only one decent ISO or pure pwr yr.

P1: Matt Boyd 29 yr old L

5.7 IPG, abotu 4.5 ERA, as they rank 28th last yr as a team with 5.24. 11.5 K/9 showing massive SO improvement last yr. Fastball slider specialist, does not use much curve, and is working on weight training to get stronger to be able to get better down the stretch.

P2: Spencer Turnbull: 27 yr old R

5.8 IPG, Good fastball and slider., is a so so matchup for lefties or righties batting against him.

P3: Jordan Zimmerman 33 yr old R

Only 4.8 IP per game. 1-13 record. not much K/9. Attack with Lefties at 2 homers/9!!  He’s a placeholder for young guns stepping in.

P4: Daniel Norris 27 yr old L not a traditional starter, as he was limited to 3 innings per game in his last few outing, they have plans to use him a bit more with shortened season, resulting in more time for BP.

5 IPG, had a nice 2018 with over 10 K/9, so has upside in using him. 20 HR’s given up to Righties. Can attack with all hitters.


RHP: Casey Mize:  Righty.

#1 overall pick in 2018, 3+ pitches and outstanding command. Was limited by his shoulder in his minor league results.

RHP: Matt Manning: cut his walk rate and hits per inning in 2019 going 11-5 with a 2.56 ERA in AA as a 21 yr old. Is up towards the level of Mize as a younger prospect.

OF: Riley Greene: widely considered the best pure hitter in the 2019 draft at 6’3″ 200 lbs. hitting .271 with 5 steals, and 29 HR’s across 3 levels of the minors being drafted 5th overall out of a florida high school.

FINAL thoughts. 1-18 vs. Cleveland.

KC Royals Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

KC Royals starting roster potentially:

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  1. Whit Merrifeld: 2010 Round 9 pick 4 

Usually as more of a GB then a FB hitter, always consistent in the #1 role. No trade seems to be in the works during a Virus time at least, as his steals perhaps is slowing down due to age. Great line drive rate. Latest reports have him being at multiple positions so it will be interesting to see what positions in fantasy he’ll be eligible.

2. Adalberto Mondesi: FA with Royals in 16′

Hi Xwoba dropped dramatically with concerns of him being anything beyond a base stealer. Something was wrong last year. 11th in MLB in sprint speed rankings. Looks to try and lead the league in steals in a healthy spot.

3. Jorge Soler: FA in 2014 with Cubs

Could have been even better then his 2019 campaign as he’s currently a complete stud, able to hit high 500 Slugging. He’s not a base stealer but his breakout is well backed by full season of High performance incl. 1st in Barrels. Soler has a high SO rate for ST but don’t be concerned with that.

4. Hunter Dozier: 2013 Draft Round 1 pick 8

A fly ball hitter who has a lot of pop in his exit velocity and nice ISO for raw power numbers. It would be nice if he could sustain it as a great prospect with high rating per prospects reports. Was HBP in ST but hopefully is fine.

5. Salvador Perez: FA of royals in 2011

Very good in barrels, exit velocity, and hard contact. This is all 2018 data as who knows how good he would have been. Let’s see about a bounce back. Homered in ST and there is no health concern other then endurance.

6. Ryan O’Hearn: 2014 Draft Round 8 pick 18

Can get you decent exit velocity, occasionally scoring you a HR. Is young enough to improve but seems limited as an MLB DFS player. Once he gets healthy from COVID he should play vs. Righties but until then the duties go to Ryan McBroom who’s having a good ST.

7. Maikel Franco: FA in 2014 with Phillies

There is reason to think he can get his Homers back up, however his ground ball rate is higher then his FB%. A decent hitter in the 7 hole. Low BA but hit a Grand Slam in ST.

8. Nickey Lopez FA 

Bottom of the barrel in every category except speed. Maybe they should send back down. Usually not a DFS option. Will be an everyday starter.

DH spot between Brett Phillips and Bubba Starling.

SP1: Danny Duffy: Drafted 2007 round 3 pick 2

Had highest HR rate of career last yr. 1.45/9. Consistently above %20 SO rate. Opening day starter ready.

SP2: Brad Keller: 2013 Draft Round 8

Not a SO pitcher but does not give up a lot of HR’s with a high GB rate. Looks to take his spot in rotation soon.

SP3: Jakob Junis: 2011 Draft round 29

Almost a SO per inning but 1.6 HR/9 was high. Should miss the first rotation and hope for the next week’s MU before he gets back from COVID.

SP4: Mike Montgomery 2008 Draft CA’s pick 6

Not much to report on Mike other the he’s moving up in the rotation for #2 fill in spot in a points league. Giving up pleny of runs in ST. Target against in DFS. 1.78 HR/9 last yr.

SP5: Glenn Sparkman: 2013 Draft round 20

2 HR/9. Can’t wait to attack in DFS along with those coming up after him that are left. Given up a lot in ST. Won’t give you innings as he’s a RP.

SP6: Jorge Lopez


Chicago White Sox Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

  1. Yoan Moncado

Surprisingly good exit velocity and hard contact. XSLG also very nice. If you buy into him with his numbers you are looking at a top 10 hitter in the majors.

2. Tim Anderson

With a .399 BAPIP, he SLGed .508 last year, way beyond anything normal form him, however only got 18 HR’s and had 20 the year before. Al realistic SLG % is much lower. Don’t expect much upside except for stolen bases.

3. Jose Abreu

Top 7% of league in hard contact. He should be hammering 25-33 HR’s if healthy for the season. 6th in MLB in barrels and 17 in Exit Velocity.

4. Yasmani Grandal

Very interesting that he was top 1% of league in BB%. His ISO and very good Barrel, Hard contact, and HR/GB rate. He may off the 4 yr 74M contract.

5. Edwin Encarnacion

No one is buying sustained numbers like his from last year as a rent a DH 37 yr old. In a shortened season though, he looks he’s still pretty legit with his career numbers for now before regression hits.

6. Eloy Jimenez

Very good in average Exit, SLG, and Hard contact. His career minor league  and last season’s ISO numbers concurrently agree he’s a real power hitter.

7. Nomar Mazara

A very consistent career HR producer of about 19 HR’s, he’s put together a nice 4 yr carer at only 24. There is massive upside as as well as he had the 505ft blast, which came in 1st among all Max HR distance. His numbers popped up a bit overall from the previous seasons of course.

8. Leury Garcia

Rounding out this exciting lineup, Garcia can get you a stolen base vs. a righty as a switch hitter leading to the top of the lineup for a wraparound stack in DFS with Moncada heading up to the plate if getting past the #9.

Twins Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

  1. Max Kepler

It would appear he still has some room to improve his game as he had but I would rather expect a regression towards his mean in slugging and HR/FB. He still has some of the upside as I see in the barrels he gets.

2. Jorge Polanco

I would also expect regression towards the mean overall with his hitting. A switch hitter that is better vs. Righties with .891 vs.

3. Nelson Cruz

Loved his power hitting last year with some of the best ISO and Slugging. In 2015 he had the same BABIP, hit more HR’s with less ISO. Amazing! As I find it hard to believe his particular numbers will come down much. Also with hard % of 52%, he may hit more homers then last year!

4. Eddie Rosario

I can see Rosario sustaining his numbers even at a low BAPIP like he hast last year because he has done it a couple years ago. Even if dropping a bit in production he should still be a good for power and extra base hitter.

5. Mitch Garver

Garver had outstanding numbers that don’t seem real. He did not fare well at all in his previous rookie season in any stat whatsoever. He has the hard contact % to make him an interesting upside candidate.

6. Luis Arraez

On on base type guy. Not very exciting in any stat cast metric. I am looking for guys like these only if I can get more stolen base upside. Not with Luis.

7. Sano goes up and down in terms of BAPIP and HR/FB ratio every year. He is due for a down year. Last year’s numbers were surprisingly good as I never seemed to hit on the right days as he bring XSLG, Exit Velo, & Barrel.

8. Marwin Gonzalez

Hit his peak in 2017 as the HR hitting year did not help him. Decent average exit velocity. Had 12 bases stolen in 2016.

Baltimore Orioles Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

  1. Austin Hays

In only 69 PA’s we have to go with minor league data as there is nothing outstanding that I see there. What he has done in the majors in 21 games is get on base. He should be the lead-off hitter.

Too bad they lost Jonathan Villar

At SS/2nd base.

2. Hanser Alberto R  .305 avg 2b/3b

Interesting sophmore guy as he had the majority of his PA’s in 2019 in the majors despite spending 3 years on the Rangers roster. He’s a batting average guy with high ground ball numbers.b

3. Anthony Santander R OF with 21 hrs last year due to his .216 ISO, with 261 BA.

As a popular low cost DFS option this could be the heart of the lineup. He could get better as the season progresses.

4. Trey Mancini OF- has a tumor in his colon.

This cleanup hitter showed impressive ability to drive in runs with .244 ISO last year. His XSLG, Barrel, and Exit Velo back it up but only for a season. He could be steadily improving instead regressing back to the norm. 28 yrs old.  Replacement:

Dwight Smith: 27 L in 357 AB .241 avg 13 HR 53 rbi 5 SB

DJ Stewart: 26 L OPS and OBP were higher vs Lefties, only 4 HRs those were vs vs Righ

5. Renato Nunez  R 26 3b/dh

Has potential to increase his exit velocity. His .216 ISO 31 HR season did not seem like a fluke. Also a good spot for DFS on this salary saver team. BA avg low but wOBA of .323 not bad.

6. Rio Ruiz 25 L  3b

Did not excel  any category. However he does get his HR’s off of Righties. He will either regress back to the minors or get better. Made to the Astros and Braves high A ball but I couldn’t find anything outstanding.

7. Chris Davis 34 L 6,3 230 1b

With 2 consecutive years all his numbers being below avg. for any MLB player, does he have anything left?

8. Pedro Severino  C 26 R

He’s worked his way up to good Xwoba. Last yr was only .221 Don’t expect much power. In over 600 PA in career.

9. Richie Martin: 25 R SS only 283 ABs

Low BA 10 SB good fielder.

P1: John Means L significantly better vs lefties in every category. His innings went down in 2nd half of season. Only 39 innings pitched vs lefties. 12-11 record as young call up last yr.

The good news is;

officially named the Opening Day starter before play was suspended, but his schedule lined him up for the duties. Whenever play resumes, Means figures to lead the Orioles’ rotation, working ahead of veteran Alex Cobb. Means is coming off of a breakout 2019 season, during which he posted a 3.60 ERA and 1.14 WHIP while walking just 38 batters across 155 innings.

Alex Cobb: 32 R 6’3”

Really highGB rate guy. Only 2 games started last year. SO to Walk rate 3% higher vs. lefties so higher SO higher there.

completed a simulated game Inmarch, . Cobb developed a blister earlier in the week that resulted in him being scratched from his scheduled Grapefruit League outing, but his ability to face hitters in a controlled setting implies that the affected finger isn’t much of a concern. should be completed healed by the time the Orioles reconvene for workouts.


Toronto Blue Jays Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

  1. Bo Bichette R 200 PA performed well, power 30 HR upside, good eye at the plate  20 SB upside

Bichette made his anticipated major league debut last year in a big way. I thought we would get more steals from him as I would expect more this season. I also think his ISO will regress as his BABIP was high.

2. Cavan Biggio

He throws Right but Bats Left only. Seems much better vs. Righties as he showed some power there. Also has good speed and plate discipline. avg .234

3. Vladimir Guerrero

Looking like a DH spot guy due to poor fielding. Looking back at his Father’s stats which you can do with any of these BJ’s, I found that he was a great power hitter. He has Great ISO, SLG, and BABIP was .316. The son stands out as of course potentially reaching that some day, but I believe it will take a couple years, as his minor league numbers also implied, not swing up to a great level out of the gate.

4. Lourdes Gurriel Jr.

A decent player. Does not stand out in any way. Decent XSLG and Hard contact. Did not get enough playing time last year.

5. Randal Grichuk

Nice Isolated power numbers along with low BAPIP that stand out to me here, he could be the most productive hitter on the team. Has proven potential for better SLG per his XSLG then he did last year.

6. Rowdy Tellez

With just about benchmark for Exit Velocity, Tellez could power his way into a Decent amount of RBI’s. I would like to see him hit more vs. Lefties, as it appears he had better numbers even though he’s a Lefty himself.

7. Teoscar Hernandez

Hernandez had a 7% increase in HR/FB rate over the previous year. A large increase in XSLG vs. the fast ball should have teams throwing the other stuff vs. him. He has the good exit velo though.

8. Danny Janson

The BAPIP was very low as well as the HR/FB ratio. Maybe an average catcher. Good pipeline player. DK, having on radar.

Robbie Ray

Good SO pitcher who does gave up decent exit velocity last yr after allowing a lot of velo and hard contact in his previous 2 seasons . 70% of his balls are 4-seamer and slider. These are also his best 2 pitches.

Ray plans to pitch with an over-the-top motion out of the windup this season — a Max Scherzer, Jack Flaherty-esque movement that he hopes will help him create better timing and a more direct finish to the plate. The genesis of the change began in part with a recent consultation with former D-backs ace Zack Greinke.

P1: Jin-Ryu 33 R 6.2 IP impressive for being with the dodgers. 14-5 as staerter projecting as best starting pitcher. 8 K/9 for career. Career ERA just under 3 3.2 xfip last yr

P2: Chase Anderson: 32 R 5.1 IP with Brews. ERA 4.2 but xfip of 5.26 start to think about attacking with righties gave up .532 SLG  vs that side. .280 BA.

P3: Tanner Roark; 33 R 5.3 IP

had 8.6 K/9 with 1.5 HR/9 susceptible to lefties with .502 slug allowed but gave up plenty of homers to righties as well.

P:4: Trent Thornton 26 righty. 5.3 IP

look to attack with all batters. 1.4 hr/9 and is a fly ball pitcher. Era for career 4.8.


Boston Red Sox Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

  1. Andrew Benintendi

Some say Benintendi will be a bust like the rest of the Red Sox this season. However, this may be a good spot as a lead-off hitter. It appears to me that he has enough to be productive at that or any other spot in the lineup as his fly ball rate has increased even though he’s decreased in other areas.

2. Rafael Devers

Devers has overall great numbers last year. You just don’t hit 32 HR’s and not have proven yourself to some extent. His is backed by a consistent 17% HR/FB ratio. Amazing improvement last year.

3. Xander Bogaerts

Bogaerts had some interesting power numbers that we don’t know for sure if they will sustain, While he also 33 homers, these numbers are irregular compared with his previous 5 seasons.

4. J.D. Martinez

All X numbers remain consistent over his career span. You really just want to play the Righty vs. Lefties. Not good vs. Righites in the road. Fine at home

5. Alex Verdugo

Verdugo put up some solid mid range numbers overall for a rookie. He may not be slugging .475 based on his XSLG of only .452 unless he improves in extra base hits. Not a lot of power.

6. Michael Chavis

His .347 BABIP may have him a bit lucky for his rookie campaign, I wonder if he can get his his ISO and SLG up, he could develop when given the opportunity if he can get his SO’s down.

7. Christian Vazquez

The season was very out of the ordinary you could say compared to all prior seasons. He showed substantial improvement as a power hitting catcher but he is too old to really develop beyond this point.



TB Rays Starting Roster: STAT Cast Breakdown

In this article and video I am giving you a breakdown as the title states “stat cast breakdown for the TB Rays starting roster.” This is because the advanced stats along with where to find them give you some options to look for as we come closer to home when it comes to getting sports back in some safe way. You would need some basic knowledge of baseballl stats in order to obtain some takeaways from this post.

StatCast Season Evaluation

This will help gauge what kind of production to expect from this TB Rays lineup moving on into post sports  blackout days.

  1. Austin Meadows

Meadows showed off top 25 Power with bat strength. His 547 XSLG % shows evidence of a really, really good hitter who did his time in the minors.

2. Brandon Lowe

Lowe has secured a starting spot in the lineups without losing his coveted #1-3 slot as his X numbers are in line with his seasons performance. Not sure if he can sustain those numbers vs. Lefties.

3. Yandy Diaz

Diaz started hitting homers with one of the best exit velocities on the planet once he was traded  to TB. Combine that with very good hard hit contact and you’ve got yourself a hopeful value this season.

Here’s a video for 5/1 if you want to have some fun with these numbers on fanduel and see what happens. Play for free by clicking on the Blue logo to the right if have played daily fantasy baseball. 

4. Hunter Renfroe

Renfroe has progressively gotten better over his few years in the majors, he seems like a seasoned power veteran that I have used many times in GPPs the last few years, now has a better lineups around him. Seems like a lock for 25-35 homers.

5. Ji-Man Choi

With more potential for power, his XSLG vs. fastballs is .523. His Exit Velocity supports that potential and good BB% for very good OBS.

6. Nate Lowe

Showing very good exit velocity and launch angle, he may be able to improve on his HR. This I would back by his .191 ISO.

7. Kevin Kiermaier

Can get you a home run and/or a steal. Ranked 23rd in sprint speed.

8. Willie Adames

Looks like his 20 home runs came from an increased launch angle he created after his rookie year. Had too high of a ground ball rate, as you can’t say his batting average helped him to justify the low power numbers.

9. Mike Zunino

I would expect his HR/FB rate will go back up as consistent as he’s been with his BABIP, he should be hitting fine for ISO well into the .200 range, which gives him good bounce back potential as proven. He had a 116 Max Exit Velo, which was one of the best last year.



Andy Gallagher’s 2020 NFL Draft Board Tight End Rankings

I continue my 2020 NFL Draft Board Rankings here with the Exciting bunch of guys at tight end.

Using film study and preparation from many sources, these rankings are fluid leading up to draft day.

1. Brycen Hopkins

I’m mentioning it with a lot of these guys but Hopkins is THE most versatile utility man that can play just about any position on offense whether that be out wide, slot, inline pass or run blocking, he can also line up at fullback or H-Back as a valuable swiss army knife on any offense.

2. Adam Trautman

Trautman perhaps has the best range of outcomes as to his possible value to an NFL team. His small division film did not get a lot of notice until he hit the combine. His performance was probably the top of the heap at this position. His dominating ability makes him worth at least a 2nd round pick.

3. Hunter Bryant

Very nice receiving ability like a true possession receiver who can also take it deep over the shoulder. Smaller size makes him a liability at blocker. Nice job at getting open wherever he is lined up.

4. Thaddeus Moss

I watched Moss earlier in the season and never realized the possibility of this being the son of Randy. He can make sideline catches like a WR and has devastating skilled blocking! I would have loved to have seen him more involved in the offense but his aggressive style shows off anyway. I don’t recall seeing him in any combines as of yet.

5. Cole Kmet

A very skilled player at getting open down the field in passing downs, many times inline, and very skilled in run blocking as well. Questionable as to whether this translates into a first round grade.

6. Jered Pinkney

The best blocker in the draft at tight end. He can also get down the field in stretching the defense and know when to disengage, and get into the end zone in the read zone, and has a nice size frame and workout body.

7. Harrison Bryant

Bryant has a total game with great balance as he’s able to line up everywhere get downfield for a tight end and get to the sideline in critical situations. Works the red zone very well with patience and balance. Good at the point of attack on the line.

8. Cheyenne O’Grady

His athleticism, awareness, and power at the TE position comes to life instantly when you throw on his highlights. He was a consistent option for the Razorbacks. Has quite an edge on the field as he should be feared by offensive coordinators league wide. His blocking is fine as he lined in in line or out wide at times. Like an Antonio Gates. He also showed a very good combine with great hands.

9. Josiah Deguar

Is considered by scouts to be a versatile TE. I however don’t like his blocking really on any down or formation that I have seen him. I do love his ball and receiving skills. Beautiful plays down the field are always tougher in higher competition, but he looks the part.

10. Jacob Breeland

Breeland is a utility guy who can do a lot of things from receiving at different levels of the receiving ladder to blocking from inline or wing. Shows enough ability to stand out as a wide receiver.

For a more complete list go to my Rankings at TheDraftNetwork

Andy Gallagher’s 2020 NFL Draft Board Wide Receiver Rankings

I continue my 2020 NFL Draft Board Rankings here with the Exciting bunch of guys at wide out.

Using film study and preparation from many sources, these rankings are fluid leading up to draft day.

For a full 25 player ranking see Andy Gallagher’s ranking sheet here

  1. Jerry Jeudy

As one of the best overall players in the draft, he could be a top overall player in this league very soon. There was quite an impressive list of WR’s in college football in 2019 and so there will be in 2020 as well with a stout graduating class for next year. I’m glad I don’t have the job of choosing 2020 NFL Draft Board Wide Receiver Rankings Jerry Jeudybetween these guys on a team, because they are similar with very high seasonal fantasy upside. What I love about Jeudy the most is his deep ball separation which will of course close in the NFL. The same for all of these guys.

2. CeeDee Lamb

Lamb probably a combination of all the best traits of these top 5 WR’s. That’s includes leaping ability, separation, route running, ball skills, body control, speed, and hands. Lamb is elite at all of these except straight line 2020 NFL Draft Board Wide Receiver Rankings CeeDee Lambspeed. His rankings may change shortly to #1. He has been the #1 receiver with the most impressive fantasy stats in college football helping Jalen Hurts attempt a run at the hiesman trophy if not for Joe Burrow

3. Henry Ruggs

Ruggs sets up as the fastest field stretcher in the draft. His explosiveness down the field and in short to intermediate routes is also impressive. 2020 NFL Draft Board Wide Receiver Rankings Henry RuggsDefinitely worth the 3rd sport in the WR rankings. Will fill in nicely in the slot area with enough toughness to block as well. 4.27 speed is ridiculous.

  1. Laviska Shenault

Love his strong body build, as he has amassed 7 rushing TD’s in his college career to go along with an excellent skillset for the NFL as he has great over the top or under ball skills. Has won the majority of jump balls in his career. A very versatile player who lines up everywhere you need him. I see no reason why he won’t be a key value piece as a starter. He takes the ball out from defenders or draws the pass interference down the field and gets open in a lot of over the middle routes. Laviska was a standout fantasy performer at the CFB level, and I believe he will find similar production soon in the NFL.

  1. Tee Higgins

His long and lengthy body control creates opportunities for mismatches in tight space, as we will be and end zone go to target as well as up and down the sideline. Trevor Lawrence had so many great options and dominated at the collegiate level with superior abilities of this guy along with a high draft pick for next year in Justyn Ross. Higgins displays great concentration, body control, footwork, and run after the catch for any system in the NFL. His sideline catches have offense coached mouths watering and -defensive coordinators grasping for air. Tons of production at the collegiate level.

  1. Justin Jefferson

Jefferson is smaller and faster then he actually appears on tape in my opinion. He seems like a possession type of receiver, however he has the upside based on his speed in the 4.4 range to get downfield and stretch the defense. I believe he could get better. His production lived up to his athleticism in 2019. I’m not sure how all of this translates to the NFL because of how easy it was in this offense with Joe Burrow at the helm to thrive. I believe their best WR will come out next year.

  1. Jalen Reagor

What immediately stood out with Reagor is his ability to get body position on his defender, securing the catch and run or end zone catch compared to the competition. Another exciting defense stretcher with the speed to go down the field, take it on a reverse, or return a kick. Scouts say he cannot run a route, however his speed should be the best on a team, and he’s dominated in the Big 12 level. I love his ability to win out on any ball thrown his way.

  1. Brandon Aiyuk

Pronounced I-yook by commentators, this guy plays bigger then his size at only 5-11. Some project him as a first rounder, but I would take him in the 2nd. No real concerns with him as he can be a utility sort of player returning kicks and does really well on the slants and in routes to go along with decent down field stretch ability and big play ability.

  1. Denzel Mims

Mims makes a lot of great catches as his radius for doing so is good along with his speed that would bump him up here getting below 4.4 in the forty yard dash at the combine. Very consistent performer in all his seasons collegiately. For whatever reason, he could not get open for the big 12 championship game vs. Oklahoma and one of the best man for man cover corners in the NCAA. He did however block aggressively well. Separation holds him back perhaps against elite cornerbacks.

  1. Gabriel Davis

Tons of production in fantasy NCAA at this level leads me to want to believe he can do similarly in the NFL. This is where we have to be careful is vs. the competition. They unfortunately have not played anyone in the major conferences other then LSU in the Fiesta bowl in 2018. His backup QB allowed him enough opportunities to showcase his competitiveness in this game. The 2nd round is a good place for him.  There were missed opportunities there. I believe if his 40 time were sub 4.5, we would be catapulting him into the 1stround.