Week 12 NFL DFS Tournament Value Picks

When looking for the best possible plays for your tournament winning using the most popular site Draftkings, I will give you some definite value plays that you will want to have in your week 12 NFL DFS Tournaments. These picks are not a lineup because the best way to actually win with thousands of contestants in the same pool, you want to grab these plays initially, avoiding guys that are overly used in ownership and keep high upside as they need to absolutely have the chance to crush your tournament.

Where to Find Sharp DFS Players

If you happened to have landed on this page and are reading it, these are probably not highly recommended picks by your mainstream fantasy football experts such as those at CBS Sports or some other DFS site. You probably landed here browsing twitter or some other social media, so not people are going to read this, but this site is named wealthy fantasy football for a reason. Its not the prettiest site. Not to be the most popular site in fantasy football nor the best written, but to make myself a better fantasy football player, and a few others as well. So these are the strategies that help others the most simplified.

Remember, the best fantasy football players are not writers. 

You could also perhaps use these on FantasyDraft as they have similar scoring and player pricing.

Once you have these value plays that are hopefully not too popular early in the week. This is being written on wednesday night so you could probably take a few of these guys, even if over %20 owned and then take the usual stud players in high over/under betting matchups.

This way you could easily and simply insert a lineup that has a good chance to cash in and also make sure you create some correlation for a better change as well. For more on correlation see this article to understand it better as its a must read if your not familiar with how to construct lineups using correlation.

If your wondering where to access this daily weekly in NFL, or even NBA, NHL, College Football and other sports?

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Week 12 nfl dfs tournament plays for value

Week 12 NFL DFS Tournament Value Picks

QB: Jams Winston 3.27 Fpts/$

Winston will have many people shying away because of the poor performance last week with a couple picks vs. New Orleans. Can the Falcons duplicate that type of result. They could, but as the best point per dollar value on the slate bar none, he’s worth the risk in testing the Falcons resurged defense. Stack with Evans, Godwin, and perhaps the TE, or even Peyton Barber to be really sneaky. You need to take unusual shots downfield against the grain. Hey, NFL teams do it to throw opponents off, why not fantasy football players.

QB: Carson Wentz 3.25 Fpts/$

Interesting that Wentz is also this low salary wise to pay off in a tournament. Stack with wither of the TE’s, Jeffrey, or Aghalor. Its been very difficult to stuck these guys as they have  not had a 20+ point game in weeks because of a rough schedule, but sure to be low owned.

QB Jeff Driskel 3.18 Fpts/$

Driskel is the other low priced option that helped some people win very large tournaments as no one was on him. I don’t like going back to the well however, the matchup vs. Washington is superb.

Lions Defense 3.05 Fpts/$

Ok, so you have to spend up at least a bit in tournaments as opposed to cash games. I know it seems backwards, but you need your defense to also get a lot of points and with the matchup mentioned its a great spot for Detroit.

RB Miles Sanders 2.86 Fpts/$ 

Ok, he did nothing last week, and people will stay away from him. Rightly so however, his matchup being much more palatable with the Seahawks as their defense is not very good, and they can get into a shootout potentially. I would think about taking the over in the 48 point total, with possible overtime. Thats a difficult thing to call, but worth a shot as neither team is favored to win. Sanders should benefit

RB Le’Veon Bell 2.58 Fpts/$

Bell is way too cheap as long as healthy as he is getting the majority of reliance on his skills in the passing and running game. Don’t understand why he is this low priced on Draftkings.

WR Micchael Thomas 2.46 Fpts/$

Great value here as the stud payup as opposed to going running back payup with all the value above. He is worth it even when highly owned, and in a much better matchup then Christian McCaffrey. Fire him up!


NBA Fantasy Picks Tonight: The Daily DFS Feed

Do you want to know where to go to get nba fantasy picks tonight and daily? If happen to be looking to get serious about daily nba basketball starting tonight, 11/13/119, here’s what I’ll do to make you a much better player today and all season long. If you play the season long grind and places like yahoo and espn, you’ll want to go here as well for your NBA educational knowledge bright and early and throughout the day as news feeds and more podcasts come out for season long players as well.

COACHES Challenge today

We have our coaches challenge so keep posted by following all of our content below to hop on the coaches challenge on FantasyDraft for the rake free multi-entry tournament running on wednesdays at least once a week. You can then say you beat the experts..

Where to Go for NBA Fantasy Picks Daily

I will plug you right in to 5 DFS and many Fantasy Basketball Experts in general for daily podcasts, news updates, and more all for free. Here’s where you go for the Forum, with links to the Podcast to start your day daily, yes thats every day including Saturday and Sunday in case you had the question come up. You can also catch us on our twitter handles here and find the NBA Daily Fantasy Dudes Hoop Ball crew here: @DrewJGallagher More Wealth of knowledge resources here:

NBA fantasy picks tonight

On the Hoop-Ball.com forum referenced above I am providing daily Podcast notes, and other great important Stat feeds for the best ways to optimize your play on the daily.

My Picks for Tonight (Cash Games)

Cash games, in case your not familiar, are games in which around %50 of contests hit the payout. It could also be considered as a 33%, which makes rake free contests so important for cash games, as it provides more for your investment in. The margins and overlay are much more in your favor when playing in the Fantasy Draft format.

Here are my picks based on data, as injuries will come out later, just keep up with the content above to stay on top of things, especially from 6:30-7pm tipoff.

Teams on Back to Back

76ers Traveling on the road (Phila to Orlando) and Portland going home from late game in Sacremento and Lakers back home from Phoenix.

6 Players to Start with Tonight on Fantasy Draft

H. Whiteside: 3.55 Points per $ Dollar

Whiteside has 6 double double this year in points and rebounds. Even though they played in a back to back, he’s only played about 22 min. yesterday so they kept him fresh for today, as he’ll put up another double in Points/Rebounds.

Russell Westbrook: 3.41 Points per $ Dollar

Westbrook also should get you a double double with triple double upside, although his assists are not there like they should be yet.

DJ. Augustin: 3.37 Points per $Dollar

Augustin is a bench player who can do enough to pay his salary and get you superstars today!

Chris Boucher: 3.34 Points per $Dollar

Boucher is a guy you can also use to save a lot.

Hollis-Jefferson: 2.06 Points per $Dollar

Jefferson is the other guy, although on the same team for Toronto with injuries in the front and back court, RHJ really wants to prove he can be used out there as well. Both should get good min. Just be on lookout for any updates to this roster/depth chart through Hoop-Ball forum mentioned above.

Jaren Jackson Jr. 3.29 Points per $Dollar

Jackson has been doing it all in this lineup lately. Multiple categories. He is on the rise.

Enjoy the Great Content and have fun today and every day!

Top Upside Fantasy Football Plays for Week 9 NFL

In this post I am simply putting up the top upside or room to generate large fantasy numbers, without worrying about floor. Whether using this for DFS (daily fantasy sports) or a season long fantasy football league (if you are more desperate for a win and projected to finish 10 points or more behind), you’ll want to consider some of these plays per position for upside.


  1. Russell Wilson
  2. Matt Stafford
  3. Gardner Minshew
  4. Jameis Winston
  5. Dak Prescott
  6. Derek Carr

Running Backs:

  1. Zeke Elliott
  2. C. McCaffrey
  3. L. Fournette
  4. J. Jacobs
  5. N. Chubb
  6. Le’Veon Bell
  7. Aaron Jones
  8. Matt Breida
  9. Derrick Henry
  10. Dalvin Cook


  1. Mike Evans
  2. Kenny Golladay
  3. DJ Chark
  4. Tyrell Williams
  5. Preston Williams
  6. OBJ
  7. Amari Cooper
  8. Dede Westbrook
  9. Dionte Johnson
  10. Curtis Samuel
  11. Stef Diggs
  12. John Brown
  13. Adam Theilen
  14. Tyler Locket
  15. DeAndre Hopkins