College Fantasy Football DraftKings 12pm Slate Overview

For your college fantasy football draftkings player picks for saturday 11/2/19, I know you have come to the right spot. Here I will give you some of my picks for the 12pm Draftkings slate, and its a good one. I will break it down game by game, and reveal what or who I like for each game if any..

College Fantasy Football Breakdown

BC @ CUSE O/U 60 CUSE -3

With 2 very weak defenses, you can take the over if betting on this game. The Boston College Run game I cannot pass on! Here is the main runner’s Projected stat line with a guy that has brought me great success in past weeks as well. Yes, take him for over 20 fantasy points easy! You could run it back with Cuse as well with Moe Neal getting a couple receptions as well.

————— Att                Yards     TD               YPC          Fumble      FP’s

AJ Dillon 25.4 131 1.06 5.2 0.28 21.1
Moe Neal 13.7 58 0.53 4.2 0.14 12.8


NCST @ WAKE O/U 60.5 WAKE -7.5

Another 60 point range game with NCST favored, as this could be a very exiting game! Not sure however why its quite this high, as these teams don’t cover the spread all that great this year. Here’s the players you want to use for sure if you can. Nice rushing upside for Newman. Stack him with 2 of the 2 receivers shown. You could also run back with WR

—————— Att/Com   Yds        TD           Int            FB           FP

Jamie Newman 22/35 275 1.97 0.69 0.19 24.9

———————– Rec      Yds       TD          YPC          FB           FP

Sage Surratt 5.6 93 0.76 16.7 0.01 16.6
Kendall Hinton 4.6 50 0.21 11.0 0.03 9.7
Scotty Washington 3.1 49 0.49 15.7 0.00 9.4
Emeka Emezie 4.9 53 0.22 10.8 0.03 9.0
Thayer Thomas 3.6 41 0.38 11.4 0.07 8.0

MICH @ MD O/U 56 MICH -21

MY initial thought is to fade completely, however having some interest in this Michigan Blowout potential.. That said, I don’t trust anything Michigan is doing as far as consistency.


Nebraska seems to be the play to cover here, however the computers have Purdue by 5. This you can find at You may have to have a subscription to view all of that data. 

The quarterbacks for both teams look interesting here, more for Hybrids and/or tournament plays. If using QB, stack with their best WR’s

Here are the throwing lines, followed by some rushing projections. Robinson below can also get you 4 receptions! PPR Baby!

——————- Att/Com     yds          TD          INT      Fuml             FP

Adrian Martinez 19/29 239 1.25 1.14 0.37 19.7
Jack Plummer 26/44 306 2.38 1.24 0.20 21.9

——————-  Att                    Yds           TD        YPC          FB             FP

Adrian Martinez 13.3 47 0.37 3.6 0.37 19.7
Wan’Dale Robinson 8.0 31 0.25 3.9 0.01 13.6

HOU @ UCF O/U 71 NEB -3

Looks like the highest O/U here. Keep it simple and just fire up Dillon Gabriel and Gabriel Davis.

VATECH @ ND O/U 58 ND -17.5

Not a whole lot of value here other then ND using Book to spread the ball around but no one to really stack him with as a consistent option.

UGA vs. FLA O/U 45.5 UGA -6.5

With Georgia’s predictable style of offense, even though playing a tight Gator defense, I’ll take Swift as he could still get 100 yards and a couple of receptions. You could also take a look at Perine, the RB for Florida if you believe the Gators could score enough points in the +6.5.


I would only touch Cam Akers in this game as they have to rely on him. If you want to take a flier in a larger tournament go with Alex Hornibrook and any one of his receivers. I would stay away from MIA side.


This game could go either way with TCU possibly staying up for this game after the Texas masssacre of an upset last week. Despite the possibility of OKLAST scoring more points the better fantasy option here would seemingly be a Spencer Sanders to Tylan Wallace stack who could easily combine for 32 fantasy points on the day.

UTAH @ WASH O/U 47.5 UTAH -3.5

This is a potential upset with Washington at home, either team could take the game, but I like running back Salvan Ahmed for sure putting up these kind of numbers. Over 20 touches projected.

Att             Yds         TD              YPC       Fuml           FP

Salvon Ahmed 22.3 97 0.66 4.3 0.11 15.1

OREGST @ ARIZ O/U 71.5 ARIZ -5.5

Kalil Tate is the key to this shootout and probably the slate itself. Here are his potential numbers, being Kyler Murray or Jalen Hurst like. Here’s the upside he has..

Khalil Tate 20/32 289 2.50 1.02 0.24 30.7
Khalil Tate 10.1 77 0.49 7.7 0.24 30.7

You could run out naked or even stack with Brian Casteel, also running back this highest over/under of the slate with Isaiah Hodgins with upside of 20 fantasy points easily accomplished.

Big winning for our team last week in NFL contests.

College Fantasy Football DraftKings

DFS Army coaching channels will be active all week.  Every week throughout the CFB season, we will continue to produce superior content for all of our members, including value plays, player selection sheets, highlighted game deep dives and more.  If you would like to take your DFS game to the next level in all sports including NFL, NBA, MLB, Nascar, MMA, Golf and more

Do NFL DFS Projections Matter? Consider Ownership Projections

If you are looking for NFL DFS projections we don’t want you to make poor decision. Therefore, I will direct you to a few places you can go about using projections but don’t forget to consider ownership projections as perhaps being more important.

Why DFS projections do not matter at all in certain DFS sports

When considering the 5 major dfs sports such as MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, CFB also available in the dfs college game, I can tell you from experience that the sport that it matters the least in is MLB. This is becauase baseball has the most variance compared to any other game. A player can have a zero very easily, nullifying any shot at reaching projected score. The sport that projections seem to matter the most is NBA. This is where the numbers add up for all stats fast. Every position in most sports matter as well regarding the amount of variance in the final score of the player’s night.

How to use Projections in Football

When we are speaking in terms of trying to predict offensive player performance in football there is no need to over complicate things. Just find some of the best projection systems and use them in your general projections for the week. Here is where you want to go to get them. You can use the NFL Research Station, Domination station and Spreadsheet projections to find core, cash, and tournament players for each slate in any sport.

NFL dfs research stationyou can Find the Research Station here under the nfl menu. 

You can also go the to Domination station optimizer under the nfl menu as it uses the same projections in the research station, and I can tell you from experience that there have been many times where the Dom station had the best play.

dfs dom station

The also now have live Youtube and Podcasts where you can get questions answered on your lineups or strategy or just watch the replays. You could also watch your own players, sort by position, matchup, and trending factors at the DraftDashboard.

dfs draftdashboard nfl projections showing arrangable dfs stas you can use to watch for your own player pool. 

And lastly, you could also go to for Game odds, analysis, and fantasy value projection, even in college football. Just go to the picks menu as shown below. Click on CFB, NFL, or any other sport.

NFL DFS Projections at sportsline

You then then pick the game you would like to project. you will then scroll down to the bottom of the screen to show these stat projections in detail for a very useful data analysis my friends, including the game score as picked out by the computer as well as experts in betting.

nfl dfs projections cfb

Why you need to know ownership projections in DFS?

Projected ownership is a bit for advanced dfs players because it takes the right mix of players at higher ownership to fade with players with lower ownership to take a slighter risk on for a payoff.

Both the Domination station and the DraftDashboard offer ownership projection estimates. Where they get them from exactly and how accurate they are I am not honestly sure.

When you fade the bum chalk players you put yourself way ahead of the curve if you can find them, as long as your projections or the projections found on with these resources provided here are actually somewhat accurate for that day or night in dfs.

NBA Season is upon us!

NBA season is upon us, and so now as football season is sort of winding down, you can go full swing on NBA DFS anytime where I am a contributor in the NBA DFS Forum found here at

hoop ball forum dfs projections

There we will be breaking down the slates game by game every single day by podcast, projections, ownership, and discussions. See you there!

Best NFL DFS Projections Week 8 2019 Running Backs

Here as a continuation from the last post of on quarterbacks we are running with these running backs for all sites as of friday night, even though injury news needs to be clarified for many players as game time decisions. Manage your teams wisely. projected to being behind in the game especially on the road is a bit dicey, more so then playing a good defense.

  1. C-MAC 22.3 PROJ on Draftkings.

Despite what they say, that this is a tough matchup, the 49ers are beatable and other running backs have gotten yards on them in past matchups. Still a must start for the points.

2. Saquon Barkley 20.2 PROJ on DK

Barkley’s team should also be behind in the game on the road, however the projected total here is at 49 points currently. These first 2 backs are workhorses not only in the running game but get heavy passing work as well.

3. Leonard Fournette 19 PROJ on DK

This guy is in a smash spot as you need him in your lineups. At the same time, he does not get the touchdowns you would expect from a guy that gets as many carries and targets as he does, comparable to the top 2 dudes. Great game script at home and favored in the game.

4. Chris Carson 18.7 PROJ on DK

Carson being on the road, favored, and in a high over/under of 53.5 with Atlanta looking like the worst team in the league has this guy in the next smash spot. Try everything to get him in your lineups unless you fit all three guys above, (not likely anywhere you play)

5. Josh Jacobs 13.6 PROJ on DK

The next guy up as a possibility on your cash roster is a guy who should also be behind in the game, however the total being 51.5 is almost the most massive on the slate as the Raiders don’t have many other options to roll out as he gets over 20 touches a game usually with a team that’s usually behind in games anyway.

6. Derrick Henry 14.9 PROJ

It looks as if the Titans are taking a balanced approach with their offense which will work just fine in the at home and favored scenario. Tannehill is not taking any redzone work away from him. Good upside.

7. Le’Veon Bell 18.3 PROJ

This is about as far as I’ll go as I prioritize RB’s as Bell is a decent play, usually they are behind and still feature him in their passing game too.


Best NFL DFS Projections Week 8 2019 Quarterbacks

As a first look to the week 8 grudge matches I’ll give you the best nfl dfs projections for week 8 specifically on FantasyDraft, since that’s where many of us dfs experts are currently playing due to the rake free contests, so everyone gets more cash, as no one is left out. We have to actually use Draftkings Projections at this time, which is more similar to Fantasy Draft then Fanduel.

Quarterback best options:

  1. Deshaun Watson

+$1300 FD
51 | +6.5

27.9 PROJ

This really seems like a get right game for Houston, as they should throw even if getting a comfortable lead. The matchup is too good vs. Oakland.

2. Russell Wilson: QB1
+$1400 FD

53.5 | +5.5

23.4 PROJ

I’m surprised to see it look this close on the +5.5 point spread as the falcons look really bad. It’ll be interesting to see is this goes up or down for the Seahawks as we’ll also need to see the status of M. Ryan before we decide on this #1 option for the week with no Mahomes.

3. Jered Goff

+$1200 FD
48.5 | +13

19.8 PROJ

Goff has a very easy matchup and should be good vs. Cinncinatti. However, when it gets out of had as projected in game flow as 13 point favorites, it will not result in pass happiness.

4. Matt Stafford

+$1600 FD
49 | +6.5

19.4 PROJ

With Stafford being favored by 6 1/2 at home this script more or less favors the running game as well. Also, Stafford is coming off his best game of the year and its likely he will have a let down game from that high score.

5. Josh Allen

+$1200 FD
43 | +1.5

19.3 PROJ

With a wonderful matchup vs. the depleted Eagles secondary we are used to seeing, Allen could have the best opportunity on the slate. He has a nice floor as he’s favored at home a point and a half. These are the Eagles though.

6. Tom Brady

+$1300 FD
46 | +12.5

19.2 PROJ

Brady has had 3 out of 5 games recently with over 20 points, as this figures to be another grind and pound game versus the problem filled brows. Can they pull out a competitive game ala the Giants?

7. Kyler Murray

+$1200 FD
49.5 | -10.5

18.4 PROJ

Murray has what they say “the cheat code” as he however cannot yet at least perform up to the elite level of fantasy starters. The saints are rough specifically on quarterbacks and the Cards are not in favor here, as the will be forced to throw as much as possible. Let’s see if New Orleans can keep or stop the pace altogether.

8. Matt Ryan

17.9 PROJ

+$1600 FD
53.5 | -5.5

17.9 PROJ

A classic bounce back game scenario here as long as the falcons aren’t AS bad as we think they are. The game script is fine as they will be desperate for their jobs at home. Its really an ideal spot.

Best NFL DFS projections week 8
Best Rake Free Contests including Hooters Main Event: 50K to first

Remember to visit FantasyDraft for rake free easy cash in your pocket as you can much more easily build your bankroll compared to draftkings and fanduel. To find out who the best QB by far on Fantasy Draft is, I will give you that in my next article tomorrow since he is not provided on this list. 

Tomorrow we will set you up for your fantasy running backs on fantasy draft.






What Fantasy Sport is the Best and What are the Best Fantasy Sports Sites?

Its extravaganza of fantasy sports this time of year as every major fantasy sport is almost currently in play with basketball swiftly approaching. There is something for everyone and its truly exciting to be a part of any contest going on right now or in the near future.

I will answer 2 questions in one today as we examine the best fantasy sports, along with the best place to play each sport in season long and daily fantasy games.

The Best Fantasy Sport and Best place to play: NFL Football

While there are many options, NFL fantasy football is still the best out there on a weekly basis. There are so many games and contests going on, especially on sunday. You can even play short slates in fantasy football if you want sunday afternoon, night, or single showdown slates in the daily fantasy games available on various sites. Of all the places I play on right now, I’d say the best and cleanest looking format according to my app preferences is on for season long contests. In daily contests, I am focusing on playing this year in FantasyDraft as they charge the least by far, as long as you play enough entries per month.

Football is still King all things considered. However, these next sports are a lot of fun, and can be very profitable, once you learn and retain the in and outs or the nuisances of the sport itself.

2nd Best Fantasy Sport: NBA

NBA basketball is best played daily as the place to play is probably also on fantasy draft due to the rake free. For pre-season however, its not available if you wanted to jump in as of early to mid October. NBA is difficult to try and predict with any regularity as to who will start, who will be on the bench, or who will rest altogether. Players must basically get the minutes and the consistent peripheral type numbers to correlate into a winning lineup daily as there is not a lot of variance. What Fantasy Sport is the BestFandeul as well as Draftkings has the adjustable lineup feature until tipoff, so you can still swap out players as long as the game has not started yet on larger slates. I will have more analysis on how to attack NBA daily basketball in more detail than what I did last year after the start of the season for 2019.

3rd Best Fantasy Sport: NHL Hockey

Yes my third and really a go to sport in the daily fantasy space is NHL Hockey on Fantasy Draft now as well. This is unique in lineup construction throughout the day in preparation as there are really only  a few injuries to worry about from day to day, as they rarely sit out. They are VERY TOUGH guys. You can’t ask for better when it comes to durability. No need to play on other sites, as there is variance even with the most supposed dependable position of goalie, however I usually find enough consistent players to make a reliable roster on a nightly basis, crushing my competition!

4th Best Fantasy Sport: College Football

You may be wondering where the next sport is, but its back to football here. The best place to play college fantasy football is either FD or DK, which is also a lot of fun with a lot of variance due to unpredictable players being young and players sitting for any unknown reason. Its a different and fun twist to fantasy football. in Here are the best college fantasy football sites for different categories I wrote.

Last Fantasy Sport I will play: MLB

Due to total variance and loss of money on most nights in cash lineups, baseball is never going to be your optimal or go to cash maker. Tournaments only as recommended as you can play anywhere you want, the risks are high.